The Zambian government regulates the use of drones in the country through its Civil Aviation Authority. In order to fly a drone in Zambia, you need to register it with the authority, get a permit from them, and follow some specific rules when flying your vehicle. We’ve got everything you need to know about flying drones in Zambia right here!

Drone Rules In Zambia

Drone Rules In Zambia

In Zambia, All Drones Weighing Over Two Kilograms Need To Be Registered

To register your drone, you will need to visit the Civil Aviation Authority of Zambia (CAAZ) office at:

  • Aviation House, Third Floor – West Wing, Harry Mwaanga Nkumbula International Airport, Lusaka.
  • 1st Floor, Government Buildings Complex in Livingstone on Sundays between 9:00am and 12 noon.

You will be required to provide your passport or National ID card along with proof that you are the owner of the drone such as a receipt or bill. Failure to register your drone could result in prosecution by CAAZ.

You Need To Get A Permit From The Civil Aviation Authority Of Zambia

To fly a drone in Zambia, you need to get a permit from the Civil Aviation Authority of Zambia. You also need to register your drone with them.

Drones In Zambia Can Only Fly During Daylight Hours

Drones In Zambia Can Only Fly During Daylight Hours and must stay within the pilot’s visual line of sight at all times.

  • No flying at night
  • No flying over crowds or people’s heads
  • No flying over buildings, vehicles or animals
  • No flying over water or open fires
  • No operating near emergency services

Zambia Cannot Fly Higher Than 400 Feet Above The Ground

Pilots flying drones in Zambia Cannot Fly Higher Than 400 Feet Above The Ground (or any other object).

Drones must always be within the pilot’s visual line of sight. This means that you have to be able to see the drone at all times, and cannot fly it too far away from yourself.

In addition, drones are not allowed to be flown over people or vehicles, as there’s a risk of injury from falling debris if something goes wrong with your flight.

You Need Permission From The Civil Aviation

You will need to get permission from the Civil Aviation Authority of Zambia (CAAZ) if you want to fly a drone in Zambia.

You will also have to register your drone and follow rules regarding where and how high you can fly it.

How To Register Drone In Zambia

How To Register Drone In Zambia

Drones are becoming increasingly popular, but before you get one, you need to know how to register your drone. You can learn about the process for registering your drone in Zambia here.

Buy A Drone

Choosing the right drone is crucial to your success as a drone pilot. Here are some things to look for when shopping:

  • How much do you want to spend? The price of drones can vary wildly, but if you’re new to this hobby and don’t know what features are important yet, we recommend choosing something in the $200-$300 range. Don’t spend too much on a drone until you’ve learned more about what it takes to fly one effectively.
  • What size should my drone be? The size of a typical quadcopter ranges from 3 inches tall (about the size of an adult hand) all the way up to more than two feet tall (like an open umbrella).
  • Smaller drones are easier for beginners because they tend not to crash as often or fly away in high winds—but if you plan on using your quadcopter for photography or videography purposes then bigger may be better!
  • Drones with larger propellers are also easier for beginners because there’s less chance that one will come off when flying into walls/trees/people’s heads/your own face during practice runs at home before taking it out into public where there could be other people around who might get hurt by falling pieces from damaged propellers.”

Register The Drone With The Zambian Civil Aviation Authority

To register your drone, go to the Zambian Civil Aviation Authority website. Once there, scroll down until you see “Civil Aviation Act” and click on that.

You’ll be taken to a page that asks for your name and email address, followed by a prompt to select a course of action (i.e., “Register my aircraft”). Clicking on this will take you to another page with instructions on how to proceed.

In order to register your drone, you must submit the following:

  • Proof of ownership (i.e., purchase receipt)
  • Instructions on how to use it safely and legally

Get The Required Training For Operating The Drone

If you are new to drone flight, it is important that you get the required training from a qualified instructor before operating your drone.

There are many training centers available where one can learn how to fly a drone and even apply for a certificate of competence in flying drones.

The best thing about this training is that it is not very expensive and does not take up much time either.

Purchase Specialized Insurance For The Drone.

You should also purchase specialized insurance for the drone. This is mandatory, and it’s good to have in case something happens with your drone.

Insurance protects you from paying out-of-pocket for damage or loss of equipment, which can be extremely expensive. Drones are very sensitive, so having them insured is a good way to ensure that if anything happens to them it won’t cost you too much money.

 Insurance also protects other people as well as yourself: if someone is hurt by your drone then they can file a claim against you and it’ll go through the insurance company instead of against your personal bank account or credit card line (which is why this isn’t covered under warranty).

It’s important to note that insurance costs depend on the value of your aircraft—if yours was $1 million dollars then obviously its going to cost more than someone who has a $1000 one!

But even though this may seem like an upfront cost now will pay off later in many ways including not having things like taxes taken out when filing taxes next year because we’ve already paid them through our premiums each month/year etcetera…

Follow These Four Steps To Register Your Drone

  • Be sure to follow the rules and regulations
  • Don’t fly your drone in restricted areas, like near airports or military bases.
  • Register yourself with the Civil Aviation Authority of Zambia (CAAZ) so that you can legally fly a drone in Zambia!
  • Get trained! Not all drones are easy to fly and some drones require specific training before they can be used safely

Are Drones Allowed In Zambia

Welcome to Zambia! There are a number of things that you can do while you’re here, but if you’re interested in flying a drone, this guide will help you understand the rules and regulations around doing so.

Yes, drones are allowed in Zambia. You must get permission from the Civil Aviation Authority of Zambia (CAZA) before flying a drone. You can apply for permission to fly your drone on the CAZA website.

You also need to register your drone with CAZA when you obtain permission to fly it in Zambia. The registration fee is $5 USD (2,000 ZMW).

If you don’t have permission from CAZA or if you fail to register your drone with them, then flying your drone could result in fines or jail time!

What Are The Rules For Flying A Drone In Zambia

The rules for flying a drone in Zambia are fairly straightforward. You must be at least 18 years old, and you must register the drone with the CAA before flying it. The drone must weigh less than 5kg and cannot weigh more than 35kg when fully loaded.

It is also important to note that drones cannot be flown within five kilometers (about three miles) of an airport, or above 400 feet in altitude at any time.

Drones cannot be flown within four kilometers (about two miles) of a national park either; this includes Victoria Falls National Park, Kafue National Park and South Luangwa National Park.

What Do The Regulations Actually Say Around Flying A Drone In Zambia

You can fly your drone up to 50m above ground level (AGL) in Zambia. You must keep at least 30m away from people, property and vehicles as well. The maximum weight of your drone should be less than 20kg and it should also not exceed a speed of 60km/hr.

Can I Fly A Drone Inside A National Park In Zambia

You can fly a drone inside a national park in Zambia, but you will need to get permission from the park management. You will also need to be aware of the regulations for flying a drone in the park and make sure that you get a permit for this purpose.

Will My Travel Insurance Cover My Drone In Zambia

Travel insurance policies vary from one provider to another, so it’s important that you check your policy before traveling with a drone.

Policies will differ depending on the level of cover included and the type of trip you’re taking. Some cover drone damage but not theft – others only cover damage and loss in certain countries (i.e., Zambia).

The best way to find out if your policy covers drones is by reading it thoroughly before leaving home and contacting your insurer if there are any questions about what is covered and what isn’t.

Rules And Regulations For Traveling With And Operating Your Drone In Zambia

You cannot fly your drone in Zambia without a permit. The Civil Aviation Authority of Zambia (CAZA) will issue you the necessary paperwork to operate your drone, so long as it weighs less than 25kg and is not larger than 20kg. You can apply for this at the CAZA website.

In addition to applying for a permit, you will also need to make sure that your drone has an up-to-date registration before flying it in the country.

Registering your drone will cost US$50 per year and requires proof of ownership such as an invoice or purchase receipt from when you first bought it.


It’s important to know the drone laws in Zambia before flying your drone. You don’t want to end up with a huge fine or even worse, land yourself in jail!

Frequently Asked Questions (drone Laws Zambia)

What Laws Do I Have To Comply With When Using Drones In Zambia?

A drone pilot in Zambia needs to comply with the following laws:

  • The Civil Aviation Authority Act [Chapter 20:02]
  • The Air Navigation Order [CAP 522] (includes Advisory Circulars, Notices and Emergency Orders)
  • The Electronic Communications Act, 2008.

What Are The Penalties For Not Complying With Drone Laws In Zambia?

In Zambia, the penalties for not complying with drone laws are the same as they are for any other type of vehicle. This means that you could receive a fine and/or an on-the-spot warning from the Zambia Police Service or Ministry of Transport and Communications.

Do I Need A Pilot License To Fly A Drone In Zambia?

To fly a drone in Zambia, you do not need to have a pilot license. However, if you are using the drone for commercial purposes (e.g., to take pictures or videos), then you must obtain a special permit from the Civil Aviation Department of Zambia (CAD). This will allow them to issue you with a unique number that identifies your particular drone as belonging to you. If someone else were to fly your drone without permission, they could be charged with “unlawful possession” of your property—which is punishable by up to seven years in prison!

Are There Any Height, Visibility Or Distance Restrictions That Apply To Drones In Zambia?

The Civil Aviation Authority of Zambia (CAAZ) has placed some restrictions on drone use. Drones must fly at least 400 feet above the ground, and you must keep your drones within your line of sight. In addition, you must stay a minimum distance of 500 metres from an airport, helipad or airfield.

Do I Have To Register My Drone Before Flying In Zambia?

Yes, you need to register your drone before flying in Zambia. Registration is free and can be done online or at any post office. You will need to provide the following information:

  • Name of the drone owner
  • Address where the owner lives
  • Telephone number of the owner

Once this information has been provided, an online confirmation will be sent to you for verification purposes.

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