Drones in Haiti are restricted solely to commercial usage. Being a small country, they are not very common in the island. Below are some of the laws every drone owner should be aware of.

Haiti Drone Laws

Haiti Drone Laws 

Commercial Uses

The commercial use of drones is not allowed in Haiti. Commercial use requires authorization from the Ministry of Public Works, Transportation and Communication.

To be authorized for commercial use, you’ll need to meet a number of requirements. In addition to having a permit, certificate of airworthiness, certificate of registration, and insurance (see the “Drone Registration” section above), you must also comply with several additional technical standards related to communications and flight operations.

However, it should be noted that these technical standards are currently being modified by the Ministry of Public Works, Transportation and Communication. At this time it is unclear what changes will be made; we will update as they become available.

Private Use

If you want to fly your drone for fun, you don’t need a permit. But there are a few rules.

First, you can only fly lower than 150 meters above the ground. Second, you must always keep your drone within your visual line of sight. Lastly, it’s illegal to fly close to airports and military bases.

Recreational Use

If you’re planning to fly a drone for recreational purposes in Haiti, keep the following regulations in mind:

  • You may only fly during the day.
  • You must keep your drone in sight at all times.
  • You cannot fly over people.
  • You cannot fly near airports.
  • You must avoid no-fly zones. These include government buildings, prisons and military bases, among other locations. For a full list, visit http://www.faa.gov/uas/
  • Drones weighing more than 0.55 pounds (250 grams) must be registered with the FAA.

Drone Laws Are Different In Each Country

Drone laws are different in every country. They can change rapidly and without notice. Always check for up to date rules before you fly. Use this site for guidance, but do not use it as your only source of information – the law changes frequently!

Consider getting the Drone Pilot Field Guide for a comprehensive guide to the laws of flying drones in Haiti.

It’s Important To Research The Drone Laws Of Each Country You Plan To Visit

The drone laws of a country will apply to you if you plan to fly a drone, import or export a drone, or purchase a drone while there.

Each country has its own sets of laws and they all vary, so it’s important to research the specific laws of each country. You can find information on countries’ drone laws by visiting the local government’s website or contacting the local aviation authority.

How To Register A Drone In Haiti

How To Register A Drone In Haiti

Register It With Authorities

The Haitian law requires anyone who owns or operates a drone to register it with authorities. This means that the law applies to any drone that is owned or operated by anyone, even if they do not live in Haiti.

You need to register your drone even if you do not intend to fly it in Haiti. The only exception is for tourists, who are allowed to bring their own drones into the country and fly them without registering them.

Drones Weighing Between 0.55 Lbs And 55 Lbs Must Be Registered

So you’ve got a drone and you plan on flying it in Haiti. Are you able to fly your drone in Haiti? Maybe. Maybe not.

If your drone is between 0.55 pounds and 55 pounds, it must be registered with the Civil Aviation Authority of Haiti (CAAH) if you want to use it for anything other than recreational purposes—this is true even if your drone doesn’t leave the ground.

If your drone weighs less than 0.55 pounds, there are no limits on where or how high you can fly it when using it for fun; however, if you plan on taking pictures and/or videos from the air, a permit is required from the CAAH

The Fee For The Drone License Is 10,000 Gourdes (about $100)

To pay the fee for your drone license, you have several options. You can pay in person at the drone office with cash or check. If you’d like to pay online, visit Drone Haiti’s website and click on “Pay Now” to be securely connected to a payment processor.

You can also choose to send your payment by mail. The cost of a Haitian drone license is 10,000 gourdes (about $100).

Once Your Drone Application Is Approved, You Will Be Issued A Remote Pilot Certificate

Once Your Drone Application Is Approved, You Will Be Issued A Remote Pilot Certificate. The Certificate Is Valid For 2 Years and must be renewed if you would like to continue flying a drone in Haiti.

The Certificate Is Valid For 2 Years

Drone registration is valid for two years. If you don’t renew your license after the two years are up, you will have to pay a fine of 100,000 gourdes (about $1,000).

To register a drone:

  • You’ll need a valid ID card and proof of residence. This can be your national ID card or passport as well as your driver’s license or electric bill.
  • Bring proof of ownership. This can be paperwork from the manufacturer showing that you own the drone or a hand-written statement declaring that you own it.
  • Wait for an official to check your documents and ensure that the drone complies with regulations.

Submit An Application, Pay The Registration Fee And Get A Certificate

It’s very easy to register a drone in Haiti. All you have to do is fill out and submit the application, pay the registration fee, and get your license.

If you’re over 16 years old, it’s a simple process that only takes about an hour. You can complete the entire thing online without having to go anywhere or send anything by mail.


As you can see, there are a lot of limitations in place for drone pilots in Haiti. As the laws get better defined, drone pilots will be able to fly more freely. But until then, they’ll have to follow these regulations to avoid running into trouble with the police.

Frequently Asked Questions (haiti Drone Laws)

Are Drones Legal In Haiti?

Yes, you can legally fly a drone in Haiti. You must follow the laws of your country and the rules of safe flying as well.

To fly your drone legally in Haiti, you must have a drone license, insurance and registration with both the FAA and CAA (Citizenship and Immigration Canada). Your drone should also be registered with your local government.

What Do I Need To Do To Fly A Drone In Haiti?

To fly a drone in Haiti, you need to register your drone with the government and get a license from the FAA. Before you can fly in Haiti, you have to take a drone pilot training course.

You must also buy insurance for your drone and if it’s large enough, register it with the US Department of Transportation (DOT).

What Do I Need To Know About Flying A Drone In Haiti?

Flying a drone in Haiti is subject to the rules and regulations of Haiti. It may be illegal to fly a drone without following these regulations. You need a license to operate drones in Haiti, but you also need insurance and authorization from an aviation authority like the Civil Aviation Authority of Haiti (AAC).

Is There A Drone Fly Map For Haiti?

No, there is no drone fly map for Haiti. However, you can contact the local authorities prior to flying your drone and check with them if there are any restrictions on where you can fly. You could also check the FAA’s drone registry, which shows all of the registered drones in Haiti.

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