How to Get a Drone Out of a Tree: This is a question that doesn’t usually cross one’s mind but is actually a very important matter. Drones are taking the world by storm these days, but can result in much damage if not handled properly. 

If you have a drone that’s stuck in a tree, make sure it’s safe. Try to get your drone down from the tree by gently shaking the branches where it’s stuck. If this doesn’t work, try throwing small stones or climb the tree with the help of your friend.

We all want to be the best drone pilot we can be. Getting that perfect shot, flying longer, and landing in places one shouldn’t always go. But sometimes things don’t go quite how you would like them. Here are some ideas on how to get a drone out of a tree.

You’re out for a walk/jog/run when you suddenly see a drone fall from the sky and land solidly into the tops of a tree. This can happen to anyone. You could be out to get a run in, and all of the sudden, you see what looks like an alien spaceship landing out of nowhere.

It isn’t real, but it is a drone! Maybe you saw it fall off of someone’s back as they walk down the street — heck, you might have even been the one who was flying the drone!

Do Not Panic.

Now that you’re breathing normally again, let’s think about this situation rationally. First of all, do NOT attempt to climb up the tree (unless it is no taller than your drone!) This will only put you in a dangerous position. What if you slipped and fell? What if you got injured and needed medical attention?

If a helicopter had to come pick you up, how much would that cost? Certainly more than the price of a new drone!

Second, don’t rush! Now is the time for slow, calculated movement. Nothing good can come from acting hastily here. Take your time and think about what action makes the most sense given the circumstances.

Look At Your Drone’s Manual To See How Big It Is.

How to Get a Drone Out of a Tree

If you’ve read the manual, you probably know the size of your drone. If not, get out a tape measure—or be fancy and use a ruler app on your phone—and measure how big it is.

Then compare it to the tree branches in question. If it’s small enough to fit through but too big for you to carry up yourself, try sending up a long fishing net or wrap some rope around a three-pronged grappling hook and send that up instead.

See If You Can Reach The Drone.

If you can reach the tree, carefully and slowly make your way to it. You don’t want to end up in the same predicament as your drone! If you can get a good look at it, assess whether it’s worth trying to save the drone or if you should just let it go.

If you think it’s worth giving your drone another chance at flight, you have some options for retrieving it:

  • You can use a ladder and an extension pole (or two) to fish out the drone.
  • You can use a telescoping pole to grab onto the tree and shake it until the drone falls free.

Do Not Use A Rake Or Broomstick To Reach It.

After you’ve located your drone and determined that it’s stuck in a tree, you might be tempted to use a rake or broomstick to reach it. While this is not necessarily a bad idea, you should avoid trying to use either of these items if you don’t know how to use them properly.

Remember: if one of these tools breaks while you’re using it, the pieces may fall on your drone and do more damage. As such, unless you are particularly handy with rakes and broomstick usage, we recommend avoiding their use.

Don’t Climb A Tree To Get Your Drone

But this could be dangerous, especially when it comes to tall trees. “Often times people fall out of trees,” says Michael Singer, the president of National Drones, a drone service provider. “

I’ve been told that’s one of the most common ways people get hurt with drones. “You’re better off buying a new one than risking life and limb climbing up an ash tree to retrieve your Phantom 4.

The last thing you want to do is climb a tree with an expensive drone in it. That might sound obvious, but some unlucky fliers have been tempted to try this tactic. If you think this might be the only way for you to get your drone back, consider these things:

Is the tree too tall? If so, don’t go up after it.

Is the tree too steep? Are there branches close enough to the ground that will give you a chance to get some leverage?

Are you comfortable climbing trees? If not, then perhaps your best bet is a professional arborist.

Do you have the right equipment? Many people are injured and even killed each year trying to climb without harnesses and safety ropes. If you don’t have these items, don’t climb.

You May Want To Consider Hiring A Professional.

You may want to consider hiring a professional, as they have the experience and equipment needed to safely retrieve your drone.

However, if you decide to do this yourself, make sure that the cost of the professional is worth it. Also, be sure that your hired helper is insured in case they hurt themselves on your property while retrieving your drone.

Some Tricks Of Getting Your Drone Out

The best chance of getting your drone out of the tree safely is by looking at the options available and following the tips in this article. If you can’t reach your drone from the ground, you have several options to try before you give up.

  • The best option is to call in a professional tree service or landscaping company that has experience retrieving items from trees. They will have the training and resources needed to get your drone safely, without risking injury or damage to property.
  • If you’re sure it’s safe and legal for you to retrieve the drone, use a sturdy ladder or other tall object (such as a picnic table) to climb and get it yourself.
  • If there’s no tall enough ladder around, put on some safety gear, grab your rope and throw hook (available at hardware stores) and see if you can hook the rope onto one of the legs of your drone so that when you pull on it down comes tumbling.

You’re Not A Spider Man

When a drone lands in a tree, the first instinct of many pilots is to climb up and retrieve it. You may think you’re Spider-Man, but unless your name is Peter Parker, it’s best to leave the tree climbing to the professionals. The only thing worse than a drone stuck in a tree is you stuck in a tree with a drone.

Use A Pole-clamp Attachment

One of the best way to handle this difficult situation is to use a pole-clamp attachment. It allows you to attach your smartphone or controller to the end of an extendable pole and then control your drone as if it were on the ground.

This gives you the ability to knock out all four propellers, preventing them from spinning and causing injury when you detach them from the branches.

Drone Crashed In An Open Area

When flying outdoors, if you crash your drone in an open area with no trees or buildings around it might still be possible for you to find it by following the flying pattern on its app’s map page in reverse order. You’ll have to walk or drive back through the path the drone took on its most recent flight.

Try to move as quickly as possible because the sooner you start searching for your lost drone the better chance you’ll have of finding it. If you’re using a cell phone, put it into airplane mode so that no signal is being sent out and interrupted by any incoming calls or texts.

Shake The Tree To Get Your Drone Out

  • If the tree is in your backyard and you have a ladder, you can try and shake the tree to get your drone out.
  • If the drone is high in the tree, you might not be able to reach it.
  • You may be able to use a stick or long branch to grab it if it’s close enough for your arm to reach up through the branches of the tree and pull it down.

Use A Pole Knock It Down

If you’re lucky enough to have a pole or long stick, you can use it to knock the drone out of the tree. Just be careful not to hit any branches or your drone may get damaged further. This method is safer than rock throwing if the drone is stuck high up in the tree.

Call Tree Trimmers

The good news is that you’re not the first person to have this problem, so there are lots of groups who can help you. However, you will need to get a tree trimmer out to your exact location because they can disassemble and lower the tree down.

You’ll need to find a local tree trimming service that has a branch close enough to come out and help you. Once you’ve found one, call them up and let them know what happened.

Make sure they know exactly where the drone is located on the tree before you get permission for them to come out, as well as any access issues there might be (Is it at the top of an incline? Is there only one way up?).

When they arrive on-site, make sure they are licensed and insured under their business name. Depending on how far into the tree your drone got stuck, it might take several people working together with equipment so be prepared for that when asking around for quotes from different companies about their rates for this type of work.

If The Above Methods Do Not Work Call Local Firefighters

If you are unable to retrieve your drone from the tree using any of the above methods, you can call your local fire department or rescue teams and they will be able to help you get down safely. If this is not an option, make sure you have the proper safety equipment and try to recover it yourself.

The most important thing is to stay calm and figure out what is the best way for you to safely remove yourself from the tree without harming yourself or any other people around you.

If none of this works, then it’s time to call in reinforcements. This can mean asking a friend or parent for help. A neighbor or passerby might be able to save the day, too.

In some cases, you might even be able to enlist the help of emergency responders (you may have heard about how the New York Fire Department once had to rescue a drone from a tree).

In extreme situations, you may have no choice but to climb the tree yourself if you want your drone back. Just make sure that you don’t hurt yourself in an attempt to retrieve your drone. At that point, it may not be worth it anymore.

Frequently Asked Question (how To Get A Drone Out Of A Tree)

What To Do If Your Drone Crashes And Gets Stuck In A Tree?

If your drone gets stuck in a tree, don’t panic. This is actually a very common problem for new drone owners. In fact, many people purchase drones because they want to get them out of trees!

If you have already flown the drone and it’s now stuck in a tree, don’t try to fly it out of there yourself (unless you’re an experienced pilot). It’s possible that this could cause further damage to both the machine and the tree.

How Do You Retrieve A Drone’s Footage That Crashed Into A Tree?

There are several ways to retrieve a drone’s footage that crashed into a tree.

  • The first is to simply tie the drone to the tree using strong, long ropes and let it hang there while you get the camera—this is especially effective if you’re worried about damaging your equipment.
  • The second method is to use a pole or stick with a hook at one end and try pulling it down gently; this will not damage the drone but can potentially cause harm to yourself or others around you (so make sure no one’s around when trying this).
  • A third way would be for several people with strong arms (and plenty of rope) to pull up on top of each other until they manage to reach high enough up in order for someone else from below them (or someone who has climbed up) being able reach up and grab hold of their fingers so they can pull themselves free from where they’re hanging by draping themselves over onto another person’s shoulders/backside until everyone gets out safely—this method may take some time depending on how far away from ground level these drones are located!

What Should Be Done After My Drone Gets Stuck In A Tree?

Depending on where you are and what kind of trees your drone is stuck in, there are a few different ways to go about retrieving it.

If you’re near water, try floating the drone out with a line and hook. The line should be long enough that it won’t get tangled around any branches, but not so long that it drags on the ground when pulled back up.

Tie one end of the rope to the tree branch holding your drone, then attach an anchor (such as a rock) to the other end and toss it over into a nearby stream or lake. Once anchored in place, pull up slowly on both ends until they meet—your drone should come sailing right down!

How Do I Get A Drone Out Of A Tree Without Damaging It?

You can get your drone out of a tree without causing any damage, but there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Avoid using nets. Nets are unwieldy and can cause damage to the drone’s propellers.
  • Do not use ropes or chainsaws. This can cause serious damage to your property and the trees themselves, which may result in you being sued by the owner (or even land you jail time).
  • Don’t try to use poles or poles with hooks on them either—they could end up damaging your drone or another person when they fall down from their place in the tree (or if you throw them at it).
  • And finally, don’t try using your own drone as an anchor point for retrieving other drones from trees; doing so would likely result in serious injury both to yourself and others around you!

What Are Some Tips For Flying Drones?

As a general rule, it’s important to keep your drone in sight at all times. This is for your own safety and the safety of others. You should also avoid flying drones near people or buildings, as well as in bad weather (e.g., storms).

When you’re ready to take flight with your new drone, make sure it isn’t around airports or aircrafts; this can cause serious issues if there’s an accident that causes damage to property or injury—or worse.

What Should I Do If My Drone Gets Stuck In A Tree?

You should not try to fly it out of the tree. If a drone crashes into a tree and becomes stuck, don’t try to get it out. There are many reasons for this.

  • First, your drone may be damaged and no longer work properly if you attempt to fly it at all (let alone from high up in a tree).
  • Second, climbing up there after your drone is dangerous for you and for everyone involved with rescuing the helpless machine.
  • Third, cutting down trees is generally frowned upon by authorities because they may be needed for firewood or other resources in the future (i.e., an emergency).
  • Finally, shooting drones out of trees isn’t very good for them or anyone standing below them when they fall back down—and what if someone gets hit? That would mean bad things happen when we try too hard without thinking things through first!

So when you find yourself trapped in such an unpleasant situation where your beloved gadget seems lost forever… don’t worry! The best thing you can do is nothing at all; sit back silently until help arrives and then explain calmly what happened so no one gets hurt unnecessarily during retrieval attempts.”


If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation where your drone is stuck in a tree, there are a few things you can do to get it back down. Make sure the battery is charged. Next, check with local authorities or climb the tree yourself.

If you are a drone owner, I strongly advise that you read this article. You never know when a drone might land in a tree, but the worst option is to not know what you can do about it.

Hopefully, the drone will never meet an untimely end, but it’s only good sense to have a plan set up in case this sort of situation should ever come up.

I hope that, you never have an opportunity to be in this situation, but if you do, just remember these suggestions, and think clearly. Don’t forget to breathe. Good luck, and happy flying! 

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