In short: Yes, you can fly drones in Rome if you follow Italian drone laws. Key requirements include registering drones over 250g, maintaining visual line of sight, staying away from crowded areas, and not flying near airports. Read on for more details on where you can and can’t fly, plus tips for bringing your drone to Italy.

Rome’s stunning architecture and historic sites make it a top destination for recreational drone pilots. But before flying your drone in the Italian capital, it’s crucial to understand the drone regulations. This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about legally and safely flying drones in Rome.

Where You Can and Can’t Fly Drones in Rome

Sites Where Drones Are Prohibited

While drones are allowed in Rome, many famous sites prohibit drone use entirely, including:

  • Spanish Steps
  • Trevi Fountain
  • Vatican City
  • Colosseum
  • Private or public facilities
  • Archaeological sites
  • Public utility installations
  • Military installations

Stay Away From Airports and Heliports

You cannot fly a drone within:

  • 3 km (1.86 miles) of a heliport
  • 8 km (4.97 miles) of an airport

Keep Distance From Crowds and Urban Areas

When flying near crowds or cities, drones must remain at least:

  • 150 m (492 ft) away from urban areas
  • 50 m (164 ft) away from crowds

Other Areas Where Caution is Advised

Use extra care when flying drones near:

  • Residential neighborhoods
  • Parks
  • Beaches
  • Historic buildings and monuments

While not outright banned, try to keep a respectful distance and avoid bothering others.

Drone Laws and Regulations in Rome

To fly a drone legally in Rome, you must follow rules set by the Ente Nazionale per l’Aviazione Civile (ENAC, Italy’s aviation authority) and the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). Here are the key requirements:

Drone Registration and Insurance

  • Register any drone over 250g in Italy before flying.
  • Carry valid drone liability insurance.

Drone Categories and Certification

Only Open or Specific category drones are permitted:

  • Open Category: For recreational flying, includes subcategories based on weight and features.
  • Specific Category: Requires operational authorization and Light UAS Operator Certificate (LUC).

Operational Rules

  • No flying at night or in poor visibility.
  • Keep drones within 120m (400ft) altitude.
  • Maintain visual line of sight at all times.
  • Do not fly over crowds or near large events.
  • Stay away from sensitive sites as outlined above.
  • Keep a safe distance from people and property.
  • Do not violate privacy or data protection laws.

Drone Identification

Affix an ID plate on drones and ground control stations listing:

  • Operator name and contact info
  • Drone serial number
  • ENAC registration number (if applicable)

Bringing Your Drone to Italy

When traveling to Italy with your drone, keep these tips in mind:

  • Register and insure your drone ahead of time.
  • Carry lithium batteries in carry-on or checked baggage.
  • Check airline policies for transporting batteries.
  • Bring chargers, cables, spare propellers and other accessories.
  • Keep drones in protective cases.

Where to Fly Your Drone in Rome

When abiding by the laws, Rome offers amazing locations to fly drones. Popular spots include:

  • Parks like Villa Borghese and Villa Pamphili.
  • Iconic plazas such as Piazza Navona, Piazza del Popolo, and Campo de’ Fiori.
  • The city outskirts and surrounding countryside.
  • River views along the Tiber.
  • Roman forum ruins and other ancient sites if permitted.

Observe warning signs, be respectful of others, and happy flying!

Flying Safely and Responsibly

Remember, drone laws exist to encourage safe and enjoyable flight while protecting people’s safety and privacy. Follow these tips:

  • Study Rome’s drone regulations and fly within the rules.
  • Avoid flying near crowds or low over people.
  • Don’t disturb others by buzzing close or hovering too near.
  • Respect privacy and don’t record video or photos of people without permission.
  • Research locations beforehand and scout takeoff spots.
  • Bring a spotter to assist if needed.
  • Mind your drone at all times and watch your battery level.
  • Land safely if conditions deteriorate or issues arise.

Want to get a feel for the kind of footage you could get flying a drone in Rome? Here you go:


In summary, recreational drone flight is permitted in Rome but banned over certain locations. Drone laws require registration, insurance, operational limitations, and following EASA categories. Use caution near crowds and stay well clear of airports and controlled airspace. Happy exploring with your drone!

Rome offers scenic vistas and historic sites that make it a top destination for drone pilots. By understanding and following the regulations, you can safely fly and capture stunning aerial footage. Just use common sense and remember – when in Rome, fly your drone like the Romans!

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