I’m sure you’ve seen the skyline of downtown Dallas. It’s one of the most iconic skylines in Texas, and it’s a beautiful sight. But did you know that drones aren’t allowed to fly over this area?

Yes, you can fly a drone in downtown Dallas. We recommend you fly drone in the air space between 400ft and 700ft for safety reasons. This is because it is illegal to fly a drone within 5 miles of an airport without approval from that airport’s control tower.

According to FAA regulations, all drones must be kept away from “airports, heliports and seaplane bases.” This includes flying them over any city where there are buildings taller than 100 feet.

Where Is Dallas


Dallas was founded during 1841–1843 as a permanent settlement on Old Fort Dallas (now “Old Town”) near present-day Downtown Fort Worth. Dallas is the third-largest city in Texas and the ninth-largest city in the United States.

It is one of the fastest growing large cities in America and a global hub for business, culture, commerce, fashion and technology. Dallas-Fort Worth has been ranked as an Alpha − World City by the Globalization and World Cities Research Network (GaWC), which also includes major cities such as Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago and London.

The region had an estimated population of 7.54 million people according to 2017 census estimate.

Can You Fly Drone In Dallas

You can fly a drone in Dallas if you stay away from downtown.

The metropolitan area of Dallas is a no-fly zone. You also cannot fly your drone within 5 miles (8 km) of Love Field Airport or within 5 miles (8 km) of any hospital, emergency area, or fire station.

Flying drones responsibly means maintaining visual contact with your aircraft at all times and not flying over people who are not participating in the operation of the aircraft.

How To Register Drone In Dallas


If you have a drone that weighs more than 0.55 pounds and less than 55 pounds and want to fly it in Dallas, we recommend registering your drone with the Federal Aviation Administration.

To do this, visit the FAA’s website and follow the instructions. You will need to provide some personal information; if you don’t have a credit card, they allow you to use a check or money order instead.

Once registered, keep all of your paperwork in case of an accident or violation (and make sure your drone has all required registration stickers).

If flying near others is something that interests you, consider getting proper training on how to operate drones safely before flying within city limits or near airports where airplanes may be landing or taking off!

We Have Plenty Of Parks And Open Spaces Where Flying A Drone Is Permitted

We have plenty of parks and open spaces where flying a drone is permitted. Take the Dallas Arboretum & Botanical Garden, for example. Located northwest of Downtown Dallas, this park has acres upon acres of beautiful landscaping, plants and flowers that you can admire with your own eyes—or through the lens of your camera/drone.

Drone flying may also be allowed in other parts of Texas. Be sure to check with local authorities before taking off!

You May Not Fly A Drone In Downtown Dallas

You may not fly a drone in downtown Dallas, which is a metropolitan area. For the purpose of this article, we’ll define “downtown Dallas” as the area bounded by I-30 to the north, I-45 to the east and south to the west. The city of Dallas is surrounded by suburbs and other cities that are also not allowed for flying drones (see below).

The reason why you cannot fly drones within these boundaries has to do with how busy it is there. While there are parks and other green spaces throughout the metroplex area, there are also many tall buildings with people working inside them—especially in downtown. This means that it’s too crowded for your drone’s safety!

Drones should be kept away from crowds anyway because they can cause accidents if someone gets injured by one hitting them directly or falling on their head from above while they’re walking around outside during lunch break time or something like that.”

If You Are Flying A Drone In Dallas, Make Sure You Do It Responsibly.

If you are flying a drone in Dallas, make sure you do it responsibly.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has strict regulations that apply to the use of drones. The FAA and local law enforcement agencies may enforce these rules and regulations, including taking action against those who violate them.

It is important to know how to fly your drone safely:

  • Fly within visual line of sight. Do not fly under conditions where you cannot see your drone at all times as other aircraft could be nearby, or if your drone does not have anti-collision lights or any other visual markings that would allow for easy recognition by others on the ground or in the air.
  • Don’t exceed 400 feet above ground level (AGL). If you are flying within 5 miles from an airport, contact air traffic control prior to flight so they can advise whether or not there will be any issues with altitude restrictions over the airport itself; some areas may have rules about how high drones can go as well as when they must land due to noise abatement ordinances enacted by councils who live near airports like Love Field for example..

Are Drones Allowed In Dallas

Are Drones Allowed In Dallas

You can fly your drone in Dallas if you follow the rules.

Drones are not allowed in downtown Dallas, but they are allowed in many parts of the city. Drones are allowed in Dallas parks, nature preserves, golf courses and sports stadiums.

No Matter Where You’re Flying Your Drone In Dallas

You should never fly a drone in downtown Dallas without following the rules and regulations set by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). No matter where you’re flying your drone in Dallas, be sure to follow all FAA rules and regulations.

It’s important that you are aware of your surroundings when flying a drone. Be sure to stay away from airports, heliports, military bases and other restricted areas.

Also make sure that you’re flying safely by following these rules:

  • Never fly within 5 miles of an airport
  • Always keep your distance from people or vehicles while flying as they may not know what is going on around them
  • Do not fly higher than 400 feet unless instructed otherwise by air traffic control officials at nearby airports

There Are Plenty Of Places To Fly Your Drone In And Around Dallas

In Dallas, there are many places you can fly your drone. If you’re looking for an open space in the city, head to Klyde Warren Park and check out their drone-friendly launchpad. You’ll also find plenty of room to fly at White Rock Lake or along the Trinity Trails (which connect to White Rock).

If you’d rather be in the country, there are many great options outside of Dallas proper. Southfork Ranch is just north of town and has great views of Lake Ray Hubbard as well as its own private airstrip if you want to go further by air than by land!


Yes you can fly a drone in downtown Dallas. The city has specific regulations that cover how and where drones can be flown, it is still illegal to fly it above 400 feet or within 5 miles of an airport without permission from air traffic control.

If you are looking for a place to fly your drone in Dallas, there are plenty of parks and open spaces where flying a drone is permitted. You may not fly a drone in downtown Dallas, which is a metropolitan area. If you are flying a drone in Dallas, make sure you do it responsibly.

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