If you’ve done your research on the Vivitar drone, then you most likely know it’s made by DJI and has many similarities to the Mavic Pro. This is why I decided to write up a quick guide on connecting your Vivitar drone to your phone, so let’s get started.

How to Connect Vivitar Drone to Phone? Download the Vivitar app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Once installed, open up the app and tap on “Connect”. To connect your Vivitar drone to your phone or tablet via Wi-Fi connection, turn on Wi-Fi connection on both devices. 

If you’ve just purchased a drone from Vivitar, you’re going to want to be able to control it from your phone. Don’t worry though. I’ll get you there. Here’s some step-by-step information and what you’ll need for making it happen.

How To Connect Vivitar Drone To Ios Phone (step By Step Instructions)

How to Connect Vivitar Drone to Phone

Make sure the drone is turned on before connecting it to your iPhone. Open the DJI GO app on your iPhone and tap “Connect” at the top right corner of the screen. Once connected, you can use your phone as a controller to fly the drone.

Welcome to the world of drones, a world where you can control the skies and capture some amazing footage. But before you can start capturing that footage, you need to connect your drone to your phone. Here’s how to do it:

Download Vivitar App

To connect your drone to Vivitar, you’ll need to download the app from the Apple Store. After you’ve downloaded it, open it and follow the instructions on how to pair your drone with your phone.

Once you’ve successfully paired your drone with Vivitar’s app, go ahead and take off.

Turn On Your Phone Wi-fi And Scan The Qr Code

To connect your drone to your phone, you need to turn on your Phone Wi-Fi and scan the QR code. You can use any QR code scanner app and scan the QR code. You can use any QR code scanner app on your phone

Turn On Your Drone

So you’ve got your Vivitar drone and remote control ready to go. Now it’s time to turn them on. Here are some steps:

Turn On Your Drone: Turn the power switch to ON. The red indicator light will light up when the drone is powered on. You’re good to go.

Turn on your remote control: Press and hold down the power button until the blue indicator light flashes rapidly, then release and wait for a solid blue light (this may take a few seconds). You’re good to go.

Turn on your drone battery: With the power switch still in ON position, press and hold down both joysticks at once for about five seconds or until the lights flash alternately between green and red several times (this may take a few seconds). Your Vivitar camera drone is now connected with its battery charged up.

Connect The Drone To Phone Wi-fi

Connecting your drone to your phone is a simple process that can be completed in just a few steps. Launch the Vivitar app on your phone and swipe down from the top of the screen to open up the navigation menu.

Confirm That You Have Connected Successfully

To confirm that you have connected successfully, you can see the drone in the app and also see it on your phone. It’s important to remember that when flying a drone in tandem with your phone, you will not be able to see the live video feed on either device. Instead, make sure to watch the display of your remote controller, this will show exactly what the drone sees as well as its speed and altitude metrics.

How To Connect Vivitar Drone To Android Phone (step By Step Instructions)

How To Connect Vivitar Drone To Android Phone

Download and install the app for your device. Set up your device by following the instructions provided in the app. Connect the drone to your phone via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. (It is recommended that you use Wi-Fi.). Use your phone to control the drone’s movement.

Now, you can learn how to connect your Vivitar drone to your Android phone using WiFi connection.

Attach The Propellers

Before you attach the propellers, you need to make sure that your drone is off and will remain so for the duration of this process. The propellers should be attached in a specific order: clockwise (the topmost), counterclockwise (the bottom) and then clockwise again. You can then place them on the drone body by rotating them 90 degrees at a time until they are aligned with their corresponding holes.

Charge Your Drone Battery

It is recommended that you charge your drone battery before flying the drone. Charging the battery will take about 20 minutes and you can fly for up to 20 minutes if your battery is fully charged. If your Vivitar Drone’s battery is not fully charged, you can only fly for up to 10 minutes before needing a recharge.

Turn On Your Drone

To turn on the drone, you must first turn on the controller. Then, turn on the drone battery and finally, the controller battery.

Download The Vivitar Application To Your Device

To download the Vivitar application, go to the Google Play Store and search for “Vivitar Drone.” You will find the app in one of your results; tap on it and then tap Install. The installation process should start automatically after that point. When it is done, press Open on your phone or tablet, this will launch the Vivitar app onto your screen.

Connect The Vivitar To Your Device

With the drone and your phone both on, use your phone to find the Vivitar app. Open it and click connect. The drone will fly to you and land in front of you.

Fly And Have Fun!

Now, you have connected your drone to your phone. You can enjoy flying and taking pictures from the sky. It is a great way to take selfies and pictures with friends without having to carry lots of stuff around. Make sure that you are following all the safety rules when flying your drone so that it doesn’t get damaged in any way. Also, don’t forget to share this article with others who might find it useful.

Pairing Vivitar Drone To The Controller

When you first receive your Vivitar drone, it will be paired with the controller. This means that you can charge the drone and operate it as soon as you receive it.

If you want to change the controller or pair your drone with another one, you will need to unpair the drone from its current controller before pairing it with another one. This is a step-by-step guide on how to pair your Vivitar drone with its controller.

  1. First, you need to charge both the drone and the controller. This can be done by inserting the battery into both devices and plugging them in.
  2. Next, turn on the drone by pressing down on it for about three seconds and then releasing. The LED lights will turn red when it’s on.
  3. Then press down on the power button on one of your controllers for about five seconds until it starts flashing blue and purple, then release it. The controller should now be in pairing mode.
  4. Now hold down both sticks of your controller at once until they blink red, then release them. You should see that your drone has paired with your controller and is ready to fly.

Troubleshooting Problems While Connecting Vivitar Drone To Phone

Troubleshooting Problems While Connecting Vivitar Drone To Phone

You’ve finally gotten your hands on a new drone, but there’s one problem: it just won’t connect to your phone.

Maybe you’ve tried resetting it or updating its firmware, but the problem still exists. If this sounds familiar, don’t worry. The following steps will help you troubleshoot common issues when connecting your Vivitar Drone to your phone:

Distinguishing The Models

When you’re setting up your drone, it’s important to know which model of Vivitar Drone you have:

The easiest way to tell the difference between these models is by looking at the controller. The controller for the first generation drones has a built-in battery and is black with red accents; whereas the second generation controller has an external battery pack that can be charged separately from the drone itself and is white with grey accents.

Configuring The Wi-fi

Another common problem is that your drone is connected to the Wi-Fi, but your phone isn’t. To fix this issue, make sure your drone is connected to Wi-Fi and that you can navigate through its menu. If it’s still not working, check your phone’s Wi-Fi settings and see if there are any problems with its connection.

If the drone’s network settings seem off or missing entirely, try to connect it again using a different wireless network, or simply reset it by holding down all four of its buttons until it powers off and then powering on again with just two presses on the power button (the light will blink green).

Resetting Your Drone

If your Vivitar drone isn’t connecting to your phone, there are a few things you can try. One way is by resetting it:

  • Turn on the drone and wait until it boots up.
  • Press the Power button for 2 seconds until the lights turn off.
  • The drone will restart itself and should connect with your phone again

Updating Your Firmware

If you’re having trouble getting your drone to connect to the app, the first thing you should do is make sure that the firmware on your drone is up-to-date. To do this, simply download the latest updates for your device and then install them.

A common mistake when updating firmware is not restarting your device after installing new software. To be sure that everything has been updated correctly, reboot (or restart) both your phone and drone before continuing with the next steps outlined in this article.

Reset Your Vivitar Drone

Make sure that the drone is powered off and then connect it to a computer. Open the Vivitar Drone app, go to the home screen and press and hold the power button for 10 seconds.

Release it when you see the battery icon flash three times in blue colour on your mobile phone screen or within 30 seconds of pressing it initially.

Frequently Asked Question (faqs)

What App Do I Use For My Vivitar Drone?

The Vivitar Aeroview app is the one you’ll want to use with your Vivitar drone. It’s a free download on the App Store and Google Play, so it’s super easy to get started. It comes with a ton of features that will help you take amazing aerial photos and videos.

You can use Vivitar Aeroview to connect your phone or tablet to your Vivitar drone and fly it from afar. You can even record video footage and take photos from up above. And best of all: no extra equipment needed. Just download the app and get ready for some serious fun.

How Do I Connect My Vivitar Drone To My Controller?

To connect your Vivitar drone to your controller, hold down the power button on the controller for 5 seconds. Take out your drone and turn it on by holding down the power button for 5 seconds. Then hold down the connect button on your controller.

How Do You Use A Vivitar Drone?

 Charge the drone for at least 3 hours before using it for the first time. Turn on the drone by pressing the power button. Connect your phone to your drone by  Wi-Fi. Open up the Vivitar app and watch as your drone connects automatically.

How Do You Get The Vivitar Drone To Fly?

To get the Vivitar drone to fly, charge it for at least 30 minutes. Then press and hold down the power button until it turns on. Next, press the right joystick in any direction and a voice will tell you which way is forward and which way is backward.


Turn On Your Drone and its remote control. Connect your mobile device to a Wi-Fi signal and search for “Vivitar” in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Download the app, launch it, and follow all instructions to pair your phone with the drone so they can communicate wirelessly.

As you already know if you’re reading this, there are a number of different methods that can be used to control the flight of your drone. Vivitar includes a free app to get you started on this, which is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. For the purposes of this article, we’ll be focusing on the mobile aspect of drone control. With that in mind, let’s take a look at how to connect Vivitar Drone to Phone.

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