There are many amazing things to do in Sedona, Arizona. Sedona is a popular destination for tourists and locals alike for its stunning scenery and great hiking trails.

In this guide we will walk you through a detailed guide on “Can You Fly A Drone In Sedona?”.

Yes, you can fly drones in Sedona, Arizona. You can fly drones almost anywhere in the United States. But there are some places where it’s not allowed: in national parks, near airports, and on military bases (to name a few).

Now that you know about the best spots to hike in Sedona, you may have also heard about the amazing drone laws there as well! Let’s talk more about drones and how they can fit into your next trip to this beautiful city.

Drones Are Allowed

As you might have guessed, Tonto National Forest is the only place in Sedona where it’s legal to fly a drone. However, there are some restrictions on what you can do with your quadcopter.

For example, you can’t fly over people or buildings or fires—that’s common sense. You also cannot fly within a quarter of a mile from any airport, heliport or airstrip without prior authorization from the airport operator/pilot in command at that airport.

Drone Restriction In Sedona

Drone Restriction In Sedona Is Not Flying Them Over People Or Buildings

The only restriction in Sedona is not flying a drone over people or buildings. There are no restrictions on how high you can fly a drone, and it’s perfectly legal to take photos of the landscape or wildlife.

However, be aware that if you want to go on an aerial photography tour of the area, there are many local companies that offer these services. These operators usually have extra insurance so they will be able to cover any damages if something happens while you’re up in the air with them.

There Are Lots Of Good Places To Take Off And Land Your Drone In Sedona

If you want to fly your drone in Sedona, there are several good places to take off and land. Some of these locations include:

  • Don’t fly over the city of Sedona itself. This is illegal, even if you use a spotter to watch for cars on the road below.
  • Don’t fly over people or buildings, whether they’re moving or not (and regardless of whether or not they have clothes on). The FAA does not allow any kind of commercial activity with drones—even if it’s just for fun!
  • Don’t fly over fires; this is called “fire fighting.” If someone sees your drone flying above a fire and thinks it’s an official helicopter from an agency like SEMAFOA (Sedona Emergency Management Agency), then they might call 911 and tell them that you’ve caused an emergency response with your drone!

Get Amazing Aerial Shots

This is a great way to get amazing aerial shots for your trip photos. You will be able to see things from a different perspective, and your pictures will be more interesting.

Drone photography has many benefits:

  • It can capture a unique perspective on the landscape.
  • You can use drones during the day or at night, which means that there are no limits when it comes to taking photos of Sedona.

Drone photography can also be dangerous if you do not follow safety guidelines. If you want to fly your drone in this area, make sure that you read all of these tips before doing so!

Common Sense Restrictions

Drones Are Allowed In Sedona, But There Are Some Common Sense Restrictions

You can fly a drone in Sedona, but there are some common-sense restrictions. Don’t fly over people or buildings. Don’t fly over fires. Don’t fly over animals.

Don’t fly over private property or public property (like city streets). And don’t ever get close to vehicles, boats or anything else that could be damaged by a drone crashing into it!


You can fly a drone in Sedona. However, there are some rules you have to follow. The first rule is that you need to be at least 400 feet away from any person, vehicle or structure. You also have to stay at least 5 miles away from airports and heliports.

We hope that this guide has helped you to understand the drone laws in Sedona and where you can fly them safely. We also hope it helps you get some amazing aerial shots of the beautiful scenery here, so that when people ask what your trip was like, you have the perfect answer!

Frequently Asked Questions (can You Fly A Drone In Sedona)

What Are The Faa Drone Regulations In Sedona?

What Are The Faa Drone Regulations In Sedona?

You can read more about FAA regulations on the FAA website. In short, though, flying your drone is only legal if you follow these rules:

  • Don’t fly at night.
  • Don’t fly within 5 miles of an airport; or 10 miles if you’re flying over 400 feet in the air (your standard altitude).
  • Make sure that anyone watching your drone from below has a clear view of it at all times. This means no trees! If you’re flying within 3 miles of an airport, be sure to check for airspace closures before flight.

How Do I Become A Legal Drone Pilot In Sedona?

You’ll need to be a US citizen, at least 16 years old, and able to pass a written test. Then you can take your first flight lesson with an instructor as you learn the basics of flying a drone. After that, it’s up to you!

You’ll also need to register your drone with the FAA if it weighs more than .55 pounds (that’s about 1.25 kilograms). You can do so online or by mail. If you’re in Sedona and want some help getting started in this new hobby, contact us today!

How Can I Avoid Breaking The Law In Sedona With My Drone?

To avoid breaking the law in Sedona with your drone:

  • Stay away from airports. The majority of airports are very close to populated areas and people don’t like it when you fly over them with your drone.
  • Stay away from busy streets, or any congested area for that matter. It’s just not safe to be flying around in these types of areas because it could lead to a collision with other vehicles or people on foot, which could cause serious injury or death. If someone gets injured by your drone, then you’re responsible for paying their medical bills out-of-pocket! Save yourself the hassle and stay away from these areas altogether!
  • Avoid flying over private property without permission; this includes land owned by homeowners who live near you as well as businesses that have signs posted at all entrances prohibiting drone usage within their property limits (a good example is Starbucks). If caught violating this rule by an officer while they’re patrolling an area where they know there are no trespassing signs posted around town before coming across one such sign near someone else’s house then they may issue tickets costing up $1000 each plus court costs too.”

Why Can’t I Fly In Sedona?

There are a number of reasons why you can’t fly in Sedona, or any other location for that matter.

  • National parks: It’s illegal to fly drones in national parks because they’ve been designated as places where people should enjoy the outdoors without the distraction of flying machines overhead.
  • National monuments: Same goes for national monuments, which are also considered areas of natural beauty and recreation. If you want to enjoy these places, you should do it on your own two feet and not via drone camera view.
  • Military bases: It’s probably obvious why flying your drone near military installations is not allowed—you don’t want to make them think they’re under attack! And if they start shooting at you, then that would be bad news all around.
  • Airports: Flying around airports can also be problematic because there are lots of aircraft zipping around them all day long; adding an extra flying object might cause some confusion or put lives at risk if someone doesn’t notice when one is coming up behind them quickly enough (especially if said person happens off being drunk). Therefore we recommend avoiding this type of area altogether unless absolutely necessary (and even then we’d still advise caution).

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