In the exhilarating world of FPV (First-Person-View) drones, cinewhoops have carved a niche for themselves as the perfect balance between exhilarating acrobatics and cinematic aerial footage. Their compact size and agile maneuverability allow them to navigate tight spaces with ease, making them a top choice for capturing stunning cinematic shots in places where larger drones dare not venture. In this article I’ll take a look at the best 3-inch Cinewhoop FPV Motor in 2023, the MEPS FPV SPACE SZ2004.

Introduction of Cinewhoops

A CineWhoop quadcopter is a special kind of drone made for shooting aerial video in confined locations. The name “CineWhoop” is a mix of the terms “cinematic” and “whoop,” a phrase for small, agile drones that are well-liked for flying indoors.

Cine Whoops are made expressly for taking crisp, steady, high-definition video. They are considerably safer than your 5″ FPV drone and are compact and steady. A cinewhoop is equipped with prop protectors so that it can move close to the subjects of the film without damaging them with its own props.

Next I’m going to go into more detail about the cinewhoop and the product pairings that fit the cinewhoop – the MEPS line of components.

Best Cinewhoop FPV Motor in 2023 MEPS FPV SPACE SZ2004

Advantages of a Cinewhoop

In general, cinewhoops are able to fly smoothly and slowly, which allows them to capture slow cinematic. They can approach close to the subjects of the film because of their size and prop protection. Additionally, because of their small and weaker components, cinewhoops are inexpensive.

Disadvantages of a Cinewhoop

As a result of the additional weight from the action camera it carries, cinewhoops only have a brief flight time overall. It is less agile than a toothpick or larger drones due to the added weight. As a result, it is challenging to accomplish acrobatic maneuvers on a cinewhoop that call for a high thrust to weight ratio.

Cinewhoop Sizes Explained

There are four sizes of cinewhoops: 20, 25, 30, and 35. These numbers represent the sizes of the propellers: 20, 25, 30, and 35 are 2-inch, 2.5-inch, and 3.5-inch, respectively.

A 2-inch cinewhoop (size 20) is the best option if you want to stay within the 250g restriction. Usually, you can stay under 250 grams with a battery and a bare GoPro. They couldn’t lift a full-size GoPro because it was too heavy. The requirement for a separate action camera can be eliminated if you choose a model with a DJI O3 Air Unit, resulting in a smaller setup that can still record high-quality video.

It is advised to use a 2.5-inch or 3-inch cinewhoop (sizes 25 or 30) when carrying a Naked GoPro or GoPro Bones. With the action camera and batteries, these sizes will probably weigh more than the allotted 250 grams, but they are superior for outside handling, speed, and stability. A full-sized GoPro may fit in a 3-inch cinewhoop, but its performance will probably suffer.

The 3-inch would likely perform better than the 2.5-inch if you intended to fly indoors only; however, the 2.5-inch can fit into more locations and you won’t need the additional power that the 3-inch’s larger propellers provide. To fly outdoors and carry a full-sized GoPro, such as the GoPro Hero 11 Black, a 3.5-inch (size 35) cinewhoop would be the best choice.

All cinewhoops will work for beginners learning to fly. Sizes 30 or 35 of a GoPro give greater versatility if you intend to utilize it later. Sizes 20 or 25 are ideal if you want a tiny drone for casual park flying without a focus on video quality. Consider your local weather conditions before choosing your drone, keeping in mind that larger cinewhoops manage wind better.

Choosing the Best motors for 3 inch Cinewhoop – MEPS SZ2004 FPV Motor


Best 3 Inch Cinewhoop FPV Motor in 2023 MEPS FPV SPACE SZ2004

  • High-Quality Build: Crafted with premium materials, the MEPS SZ2004 FPV Motor is built to last and withstand the rigors of intense flying.
  • Enhanced Performance: With higher efficiency and less heat generation, the motor delivers exceptional power and consistent performance.
  • Smooth Handling: Linear throttle and smooth operation provide precise control and handling, making it the perfect choice for professional pilots.
  • Lightweight Design: Weighing only 16.8 g (including cable), the motor is ultra-light and impact-resistant, making it perfect for agile and speedy flight.
  • SZ2004 FPV motor is the first choice for racing enthusiasts training, providing a quieter, smoother and more stable flying experience.
  • Two KV options: KV1800 & KV3000


The stator’s diameter, in this example 20 mm, is determined by the first two numbers in the series. The last two numerals in this series are “04,” therefore the stator unit is 4mm tall. They describe the stator’s height.

Best Cinewhoop FPV Motor in 2023 MEPS FPV SPACE SZ2004


For all varieties of multirotor, it is essential to guarantee that the motors you pick can generate around 50% more thrust than the drone’s actual weight. If the force of all of the drone’s motors is less, it won’t take off or operate as you want.

Best Cinewhoop FPV Motor in 2023 MEPS FPV SPACE SZ2004png

Your brushless drone motors must remain steady and fully functional even when there is a slight breeze. High thrust to weight ratio drones will be more maneuverable and accelerate more quickly, but they will also be more challenging to control. Here are two KV’s trust analysis of MEPS FPV Space Motor SZ2004.

Best Cinewhoop FPV Motor in 2023 MEPS FPV SPACE SZ2004

Related Product Matching Recommendations


HGLRC Sector30CR 3″ Cinewhoop Frame

  • Supports (20×20-25.5×25.5) mounting holes
  • Supports both AIO/stack installing at the same time
  • Ultra-lightweight for long flight time
  • Material:3K carbon fiber
  • Type:3-inch Frame

T-MOTOR F7 35A/45A Aio For Cinewhoop

  • Integrated Barometer
  • HD VTX Socket 
  • The onboard ESC works with Bluejay & BLHeli_S ESC firmware 
  • 16MB of Black Box space
  • A quality MPU series gyroscope for better noise reduction & robustness 

Best 3 Inch Cinewhoop FPV Motor in 2023 MEPS FPV SPACE SZ2004


HQ 20PCS Durable Props

Best 3 Inch Cinewhoop FPV Motor in 2023 MEPS FPV SPACE SZ2004

  • Made of carbon fiber: Made of high-strength carbon fiber, lightweight and durable. corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance make this propeller a long lasting partner for your propeller.
  • Material high quality: Made of high-quality carbonate material, which is durable and has a long service life.
  • Superior performance: Our propellers are designed to handle all kinds of a variety of vehicles, such as mountaineering, road racing, etc.


In conclusion, I’ve explored the world of 3-inch cinewhoop FPV motors and found the MEPS FPV SPACE SZ2004 to be a top-notch choice. With its premium build, enhanced performance, and lightweight design, the SZ2004 motor delivers exceptional power and smooth handling for captivating aerial shots in confined locations. Paired with recommended components, such as the HGLRC Sector30CR frame and T-MOTOR F7 35A/45A AIO, this motor empowers drone enthusiasts to unleash their creativity and embark on a thrilling journey of cinematic flight like never before.

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