Drone Laws Oregon have been made in order to ensure the safety of the people. These laws are not that difficult to understand but do require you to be informed before being allowed to use a drone.

Drone Laws Oregon

Drone Laws Oregon

Drone laws Oregon, also referred to as unmanned aerial device laws Oregon or UAV laws Oregon are rather vague as well as different from regular drone laws . This is why it is crucial to consult an attorney who can take a detailed analysis of the drone laws applicable in your State. We do our best of sharing the most precise information we can regarding Oregon’s drone laws .

Make Sure You Know The Laws Regarding Drones Before You Fly One

Before you purchase a drone, it is important to make sure that you understand the local laws regarding drone use, as well as any FAA regulations. The FAA’s website contains information about what types of drones are allowed and how they can be used. You’ll also want to check out your state’s laws if flying within an area other than your own backyard. For example, Oregon has strict rules about operating drones near emergency first responders and prisons due to security reasons.

You may not realize that you need permission from other people before using your drone commercially—the same goes for posting videos online (i.e., YouTube). If you’re interested in selling photos or videos taken by drones via stock photography websites like Getty Images or Shutterstock, be sure talk with an attorney before uploading anything publicly!

Recreational Flyers In Oregon Must Follow The Faa’s Rules For Flying A Drone

Recreational Flyers In Oregon Must Follow The Faa’s Rules For Flying A Drone. These include registering your drone with the FAA and reading, understanding, and following any other instructions that come with your drone.

Drone pilots should also be aware of laws regarding where you can fly your drone, who may operate it and what kinds of actions are prohibited.

In addition to federal regulations on drones, there are certain laws specific to Oregon that are designed to protect privacy rights and public safety.

Register It With The Faa 

If you intend to use your drone for any commercial purpose, you will need to register it with the FAA and follow additional rules that apply to commercial flyers. This includes using the aircraft in accordance with Part 107 of Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR), getting a remote pilot certificate, and obtaining waivers if you want to fly over people or at night. If you want to operate outside these rules, then your drone is considered an aircraft by the FAA and falls under their jurisdiction.

It Is Against Faa Regulations To Fly A Drone While Under The Influence Of Drugs Or Alcohol

Flying your drone in an unsafe manner or flying it too close to airports, people, vehicles, animals, buildings and so forth can result in legal trouble for you.

You must be 21 years of age or older to fly a drone in Oregon.

It Is Against Faa Regulations To Fly A Drone While Under The Influence Of Drugs Or Alcohol.

Fly Drones Only Within Sight

Never fly your drone beyond the range of your control. Even with first-person view technology, you have to keep your drone within your line of vision at all times.

Never fly over people or other aircraft. You can only fly drones within 400 feet of above the ground. Never fly a drone near an airport or airfield (unless you’re cleared by its operator). If it’s within 5 miles from an airport or airfield, you must contact its operator and wait for their approval before flying in that area.

Fly Drones At Or Below 400 Feet

  • Fly Drones At Or Below 400 Feet and remain clear of surrounding obstacles. You must give way to other aircraft — manned or unmanned — and avoid flying directly over people or stadiums full of people.
  • Must pass an FAA knowledge test to obtain a remote pilot certificate with a small UAS rating. Anyone operating a drone for hobby purposes does not need to pass the test, but they do need to be registered with the FAA as an operator/owner of a drone that weighs less than 55 pounds.

Remain Well Clear Of Any Emergency Response

  • Remain Well Clear Of Any Emergency Response efforts such as fires and hurricane recovery efforts, and do not interfere with other aircraft operations.
  • Fly at or below 400 feet above ground level (AGL), unless you have prior authorization from FAA Air Traffic Control to fly at a higher altitude, regardless of whether you are flying in controlled airspace or outside of it. If you are operating under Part 107’s mail delivery exemption, you may fly higher than 400 feet AGL without requesting permission from control towers; however, always remain within sight of the drone operator who must be able to see the drone at all times during flight operations.
  • Do not fly over people; instead, focus on keeping your drone in sight as much as possible during flight operations so that there is no risk that it will collide with someone on the ground while they are walking or moving around

Registration Of Drone In Oregon

Registration Of Drone In Oregon

Register Your Drone Online At Https://faadronezone.faa.gov/

Registering your drone is not only required by law, but it’s also easy to do online. You can register your drone online at https://faadronezone.faa.gov/ or call the FAA’s drone registration hotline at 866-588-6742 (844-FLY-MY-UAS) between 7 a.m. and 11 p.m., Eastern time, Monday through Friday (excluding federal holidays).

If you choose to mail in your registration form instead of going online or over the phone, be sure to include all requested information:

  • Name of owner (person registering)
  • Address where owner lives
  • Date drone was purchased

Select “i Want To Register”

If your drone weighs more than 0.55 pounds but less than 55 pounds, you must register it with the FAA.

You can register your drones online at [https://registermyuas.faa.gov/](https://www.faa.gov/uas/) or by calling the FAA’s UAS Help Desk at (844) FLY-MY-UA2

Select “oregon” As Your State, And Then Select “continue”

  • Choose Oregon as your state.
  • Select “Continue.”

Oregon is the 36th state to join the drone registration program, and it’s the first to offer a $5 registration fee for residents. The discount applies to residents who register more than one drone at once.

Create A User Id And Password, And Then Select “continue”

After creating a user ID and password, select “Continue.” You will be taken to the next page of the website, which is where you will register your drone. At this point, you have completed the FAA registration process for Oregon.

However, if you are registering more than one drone in Oregon or need to log into the FAA’s drone zone website at www.DronedeZone.gov (the location where all registered users can go), then you must create another user ID and password in order to do so.

Fill All The Fields In The Registration Form And Submit It

  • Fill All The Fields In The Registration Form And Submit It.
  • Make sure you have a user ID and password, and that you are able to access your email address as well as your printer or have access to another printer within 5 miles of where you live.
  • Make sure you have a credit card on hand with which to pay for this service (if needed).

You Need To Keep Your Drone Registration Certificate With You When You Fly Outdoors

 This can be used as proof that you have registered your drone and it is legal to operate in the United States. If you lose your certificate, then you will need to register again before flying outdoors. If you fail to do so, then there are penalties related to fines imposed by the FAA for not registering a drone before flying outdoors.

Are Drones Allowed In Oregon

You Can Fly Drones Recreationally And Commercially In Oregon, But There Are Certain Restrictions

First of all, make sure you have the right permissions. The FAA regulates drones and therefore any drone hobbyist or commercial operator must register with the FAA to fly their drone legally.

If you are flying recreationally in Oregon, check your local laws before taking off as some counties may require a permit to fly a drone.

Drones Flying Near Airports In State Prohibited

  • Flying drones over or near airports is prohibited by both FAA regulations and Oregon law
  • Flying drones near airports is a safety hazard, and flying them over or near an airport may be a violation of FAA regulations.

Rules For Recreational Drone Use In Oregon

  • Recreational drone use is allowed in Oregon.
  • You can fly your drone over private property, but you may not be able to fly it within five miles of an airport.
  • You can fly drones at night, but you must have permission from the property owner and stay below 400 feet.
  • Drones are not allowed over public parks or playgrounds unless you have permission from park officials or the individual in charge of that specific area.
  • If there are people present on public grounds where you want to fly drones (such as at a festival), then they must be notified before flying begins so they can give consent through a verbal acknowledgment or written consent form signed by every participant who wishes not to be videotaped/photographed by your drone camera(s). In addition, any person who objects must receive written confirmation within 24 hours after being contacted about this matter; failure  to provide this confirmation will result in prosecution under Oregon Revised Statutes ORS 659A which covers harassment laws related specifically towards stalking behavior such people might exhibit while trying desperately hard not get their picture taken by someone else’s camera device while standing outdoors.”

Rules For Commercial Drone Use In Oregon

If you operate a drone for commercial purposes, there are several rules that apply to you.

  • You must have a drone pilot certificate.
  • You must have a certificate of liability insurance (if not required by law).
  • You must have a Certificate of Registration with the Federal Aviation Administration or its equivalent in another country (if not automatically issued through your drone certificate).
  • You must have an Aircraft Registration Certificate if applicable (this applies only if operating an unmanned aircraft over 15 pounds by weight and/or equipped with certain types of cameras).

Get Authorized To Fly Drones In Oregon

If you want to fly a drone in Oregon, you need to get authorized. To be authorized, you must pass a knowledge test and a practical test.

The knowledge test consists of 50 questions about safe operation of drones. You must get at least 40 questions correct on this computer-based exam in order to pass it. The FAA provides practice tests online that will help prepare you for the actual test. If you fail either portion of this exam twice within two consecutive years after passing them once, then your certificate will be revoked (removed).

You may take both exams at any FAA-approved testing center by appointment only; however, there are no centers in Oregon and so far none planned for construction or expansion anytime soon


In order to properly use drones in Oregon and outside, firstly you must have a license. When you plan to fly a drone in the State, you will have to get a temporary certificate. Any UAV pilot who plans to fly any drone larger than 55 pounds or higher than 400 feet above ground level must be certified by the FAA.

Frequently Asked Questions (drone Laws Oregon)

What Are The Restrictions On Flying A Drone In Oregon?

Yes, there are several restrictions on flying a drone in Oregon. If you plan to fly your UAS:

  • You must be at least 16 years old to operate a UAS for recreational purposes. A person under 18 may not operate a UAS unless he or she has been issued an FAA Remote Pilot Certificate with a small UAS rating, or someone at least 21 years of age is standing next to the operator and is providing flight instruction/assistance;
  • You can’t fly over or near people who aren’t participating in the operation of your drone (this includes spectators watching sporting events);
  • Do not fly within 5 miles of an airport without contacting air traffic control;
  • Do not fly within 500 feet of hospitals or other medical facilities without prior authorization from the facility;
  • Do not fly within 500 feet of schools without prior authorization from the school principal or his/her designee (usually their head janitor).

What Are The Other Laws Around Drones In Oregon?

  • You are not allowed to fly your drone above 400 feet.
  • Your drone must always be in line of sight. You cannot lose sight of it, whether you’re flying with goggles or on a phone screen.
  • If flying over people, make sure they have the opportunity to see you and that they can hear you when you tell them that your drone is nearby (or when you say “tally ho!”).
  • Do not fly above 500 ft within 5 miles of an airport; if there is any doubt about where an airport’s boundaries begin and end—ask someone who knows!

Can I Fly My Drone Near Airports Or Helipads?

You must fly your drone below 400 feet and at least 5 miles away from airports. It’s also important to keep your drone away from helicopters, since they can be more easily damaged by moving parts or propellers.

In addition to these basic rules, the FAA has provided some specific recommendations for pilots in Oregon:

  • The FAA recommends that you stay at least 3 miles away from heliports if you’re flying a drone under 400 feet (you may need an air traffic clearance).
  • The FAA recommends that you stay at least 5 miles away from airports when flying above 400 feet (unless you have an air traffic clearance).

Can I Fly My Drone From Or Towards A Moving Vehicle?

No. Under Oregon law, you cannot fly your drone in the direction of a moving vehicle or aircraft. You also can’t fly it from a moving vehicle or aircraft if that aircraft is within 150 feet of people.

Can I Fly My Drone In Controlled Airspace?

No, you cannot fly in controlled airspace. You must be at least five miles away from an airport or helipad, and you must stay at least three miles away from any manned aircraft.

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