You are a drone pilot and you have arrived in Norway. You have an interest in the country’s culture, but you also have an interest in flying a drone, which has been banned in Norway since 2017. This guide will give you an introduction to the topic of drones, their uses and laws.

The drone laws in Norway are very relaxed. There is no registration or license required to fly a drone, and there is no age limit for using a drone. You can fly your drone for any purpose as long as you don’t interfere with others’ enjoyment of the outdoors.

A drone is an unmanned aircraft that can be controlled remotely by its operator (pilot). The aircraft may be either fixed-wing or rotary wing type depending on whether it uses wings to generate lift during flight. Drones can come equipped with cameras for real-time viewing or recording videos from up above ground level (AGL).

Since 2017 it has been illegal to fly any kind of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) over populated areas due to safety concerns about collisions between UAVs and airplanes/helicopters carrying passengers or cargo

There were two such collisions reported during 2015–2016 alone which resulted in fatalities among both pilots and bystanders on ground level below where these aircrafts crashed into buildings (different types of vehicles had collided earlier too).

However: if you plan on taking photos/videos while flying your UAV around rural areas then this should not be considered illegal – provided that certain rules are followed when doing so.”

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Drone Laws In Norway


Flying A Drone Will Soon Be Illegal In Norway

One of the reasons drone laws are so strict in Norway is that, due to its location, it has a large number of small airports.

These are often used by private pilots and smaller operators for business purposes, but can also be targeted by terrorists. The government wants to ensure that these airfields remain secure for all concerned parties.

If you’re flying a drone near an airport in Norway, you must follow certain rules set by local law enforcement agencies and airport authorities.

If you don’t comply with these rules then there’s a risk your drone could collide with another aircraft or cause damage on the ground or even worse: injure people!

You may also cause distress among passengers who might see your device as a threat during take offs or landings (depending upon where they’re situated).

There Are Rules For Flying A Private Drone In Norway.

In Norway, you must have a drone license to fly a private drone:

  • For recreational purposes.
  • For commercial purposes.
  • For research purposes (if your drone weighs more than 2 kilograms).

You’ll Need To Take A Test To Get Your Commercial Drone License.

If you’re planning on using your drone for work, business or money, then you’ll need to get a commercial license. You can take the test online and it’ll cost about $250.

If you’re under 18 years old, then you need parental consent before taking the test and becoming licensed.

If You Want To Fly A Drone At Night, You’ll Need A Permit.

Flying a drone at night is not permitted in Norway. If you want to fly your drone at night, you need a permit from the Norwegian Civil Aviation Authority

You can apply for a permit online on website or by contacting them directly. You must be at least 16 years old and have authorization from the local police district if you are under 18 years of age.

You will also need to show that you have sufficient skills and knowledge about how to fly drones safely and responsibly before getting approval for flying one late at night!

You Can’t Fly Within 150 Metres Of Buildings

As a drone pilot, you must have your drone in sight while flying, and you must not fly within 150 metres of buildings or groups of people without the property owner’s permission.

You can fly at night if you have a permit and it is safe to do so.

You must not fly within 150 metres of power lines or other sensitive facilities if your drone weighs more than 2 kilograms.

The Same Applies At 150 Metres

  • You can’t fly within 150 metres of power lines and other ‘sensitive’ facilities.
  • You can’t fly within 150 metres of groups of people.
  • You can’t fly within 50 metres of buildings, unless you have permission from the building’s owner or operator to do so. If in doubt, ask! This includes most public buildings such as schools and hospitals, but not private homes or apartment blocks where the owner has given permission for drone flight at the time of construction (this is not common).
  • Don’t fly near airports without permission from air traffic control.

Here Are The Rules For Flying A Drone In Norway

If you want to fly a drone in Norway, there are certain rules and regulations you must follow.

  • You need permission from the owner of the property before flying within 150 metres (492 feet) of buildings or groups of people. This includes towns, cities, farms and houses. The only exception is if it’s covered by a roof or other structure that is designed to protect them from weather conditions.
  • You also need permission from the owner before flying within 150 metres (492 feet) of power lines. This applies whether your drone will be hovering above them or crossing through their airspace in pursuit of another target further downfield.
  • If you don’t have either kind of approval – say because someone has complained about noise pollution caused by your flyers – then police can confiscate them at any time they see fit when they come across them during routine patrols around town or country side areas where aircraft are likely

How To Register Drone In Norway

How To Register Drone In Norway

Drones Weighing More Than 250 Grams Must Be Registered

If your drone weighs less than 250 grams, you do not need to register it in Norway. You can also register a drone in Norway even if it was bought in another country.

Register Your Drone With The Norwegian Civil Aviation Authority (ncaa).

The Norwegian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) requires that all drones weighing more than 0.25 kg be registered with them. The registration process is fairly straightforward, and you can do it online here:

  • Enter your name and address
  • Enter the serial number of your drone
  • Enter the weight of your drone
  • Choose its type (if applicable)

New Drones Will Already Have Their Registration Number With Them

If you are buying a new drone, it will already have its own registration number. You can use this number to register your drone on the Norwegian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) website.

Pay For Your Drone’s Registration.

Once you’ve chosen the type of registration, click “Pay” to proceed. Pay using your credit card or PayPal account balance by clicking on one of the buttons below.

If you have a Norwegian bank account and would like to pay using your debit or credit card, please contact us for more information about this option.

If It Weighs More Than 250 Grams.

If your drone weighs more than 250 grams, you must register it in Norway. If it weighs less than that, you may be able to skip the registration process altogether.

To find out if you need to register your drone or not, check out this chart from the Norwegian Civil Aviation Authority (LNV).

Are Drones Allowed In Norway?

Regulations Are Much Stricter Than Those Of The United States.

Norway has a very small population, so the regulations are much stricter than those of the United States. In Norway, drones are only allowed in controlled areas and only with a license or permit. You must also have liability insurance for your drone.

In Norway, drones are not allowed near airports or military bases because they could interfere with the safe operation of aircraft. Drones may not be used to take photos or film people without their consent—in other words, you cannot follow someone around with your drone!

Drone Flying May Only Be Permitted In Private Areas.

  • Private areas are privately owned land and the airspace above it, e.g. your own property or a friend’s backyard.
  • Public areas include streets, parks, beaches, sports fields and other places where people gather in large numbers.

Lot Of Great Sites In Norway Are Actually Private Property.

If you don’t have a drone, you can still do the same trip. You’ll just need to put in a little more effort. The great thing about Norway is that most of its best sites are accessible by foot or car—so if you’re willing to walk up to a cliff ledge and peer over the edge, or climb into your car and drive yourself up there, there’s no reason why you can’t have a similar experience without one.

However! If you do decide that having an aerial view would be helpful during your visit (and we think it will be), know that some people don’t like drones and will shoot them down with their guns. We’re not kidding: while flying drones in Norway remains legal as long as they’re below 400 feet altitude and stay out of restricted areas like airports or prisons (yes, prisons), other rules may apply depending on where exactly it’s being flown from/to/around—so always check before taking off!

It’s A Good Idea To Search For Legal Drone Sites.

Before you head out with your drone, it’s a good idea to search online for legal drone sites. One way is to look for areas that are open to the public or private, but have permission (e.g. parks or hiking trails).

Another option is to look for private property where there could be permission from the owner or manager of that property; however, if there’s no evidence of such permission from the owner/manager in question, then you’re likely trespassing on private land and may be subjecting yourself to fines if caught using your drone over their premises without getting written consent first!

You should also check whether or not Norway has any national parks with restrictions against flying drones within those areas—or anywhere else around these locations! The last thing anyone wants after spending hours hiking through mountains and valleys is seeing someone fly overhead while they’re trying enjoy all this natural beauty…

Do Not Fly Near Airports.

While it’s not illegal to fly a drone in Norway, you should avoid flying near airports. The airport is a controlled airspace. If you break the rules of flight in this area, your drone may be confiscated and you may receive a fine.

If your drone weighs more than 7 kg (15 lbs), it must have an operating certificate issued by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) of Great Britain.

Be Sure You Have Your Drone Registration Visible

Remember, you’re required to register your drone with the Norwegian Civil Aviation Authority. Be sure you have your registration number visible on the craft at all times.

If you don’t have it displayed, or are flying without having registered in Norway at all—don’t fly! You cannot legally operate a UAV in Norway if it isn’t registered and labeled with an identification number.

Always Fly Below 150 Meters.

The U.S. FAA recommends flying below 400 feet, but Norway’s regulations are stricter. In fact, they’re more like the regulations in other European countries and the UK: you can’t fly higher than 150 meters (492 feet) above ground level.

Avoid Flying Over People, Cities, Or Buildings.

You must not fly your aircraft over people, cities and buildings.

You must also avoid flying near them, especially when there is a risk of collision with other air traffic or stationary objects. This means that you should not fly within 50 meters of people, except if they are aware that you are flying above them (e.g., if you are filming a movie).

The same applies to roads, railways and other forms of transport infrastructure: avoid flying within 50 meters of these structures.

Drones Are Not Allowed Everywhere In Norway

Before you fly your drone, always check the regulations. You can find these on the website of each municipality or county. You will also find information about where it is not allowed to fly a drone in your manual.


In Norway, drones are regulated by two rules: The first is that you can’t fly in areas where you could endanger people or property. The second rule is that you can’t fly within 150 meters of an airport or airplane runway.

We hope that you now have a better understanding of what you can and cannot do with your drone when flying in Norway. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave them in the comments section below!

In summation:

  • Drones Are Not Allowed Everywhere In Norway. You should check the regulations before flying yours.
  • Drones are not allowed over people, cities, or buildings.
  • They should be flown below 150 meters above ground level (AGL). This also applies to all public areas where people live or work. They must be flown at least 150 meters away from all airports and aerodromes (air fields).
  • If you want to fly your drone near other aircrafts then make sure there’s a minimum distance of 500 meters between yourself and the other aircrafts’ flight paths! This rule does apply even if you’re flying over private property—it’s still against Norwegian law if there’s any chance someone could get hurt from an accident involving one of these drones hitting their house/building/car.”

Frequently Asked Questions (drone Laws Norway)

Where Can I Fly In Norway

You can fly a drone in Norway if you are over the age of 18. You must be at least this age to register as a pilot, but there is no law saying that you have to take any kind of test or class before flying.

You may fly your drone in Norway without a license or insurance if it weighs less than 25kg and does not go higher than 120 meters (400 feet). If your drone weighs more than 25 kg or goes higher than 120 meters (400 feet), then it’s considered an aircraft and therefore needs its own registration number—just like cars do!

You can also fly your drone with permission from the landowner if they allow it on their property. As long as their land isn’t owned by someone else (such as the government), then they can decide whether or not they want to allow people entering onto their land with drones!

Who Can Fly A Drone In Norway

You can fly a drone in Norway if you are at least 18 years old. You also need to be able to show that you have a valid driver’s license, or if you’re not driving yourself, then you should bring along someone who has their own driver’s license. If the person flying the drone does not have a Norwegian ID card, then they must bring along another form of identification (such as an international passport).

What Are The Rules For Flying A Drone Outside Of Norway?

If you want to fly a drone in a country that isn’t Norway, you must follow the laws of that country. For example, if you are in France and want to fly your drone there, you will need to check what their rules are.

You also have to follow Norway’s rules when flying drones outside of Norway. If you are flying a drone in some other country but don’t have the right permissions or licenses in place, it could result in fines or even jail time!

How Old Do You Need To Be To Fly A Drone In Norway?

In order to fly a drone in Norway, you must be 18 years old. You will also need to be able to read and understand Norwegian, as well as have a Norwegian bank account.

Do I Need A License To Fly A Drone In Norway?

Yes, you need a license to fly a drone in Norway. You can get a drone license online or at the post office, airport, or other places.

There are two types of licenses: Category 1 and Category 2. A Category 1 is for recreational users with limited capabilities and weight restrictions (under 2kg), while Category 2 is for people who want to use heavier drones with more features.

Do I Need Insurance To Fly My Drone In Norway?

While insurance is not required by law, it’s highly recommended. If you fly for commercial purposes, you’ll need insurance. For example, if you want to film a wedding or other events and charge people for the footage obtained through your drone, then you should make sure that your drone is insured in case of any accidents or damage.

If you’re just flying for fun (i.e., recreational purposes), then there are no legal requirements regarding insurance—but it is still a good idea because accidents can happen and when they do, it could cost thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars to repair or replace your equipment.

What Are The Laws For Recreational And Commercial Drone Use In Norway?

  • You must register your drone and receive a permit from the Civil Aviation Authority of Norway.
  • You must follow the laws for drone use in Norway, as well as your country of origin and destination if you are flying over those countries.
  • If you are not a Norwegian citizen, it’s recommended that you contact an embassy or consulate before flying your drone in Norway to make sure that there aren’t any additional regulations to follow.

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