Drones are all over the news nowadays. From people shooting them out of the air to Amazon potentially using them for delivery, their popularity is undeniable.

However, there are a number of rules and laws surrounding the commercial use of drones that may not be as widely known. That’s why I’ve put together this list of drone laws in Morocco.

Summary of Morocco Drone Laws

  • Non-commercial drone flying in Morocco doesn’t require a permit but has height and location restrictions.
  • Heavy drones require a permit and may have additional restrictions due to safety and security concerns.
  • Respect for local laws and customs is crucial when using a drone in Morocco.
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Drone Laws In Morocco


Morocco Has Some Of The Most Welcoming Drone Laws

Morocco Has Some Of The Most Welcoming Drone Laws in that region of the world. With a large tourism industry and a growing expat community, Morocco Is A Popular Tourist Destination for Europeans and Americans alike.

While there are some restrictions on where you can fly your drone, these laws are more loose than those imposed by other countries in North Africa such as Egypt or Tunisia.

Morocco Is A Popular Tourist Destination

While Morocco Is A Popular Tourist Destination, drones are still considered new technology in the country and therefore less regulated.

In fact, this lack of regulation has led to some accidental discoveries: when a French pilot flew his drone over Marrakesh during Christmas time last year, he was shocked by what he saw—an abandoned soccer stadium whose crumbling walls were covered with graffiti showing images of Jesus Christ as well as quotes from the Quran.

You Do Not Need A Permit To Fly Non-commercial Drones In Morocco.

You do not need a permit to fly a non-commercial drone in Morocco.

To fly a drone, you must be able to see it at all times and stay within eyesight of it at all times. You can use a first person view (FPV) or an on-board camera if you need help staying in contact with your drone during flight.

You are not allowed to fly above 400 feet (120 meters). For example, if you’re flying from ground level, this means that the top of your drone should never be more than 120 meters above sea level or 120 meters higher than the tallest buildings around you. You also shouldn’t fly over crowds or near airports without permission from local authorities

Flying Larger Heavy Drones In Morocco Requires You To Apply For A Permit.

As an American citizen, you are allowed to fly your drone in Morocco. However, the government has restrictions on the weight of your drone and requires that you apply for a permit before flying around people.

This is due to concerns over safety and security in a country where people have been known to use drones as weapons.

As an American citizen living in Morocco, it is important that you follow the country’s laws when using your drone.

You should also be respectful of local customs and culture so as not to break them unintentionally or without proper knowledge of what is considered acceptable behavior here within this country’s borders.

You’ll Need To Be Respectful Of And Follow Local Laws.

  • You should always be respectful of local laws.
  • The laws around drone usage can vary widely by country.
  • To find out more about what is and isn’t allowed in Morocco, you can check out the government’s website on drones (https://www.gouv.mr/drones/).

How To Register Drone In Morocco

How To Register Drone In Morocco

Step 1

If you’re in Morocco and want to register your drone, the first step is to have a drone. Next, you’ll need a mobile phone that can connect to the internet. Then, set up an account with the Moroccan government’s drone registry website.

Once you’ve done that, they’ll mail you a registration number that must be entered into your drone within twenty-four hours of receiving it if you don’t already have one.

Once your number has been entered into the system by whatever means necessary (including voice recognition software), they will send you a certificate confirming that fact along with printed copies of this information as well as any additional forms or paperwork required by law (such as proof of ownership).

Finally, each person who owns or uses a registered aircraft must carry their individual card at all times while operating their device in order for law enforcement officials not only know exactly what kind of aircraft they are dealing with but also ensure compliance from both parties involved

Step 2

To register your drone in Morocco, you have to fill out and submit the form below. You’ll also need to provide proof of ownership, which can include a receipt or invoice from when you purchased it.

You’ll pay a fee of around $20 USD for this service, though the amount may vary depending on where in Morocco you reside.

Step 3

You’re almost there. Next up is taking your drone to the post office and registering it in person, so that you can get your new registration number. You will need to bring your passport with you, as well as the original receipt from when you purchased the drone.

You may also use a friend’s address, but they will have to go with you and sign an affidavit confirming that they are aware of what is being done on their behalf.

Step 4

When you have a registered drone, you will also receive:

  • A drone license number.
  • A drone registration number.
  • A drone registration certificate that has the following information:
  • The model of the UAV and its type (manned or unmanned).
  • The serial number of the UAV (unique identification number).
  • The name, ID card number and signature of its owner/pilot/operator (if applicable).

You Have A Registered Drone.

You’ve registered your drone, and you’re wondering what to do with this new-found freedom. You can fly it! Take photos and videos of the beauty of Morocco. Share them with your friends back home, or post them on Facebook for a wider audience.

And if you’re lucky enough to see something like this giant lizard on one of your outings:

Are Drones Allowed In Morocco

Are Drones Legal In Morocco?

In short, yes. Drones are legal in Morocco and you can fly them around the country if you have the right permissions.

The Moroccan Ministry of Interior has made it clear that drones are allowed as long as they are used for recreational purposes and don’t interfere with other activities. You should also stick to using your drone within eye sight of yourself or someone else who is responsible for it.

If you want to bring your drone into Morocco then make sure that it has been registered by the Civil Aviation Authority (DGAC) before leaving home. This will ensure there aren’t any problems when crossing international borders or landing at airports around Morocco.

What Do I Need To Know About Drones In Morocco?

Drones are not allowed in Morocco.

In the Medina of Marrakech, you’ll see many people selling trinkets and souvenirs on the streets. It’s one of the most popular sites to visit in Morocco because it’s such a vibrant and colorful place.

But if you’re traveling with a drone, don’t try to fly it inside the medina; it’s strictly prohibited by law. If you’re caught doing so, expect serious consequences!

Drones are also prohibited in souks (markets), which can be found throughout Morocco and offer some amazing bargains on local goods like spices, carpets and hand-painted decorations for your home or office space.

So, unless you want to risk getting into trouble with authorities during your trip—and possibly losing all that money—it’s best not to bring along any drones when shopping around Morroco

Drone Rules Morocco

Drones are not allowed in Morocco. Drones are considered illegal, and the use of them is not allowed in many areas of Morocco. Some public spaces, such as parks and museums, will have signs prohibiting you from flying a drone there.

Drone Laws Morocco

Drones are illegal in Morocco. This applies to both recreational and commercial use.

You cannot fly a drone over any public place in Morocco, such as a city or beach. It can also be dangerous to fly drones near airports, so you should avoid these areas as well.

Don’t Fly A Drone Around Morocco

First, if you’re reading this, you’re probably wondering whether or not drones are allowed in Morocco. The answer is no, they aren’t.

Drones are not allowed in the medina or souks (old city) of Marrakech and Fes because of the high concentration of people who live there and their religious beliefs. It’s also important to remember that Morocco is a Muslim country with a lot of conservative views on many things including technology like drones.

In addition to this, there are lots of places where drone flying isn’t allowed such as high up above mountains or over sand dunes where it can disturb wildlife (the last thing you want while going on safari).

Lastly, since Morocco doesn’t have any laws prohibiting drones yet then don’t expect them anywhere else either!

Frequently Asked Question (drone Laws Morocco)

What Are The Rules?

  • Register your drone with the Moroccan Directorate General for Civil Aviation (DGAC).
  • Purchase insurance for your drone, which is recommended by law.
  • Fly within Morocco’s drone laws and guidelines:
  • Don’t fly over buildings or people. This includes private property and most public places such as beaches or parks that are not designated for flying drones.
  • Only fly during daylight hours and in good weather conditions, otherwise you may be stopped by local police or military personnel while on your way to a location where you plan to fly your drone when it is dark outside.
  • This is especially important if you are flying at night because some areas have lights that could impair visibility and cause damage if they get too close while operating in those areas at night time!

Can I Register A Drone?

Yes, you can register a drone in Morocco. You can either do it online or by visiting the website of the Moroccan Civil Aviation Authority (MCAA). The MCAA is also responsible for registering drones and issuing civil aviation certificates.

It is important to note that registration with authorities does not necessarily mean that you have permission to operate your drone legally, as there are other regulations that must be met before operating a drone in Morocco.

Do I Need Insurance Of My Drone?

Yes, you need insurance of your drone. If you want to fly a drone in Morocco you need an insurance policy that covers personal property damage and bodily injury resulting from an accident involving your unmanned aircraft system.

You can get insurance of your drone from many companies. These companies will also offer coverage for liability claims arising from damages or injuries caused by your UAS operation at home, abroad or on the ground (if applicable).

Some companies offer international coverage, which is generally easier to obtain than U.S.-based policies because they cater more specifically to the needs of travelers who are flying their drones overseas and have no intention of bringing them back into the United States after their trip abroad ends. You can also get insurance of your drone from your country’s embassy in Morocco

How To Fly A Drone In Morocco?

In order to fly a drone in Morocco, you have to understand the rules of the sky. You will need a drone pilot license, drone insurance and registration.

You should also get advice from an experienced drone instructor or your local dealer before buying any drones.


It is good to know that Morocco has a dedicated drone pilot community who are always figuring out new flying spots.

In the future, I’m sure there will be more experimentation with drone laws for flying in Morocco, especially as this technology becomes more advanced and there are more uses for drones.

In the meantime, it is great to see some of the initial footage from Moroccan drone pilots!

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