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Montana drone laws are fairly lax. There are no rules about flying over private property, or about using drones for commercial purposes. You can use a drone for any purpose as long as you’re not breaking any existing laws, like trespassing or endangering people’s lives.

With new advances, comes new regulations. That seems to be particularly true with drone flying and drone laws, more specifically. As of now, there are many states who don’t have any regulations on the use of drones.

That has led hundreds of thousands of people to purchase drones and hover above the ground and get their own unique perspective on the world around them.

Drone Laws Montana


Drones Are Legal In Montana

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requires that drone pilots follow the rules laid out by their state and local government, as well as the FAA.

Some states have stricter restrictions than others, but in general, most allow drones to be flown within sight of the operator. Here are some things to know if you want to fly your drone in Montana:

  • You cannot fly a drone over 400 feet above the ground or within 5 miles of an airport without receiving permission from air traffic control.
  • If you are flying within 400 feet of an airport with no air traffic control tower or tower closed for operations, you must notify each control tower at least five days before taking off and make sure it’s safe for them not to interfere with your flight path.

You Cannot Use Drones To Hunt Big Game

  • You cannot use drones to hunt big game.
  • You cannot use drones to harass, disturb or annoy someone while they are hunting.
  • You cannot use drones to interfere with lawful activity by state or political subdivision.
  • You cannot use drones to interfere with emergency response

You Cannot Use Drones To Interfere With Any Lawful Activity

You Cannot Use Drones To Interfere With Any Lawful Activity taken by an agency of the state or political subdivision of the state. Examples include:

  • Law enforcement activities, such as arrest warrant executions and other operations that are part of a law enforcement operation to stop a crime or arrest someone who has committed a crime;
  • Firefighting activities, including fighting fires and investigating causes;
  • Emergency management activities, such as responding to natural disasters like floods and tornadoes.

You Can’t Use Drones To Harass, Disturb, Or Annoy Someone

You cannot use drones to harass, disturb, or annoy someone who is out enjoying a public park or other public area, who is in a place where hunting is legal and authorized, or who is fishing at a body of water that is accessible to the public.

Examples of harassing someone include:

  • Using a drone to film people going about their private business without their consent. (Example: filming your neighbor from above as he mows his lawn.)
  • Using a drone that emits loud noises above large groups of people who are gathered together for some purpose (such as attending an outdoor concert).

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You Can Not Interfere With Emergency Response Efforts

You Can Not Interfere With Emergency Response Efforts during firefighting efforts, search and rescue operations, law enforcement activities and more.

You must stay out of the way of firefighters, police officers, and other emergency responders. You may be charged with a misdemeanor if you fail to comply.

If a drone causes property damage or personal injury while interfering with an emergency response effort by law enforcement or another government agency (such as the FAA), you may also be subject to civil liability claims from those individuals who are harmed by your actions.

While flying drones near wildfires is generally prohibited by federal law (see below), there are exceptions for situations where it might help put out the fires faster.

For example, when firefighters need aerial views of areas that are inaccessible on foot or in vehicles due to dangerous conditions like high winds or heavy smoke from nearby flames.

Information About Drone Laws In Montana

In Montana, it is legal to use a drone for any purpose (including commercial).

You can fly a drone within the private property but not over people. You must have permission from the landowner if you are flying on public property and do not need permission if you are flying within your own property.

In Montana, you do not need any qualifications to operate drones.

How To Register A Drone In Montana

How To Register A Drone In Montana

Go To The Faa’s Website And Follow These Steps.

  • Download and complete the registration form. You can find it here.
  • Pay the $5 registration fee by credit card or recheck through the FAA’s website. If you don’t have access to a computer, go to any Post Office in Montana and pay by cash or money order only.

After You’ve Completed Your Drone Registration

  • Don’t fly your drone in a way that would endanger others; this includes flying over crowded events like concerts or sporting events where there are people below who might be hit or injured by falling debris from crashing drones.
  • Watch out for restricted airspace (this includes military bases). Also make sure that the area you’re flying in is not controlled by other entities such as state parks—some areas have restrictions against drones due to sensitive wildlife habitats or cultural sites within their borders; check before you fly!

Who Needs To Register Their Drone?

If you want to fly your drone in Montana, you need to register it. Registration is required if you want to fly your drone outdoors in the state of Montana. If you want to fly your drone in the state of Montana, then registration is required for your drone with the FAA.

Where To Register Your Drone

  • Visit the FAA website and go to the registration section
  • Pay a $5 fee
  • Be sure to check your inbox for your registration certificate, which will have a serial number on it. Read it carefully! If you do not receive one within 15 days, contact the FAA or by email
  • Print out this document and keep it with you when flying your drone.

Permission To Fly Your Drone From An Airport In Montana

If you intend to fly your drone from an airport in Montana, you must first apply for permission at least 30 days before doing so. If you fly without permission, you could be fined or jailed.

You can only fly over an airport if it is not busy and there are no other aircraft in the area. You also cannot fly over any active runway unless the tower gives their consent.

You may only fly to or from an airport and not over it unless given permission by the tower or local law enforcement.

You must have proof of registration with you while operating your drone at all times when flying near airports (a copy of your registration certificate will suffice).

You Can Register A Drone In Montana

Registering a drone in Montana is simple. You can register your drone by going to the Federal Aviation Administration website and filling out the required information. Registering your drone only takes a few minutes and is free, so you have no excuse not to do it!

Registration makes it easier for law enforcement officials to track down lost or stolen drones, as well as those used in criminal activities such as spying or harassment. It also helps us identify owners of drones that are flying too close to airports or restricted areas.

So what are you waiting for? Register now!

Are Drones Allowed In Montana

Are Drones Allowed In Montana

In this guide, we’ll answer the question: “Are drones allowed in Montana?”

Yes. You can fly your drone in Montana as long as you abide by all local, state and federal laws. Be sure to register your drone before flying it in Montana.

The FAA requires all sUAS owners to register their unmanned aircraft before flying it outdoors for recreation or business purposes (even if you don’t plan on taking off from a place other than your own property).

The rules of where and how high drones can fly vary by state. In Montana, drones are not allowed within 5 miles of an airport without permission from air traffic control, unless they weigh less than 55 pounds total including payloads such as camera equipment (which must be registered with the FAA).

Drone operators should also avoid operating near airports because their ability to detect sUAS may be limited due to radio frequency interference from other sources like cell phone towers or radar systems used by law enforcement agencies during flight operations at these locations too close for comfort even though there may be no operational conflict between them yet (i.e., no commercial flights scheduled over that area).

How Do I Know If I Need To Register My Drone On Montana?

If your drone weighs more than 250 grams and is flying within the United States, you are required to register it. Failing to do so can result in civil penalties of up to $27,500 per violation.

Do I Need A License To Fly My Drone In Montana?

You do not need a license to fly a drone in Montana.

You can fly your drone in Montana as long as it weighs less than 55 pounds and stays below 400 feet. You cannot fly your drone over any persons not involved in the operation of the aircraft, or any moving vehicles, vessels, or aircrafts.

Can I Fly My Drone In All National Parks

Drones are allowed at most National Park Service sites unless otherwise posted.

How do I know what is not allowed on a particular park?

If a site is closed to drone activity, it will be marked with the following sign: “Drones Prohibited.” The sign is white lettering against a red backdrop and hangs from a square metal frame.

Can Local Authorities Restrict Where Drones Can Be Flown In Montana?

Local authorities can restrict where drones can be flown.

They can also restrict the time-of-day drones can be flown.

Local authorities may also restrict drones from flying over certain events, like sporting events or graduations, and they may even restrict them from flying over certain areas, such as schools, airports and hospitals.

You Can Register Your Drone To Fly It In Montana.

Drone owners can fly their drones in Montana without restriction. However, drone owners must register their drones with the FAA. To ensure that you are flying your drone legally and safely, it’s important to know what the laws are in each state so that you don’t end up breaking any laws or getting fined by authorities.

In Montana, registering your drone with the FAA is not required but highly recommended if you want to keep yourself out of trouble with law enforcement officials when flying your drone.

Frequently Asked Question (drone Laws Montana)

What Do Montana Drone Regulations State?

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is responsible for drone regulations in Montana. The FAA regulates all aviation activities, including recreational and commercial drones, in the United States. In short, this means that you can fly your drone anywhere you want to fly it as long as you abide by these rules:

  • Make sure your aircraft isn’t flying higher than 400 feet above ground level (AGL).
  • Keep your drone within visual line-of-sight at all times.
  • Stay away from restricted airspace areas near airports and military bases unless you have permission from the FAA or Department of Defense (DoD).

Do You Need To Register Your Drone With The State Government?

No, you do not need to register your drone with the state government. However, you must register it with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). You can do so online, by mail or at an airport.

If you’re under 16 years of age and want to fly a model aircraft that weighs more than 0.55 pounds (250 grams) but less than 55 pounds (approx 23 kg), then you’ll need parental consent and a written statement from an instructor or flight school verifying that he/she gave you instruction on the safe operation of such a model aircraft prior to departure.

Can Drones Be Used For Commercial Work In Montana?

YES! With the right license, you can use a drone for commercial work in Montana. You’ll need to get a commercial drone pilot’s license from the FAA, but once you do that, you’re good to go!


Montana’s drone laws are fairly straightforward. You can fly drones in Montana, but you can’t fly them over people or within a certain distance from airports and other restricted areas. You can’t fly it over someone else’s property without their permission.

In conclusion, Montana is a great place to fly drones as long as you follow the rules. Flying drones in national parks and forests is prohibited, and if you want to fly at night or out of eyesight of your drone, you need to get a permit.

While these may seem like onerous restrictions for the average drone pilot, it’s important to remember that these rules are there for our safety.

Most pilots would rather not put themselves or others at risk by flying where they’re not supposed to or breaking any laws. So next time you’re planning on taking your drone out for some fun in Montana’s wild beauty—whether it’s just around town or into some of its most remote locations—make sure you check with local officials first!

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