Drones are increasingly getting more popular and advanced. if u looking for drone laws Bangladesh, then here, we provide a complete guideline about drone regulation.

The drone law in Bangladesh is still unclear. In the past, drones could not be used for security reasons. But now, drones can be used for various purposes with the permission of the government.

For example, the government has made it possible for enterprises that run factories to use drones to locate damages on their property.

Drone Laws in Bangladesh Drone/UAV laws are regulated by the Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh (CAAB). You cannot launch a UAV for commercial purposes without a permit from the Authority.

This article will explain to you drone laws in Bangladesh, UAV laws and rules, what are drone permits and how to apply for a drone license. We have also included all other relevant information that is related to the topic.

Bangladesh is a country in South Asia. Its full name is the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. There are many rivers and canals in Bangladesh. Because of this, it is called ‘The Venice of the East’. Bangladesh has a total land area of 144,000 square km (55,598 sq mi). The maximum length from north to south is 506 km (314 miles) and from east to west 483 km (300 miles).

Today I am going to tell you about drone law in Bangladesh. Before that you should know some basic things about drones like- what is a drone, what are the advantages and disadvantages of it?

Drone Law In Bangladesh

Drone law in Bangladesh is regulated by Bangladesh Government. According to the Ministry of Civil Aviation and Tourism, flying a drone is legal in Bangladesh, but we recommend being aware of and compliant with the drone regulations listed below before doing so.

In Bangladesh there are rules for flying drones:

  • Only fly during daylight hours. This part is pretty self-explanatory. If your drone doesn’t have lights on it, don’t fly it at night.
  • Don’t fly within 5 kilometers of an airport or air field unless you obtain permission from the director general of civil aviation authority (DGCA).
  • Don’t fly your drone higher than 300 feet above ground level (AGL) or 120 meters without prior written permission from DGCA.

Drone Policy In Bangladesh

Drone Policy in Bangladesh is under development by the Civil Aviation Authorities of Bangladesh (CAAB). Drone Policy will be applicable for all drone operators and manufacturers in Bangladesh.

Restrictions In Drone Flying

  • Drone must not fly within 5 kilometers of an airport.
  • Drone must not fly within 3 kilometers from a helipad or any other place used for air-travel.
  • Drone must not be flown over 300ft from the ground level.
  • If you are flying a drone that has the capability to carry goods, it is absolutely illegal without permission of DGCA (Director General of Civil Aviation).
  • However, if your drone is classified as a Nano drone then this rule doesn’t apply to you and you can carry lightweight goods up to 2 kilograms in weight with the nano drone (but remember it should be your own property and it is forbidden to transport anything for commercial purposes).
  • Your drone should remain within visual line of sight at all times during its flight operation which means you will have to keep an eye on your drone when flying it.

Drones Should Not Be Used For Criminal Activity.

Drones Should Not Be Used For Criminal Activity.

As a general rule, drones should not be used for criminal activity.

Drones may be flown for recreational or professional reasons. However, in order to ensure public safety, there are some laws that must be followed when flying a drone in Bangladesh.

  • You shall not fly your drone near any airport. This is to minimize the risk of collision with aircrafts and avoid losing communication signals between you and the drone.
  • You shall not fly your drone near military areas or government offices. This is to protect national security by preventing unauthorized surveillance and access to potentially sensitive information held at these locations through the use of spy cameras mounted on drones and other related equipment, as well as malicious interference with such information held at these locations by disrupting communications from within these places using electromagnetic waves emitted from drones and other related equipment

How To Register Drone In Bangladesh

Drone Laws Bangladesh

Register Your Drone With Civil Aviation Authority Of Bangladesh

You can register your drone with Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh and get flying certificate.

Here is the process:

  • Confirm that the drone is registered in Bangladesh.
  • Check that the drone is registered with the right owner.
  • Confirm that the drone is registered for the right purpose.
  • Confirm that the drone is registered for the right location.

Make Sure That You Apply Online

Make sure that you apply online with below-mentioned requirements and documents:

  • Your email id.
  • Drone model, weight, dimension.
  • Drone serial number.
  • Drone registration certificate.
  • Drone insurance certificate.
  • Drone manual if available.
  • Pilot license (if applicable).

Name And Address Of The Pilot

  • You must be at least sixteen years old.
  • You must have a valid ID and proof of address.
  • You must have a valid pilot’s certificate.
  • You must have a valid email address.
  • You must have a valid phone number.
  • You must have a valid debit or credit card, for paying the application fee of $5 per drone per owner.
  • You must own your own aircraft regardless of weight, if you do not own an aircraft you will need to lease one from the local airport, which may cost up to $100 per flight hour depending on what type of aircraft you are leasing.
  • You will also need to register your drone with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in order to fly it legally within United States Airspace.*

Are Drones Allowed In Bangladesh?

Are Drones Allowed In Bangladesh?

Yes, Drones Are Allowed In Bangladesh

Drone flight is permitted in Bangladesh, but it comes with a lot of restrictions:

  • You can fly your drone up to 400 ft.
  • You must remain within your visual line of sight (VLOS) at all times.
  • You cannot fly within 5 miles of an airport without prior authorization.
  • You cannot fly over groups of people or over stadiums without prior authorization.
  • You cannot fly near emergency response efforts such as any type of accident response, law enforcement activities, firefighting, or hurricane recovery efforts.

Make Proper Plans For Regulating Drone Usage

It is true that there is a need for the civil aviation authority to make proper plans for regulating drone usage. The government should be able to control drones while they are flying.

At the same time, drones should not be used for illegal purposes. It should not be used for spying or any terrorist activities.

Ministry Of Civil Aviation And Tourism Is Making A Policy Guideline For Drones.

The Ministry of Civil Aviation and Tourism is currently making a policy guideline for drones. The policy is expected to be finished in the coming months.

But in the meantime, a separate guideline is being planned by the Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA) which will be specific to drone usage on roads.

The Government Is Hoping To Get Some Economic Benefit

Drones can provide a variety of benefits to the country. For example, they can be used to monitor natural disasters and construction projects, which will help the government ensure that life-saving aid is delivered efficiently.

In addition, drones can help create jobs in Bangladesh. For example, as drone technology improves, it may become possible for Bangladesh to manufacture its own drones.

Thus far, drone manufacturing is dominated by China and other Asian countries; this has caused some concern in the United States due to safety issues with Chinese-manufactured drones.

You Cannot Fly Drones In Bangladesh Until There Is A Policy Guideline.

Unfortunately, no drones are allowed in Bangladesh. While there is an increasing number of drone enthusiasts in Bangladesh, it is important to note that drones are illegal and that flying one without permission can lead to fines or even imprisonment.

Drones can be dangerous and should not be used in populated areas. They can cause injury or damage property if they fly into people or buildings, so you should always take precautions by keeping your drone at a safe distance from crowds and other obstacles. 

Frequently Asked Question (drone Laws Bangladesh)

Can I Use My Drone In Bangladesh?

Yes, you can use your drone in Bangladesh. However, it is essential that you follow all the rules and regulations set by the Civil Aviation Authority. You can use your drone for recreational purposes as well as commercial ones.

Can I Fly Multiple Drones At The Same Time In Bangladesh?

You can fly multiple drones at the same time in Bangladesh. However, you cannot fly all of them at the same time. To do so, you need to apply for a special license.

Can I Fly My Drone Over A Crowd In Bangladesh?

Flying a drone over a crowd can be a great way to capture footage of the people below. However, it’s important that you follow the rules when doing so.

You may fly your drone over crowds of more than 20 people as long as they are not moving and you don’t go higher than 100 feet above ground level (AGL). This restriction means that if you’re planning on filming a concert or sporting event, you’ll need to get special permission from the organizers first.

You can fly over crowds with your drone if they’re stationary and at least 50 meters away from them (about 160 feet) but only if your drone is lighter than 250 grams (about 8 oz).

Where Can I Get More Information To Stay Updated On The Law In Bangladesh?

If you’re interested in getting more information about drone laws, here are some places to start:

  • The Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh has a page dedicated to drone laws and regulations. You can find it here.
  • The National Police Academy also has information about drone laws on its website. You can find that page here.
  • The Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology has a page dedicated to drones and their uses in the country’s rural areas, including agriculture and disaster management.

Do I Need Any Special Training Before Operating A Drone In Bangladesh?

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has made it mandatory for all drone operators in Bangladesh to register themselves. You must have a valid pilot’s license and drone license before you can operate a drone in Bangladesh. You will be required to pass a written exam and flight test before you get your license.


You can also use drones for good, such as a transportation system that minimizes traffic and pollution emissions or an easily accessible courier service. So long as they’re used responsibly, these devices have the potential to produce amazing advantages.

Drones are powerful tools, and they can be used for good or evil. We hope you’ll use them righteously!

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