Drone laws in Romania are in a state of transition. The exception for recreational use is still valid, with some restrictions on its use.

Drone Laws Romania? You cannot fly your drone above 150m unless you have permission from the authorities. You must not fly your drone within 30m of an military base without permission from the authorities. You must not fly your drone above crowds of people, or over any public events without permission.

Drone Laws Romania

Drone Laws Romania

Who Is Subject To The Rules?

Anybody who is flying a drone or UAV in Romania is subject to the rules.

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) requires commercial drone operators to be registered with them, and hobbyists must fly within the visual line of sight.

What Are Considered Unmanned Aerial Vehicles?

The term UAV is used to describe drones and other unmanned flying objects. A drone is a type of UAV that has its own propulsion system and can fly without human intervention. Drones are usually controlled remotely by an operator on the ground or in another vehicle.

Where Can You And Not Fly With A Drone/uav In Romania (with Exceptions)?

As a general rule, you can fly with a drone/UAV in Romania:

  • Over unpopulated areas (no people on the ground), unless otherwise specified. These areas include nature reserves, national parks and other protected areas where you will have to ask for permission first.
  • In controlled airspace—you must get permission from the air traffic control authority before flying at any altitude higher than 120 meters above ground level (AGL). This is important because there are several airports in Romania that are used by commercial airlines and helicopters. It’s best to keep your drone clear of these spaces so as not to interfere with their operations or make them think your drone is theirs!

In some cases, it’s illegal for you to fly with a drone/UAV in Romania:

Where Exactly Is Flying Prohibited In Romania?

In Romania, drone flying is prohibited in the following areas:

  • Over areas where weapons or explosives are stored or handled.
  • Over places where people gather in large numbers and public spaces (such as sports arenas).
  • Over airports.
  • In a radius of 2 km around military facilities and state institutions. The airspace over these facilities is marked with signs in yellow and red.

In addition to these restrictions, it’s illegal to fly drones over private property without consent from the owner.

Can You Fly Over Private Property Or Houses?

You can fly over private property and houses. However, you need to get permission from the owner of the property you want to fly over. You also have to be careful not to fly too close and make sure that you don’t interfere with people who are on the ground. If a law enforcement officer or other official asks or orders you to land your drone immediately, do so immediately.

Do You Need Public Liability Insurance For A Drone/uav In Romania?

If you own a drone, or if you want to fly drones for commercial purposes in Romania, then the answer is yes. You need public liability insurance for a drone/UAV in Romania.

You can get drone insurance from one of the following places:

  • A drone insurance company that specializes in this type of cover
  • An ordinary car or other vehicle insurance company (but make sure they have expertise with drones)

Relevant Regulations On Drones In Romania

In Romania, if you are flying a drone for commercial purposes (i.e. for money), you must register your drone with the Romanian civil aviation authority and have public liability insurance for it. The registration process is fairly straightforward and only requires a few minutes of your time, but it’s important to note that failure to register could result in heavy fines or even imprisonment if caught by authorities.

How To Register Drone In Romania

How To Register Drone In Romania

If you want to register your drone in Romania, the process is very easy and takes less than 5 minutes. To do so, follow these steps:

Step 1: Log In

The first step is to log in with your SIVECO account on the site https://www.anp.gov.ro/

If you are a new user, please create an account and add information about your drone.

If you have already registered, then simply enter your username and password to access the application’s main page:

Step 2: Select Drone Registration

Select the Drone Registration option from the top menu. If you already have a drone registered on your account, select it from the list of registered drones to continue with step 2.

If this is a new drone or if you are registering a previously unregistered drone, click on “Register New Drone”.

Step 3: Set The Serial Number

You should be able to find the serial number on a label on your drone.

Maximum Takeoff Weight and Date of Purchase (if any) are fields that you can leave blank if they don’t apply to you, or enter in the correct information if they do.

Step 4: Select If You Are Registering A New Drone Or One That Is Already Registered

  • If you are registering a new drone, select New Registration.
  • If you are registering a used drone, select Existing Registration.
  • If your drone is already registered and you want to add it in your name (or someone else’s name), please note that the SIVECO ID of the owner of this drone must be provided for this step!

Are Drones Allowed In Romania

If you’re traveling to Romania and want to use a drone while you’re there, then it’s important that you know what the rules are concerning drone usage in this country. In this article, we’ll answer a common question: Are Drones Allowed In Romania? We’ll also talk about what kind of drones are legal in Romania and how you can register them if necessary.

Not Much About The Legality Of Drones In Romania

You’re not alone if you’re curious about the legality of drones in Romania. There is little information about the legality of drones in Romania, and the Romanian government has not published any regulations regarding drone use.

Drones Are Allowed In Romania For Commercial Purposes

Although drones have been around for quite some time, they are still a relatively new technology. As such, it can be difficult to know where you’re allowed to fly them or not. Thankfully, the government of Romania has made things clear: drones are allowed for commercial purposes but are not allowed for recreational ones. What does this mean? It means you can use them in your job! If you own a business that requires aerial photography or videography (like real estate agents or construction companies), then these devices can help aid your work and be very useful indeed.

Keep in mind though that this rule is only valid if you’re being paid by someone else—you cannot use these devices on your own property as it would be considered private usage and therefore illegal.

Only Operate A Drone If You’re Licensed

You must be at least 16 years old to operate a drone in Romania. To use a drone for commercial purposes, you also need to have a license.

The same is true of aerial photography and filming.

Common Model Of Drone Is The Quadcopter (four-rotor Aircraft)

The most common model of drone is the quadcopter (four-rotor aircraft). This type of drone is usually more stable, more durable and more expensive than other models. It can also be flown indoors as well as outdoors.

Registered With Your Local Municipality

To be legal, UAVs with a weight of 500 grams and more must also be registered with your local municipality. You can’t just buy a drone and start flying it around until you hear from the authorities that this is illegal. Drones are regulated by the Civil Aviation Authority of Romania (ROCAR) and must comply with their regulations for flight safety.

In order to register your drone, you must:

  • Be at least 14 years old
  • Have a pilot’s license (in English or Romanian) issued by ROCAR or another country’s aviation authority
  • Have proof of insurance coverage for collision damage or personal injury liability (in English or Romanian)


Drones must be flown over crowds and near airports only with specific permission from the owner of the property. You must have permission from the owner before entering their property with a drone. You must keep your drone within sight at all times during flight operation or use visual observer(s).

As you can see, drones are a lot of fun and have many uses. It’s important to know that there are laws surrounding them though, so it’s good to check out your local laws before buying one. 

Frequently Asked Questions (drone Laws Romania)

Can I Bring My Drone To Romania? Is It Legal?

Yes, you can bring your drone to Romania and fly it. In order to fly your drone in Romania, you need to register it with the Romanian authorities. You will also need insurance to fly drones in Romania.

Do I Need To Register My Drone With The Romanian Authorities?

No, it isn’t required to register your drone with the Romanian authorities. However, if you are flying in a commercial capacity and require a Certificate of Registration from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) then there are some specific requirements that need to be met before a certificate can be issued.

Do I Need Insurance To Fly My Drone In Romania?

The answer to this question depends on your drone and the law in Romania. You should always check with your insurance provider to see if you need coverage and how much it will cost.

In general, insurance is not required by law in Romania, but it can protect you from damage to property or injury to people.

What Areas In Romania Are Off Limits To Drones?

In Romania, drones are prohibited from:

  • Military installations
  • Airports, including land and sea airports. This also includes runways and taxiways.
  • National parks and protected areas, such as lakeside parks and nature reserves.
  • Zones around nuclear power plants (ZONE).

Are There Any Height Restrictions When Flying A Drone In Romania?

In Romania, you can fly your drone up to 50 meters above the ground. If you have a license, though, you can fly higher.

Are There Any Other Laws That Apply To Drones That Are Flying In Romania?

There are some additional rules that apply to drones flying in Romania. The first law is that you must follow the rules of the air. This means you must not fly your drone over people, buildings or roads. You also cannot fly it over railways or other areas where there is a risk of interference with civilian aircraft.

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