With the drone industry becoming more popular, there are a variety of ways you can capitalize on them. Whether you have just purchased your first drone or been flying for years, there are many different ways to make money with a drone. Now, here we will tell about “How to make money with a drone”.

If you’re a videographer, you can use a drone to create aerial shots for your films and videos. If you’re a photographer, you can use a drone to capture aerial photos and videos that are impossible to get from the ground.

The future is bright for the drone industry. There are many companies now buying drones and employing pilots. If you own a drone, you may be able to sell your services as a pilot to these companies and make money doing something fun and exciting. The demand for new pilots is high, so if you already own one it may be worth looking into working with some of the larger companies in your area.

Having a seasoned pilot on staff is valuable to any company that wants to utilize drones in their business operations. You will not only get paid well but will also learn how to fly better than ever before by gaining experience that most others do not have. You could even start your own business if there aren’t enough jobs available where you live or work!

1: Real Estate Companies

Real estate companies

In the modern world, real estate companies are always looking for innovative ways to sell properties. As a drone pilot with a creative eye, you can make money shooting photos and videos of residences from unique angles and selling them to real estate agents. This is also a great opportunity to use your drone in a professional setting, which could lead to even more lucrative gigs.

To take advantage of this opportunity (and others), you’ll need your drone license and, of course, a good quality drone. The cost of an average drone ranges from $300 – $1,500 — but if you already own one, then that’s just pennies on the dollar compared to what you could earn as a professional photographer.

2: Wedding Planners

For wedding planners, you’ll be able to add a drone pilot as one of your go-to vendors. Being able to offer this service will help you stand out against the competition and may even allow you to charge a little more for your services.

If you’re interested in offering this service, it’s best to do some research on relevant regulations before proceeding.

3: Pictures Of Events

Pictures of events

If you’re a photographer, starting a business taking pictures with your drone can be great way to make money.

As the technology surrounding drones becomes more advanced and easier to use, drone photography is becoming an increasingly popular way for photographers to take special event photos. In fact, it’s estimated that the global market for commercial drone services will reach $127 million by 2021. With a UAV (drone), you can capture breathtaking aerial views of weddings, concerts and other events at a fraction of the cost of traditional transportation methods like helicopters or airplanes.

4: Sporting Events

Sporting events

There are a number of different venues where your drone can be used to capture high-speed action. Drone footage is particularly ideal for capturing sporting events, such as soccer matches and football games. A drone can provide a unique perspective not otherwise possible and allows you to capture the entire field of play. It also makes it possible to shoot in extreme weather conditions or at night.

If you’re interested in becoming a drone pilot to film sporting events, here are some additional tips:

  • Consider offering the footage from the game to both teams, as well as local newspapers and broadcasters. Many sports reporters ask coaches if they can get aerial shots of the games they cover. Sports broadcasters may also need footage for post-game highlights reels.
  • Practice with your drone before pitching your services to schools or leagues that are hosting games in your area.
  • Offer several different packages based on what you’re able to provide (for example, one package might include video shot during the game and another might include stills).

5: Create Your Own Business Selling Drones

The great thing about drones is that you can use them to create some pretty cool stuff. It’s all in the imagination, and a drone is an easy way to get started. There are so many ways you can think of to make money with a drone business:

  • Selling drones and accessories online
  • Selling new or used drones for more than retail value
  • Providing services for drone owners like repairs, flying lessons, etc., either via your own store or as part of a larger organization like dronestore.com
  • Making your own line of drones

6: Freelancing

Videography is the art of capturing moving images on video. Once you have your drone, you can start learning how to operate it and capture content (images, video clips, etc.) with it. You can use this content to create a portfolio that will help attract clients when you’re ready to start work as a freelance drone videographer.

With your legal documents in order and your portfolio ready to go, there are many ways for you to find clients:

  • Online job platforms such as Upwork or Fiverr
  • Professional networks like LinkedIn or Droners.io
  • Your own website or blog

The way these platforms work is pretty simple: an interested client will post about the type of service they need from a professional drone pilot. Potential candidates then apply for the job using their profile or portfolio so that the client can decide who they want to hire based on experience, price, location and other factors.

7: Aerial Photography

Aerial photography
  • Get licensed.
  • This is the first thing you need to do, because without it, you cannot fly your drone legally in the United States. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA Part 107) provides licenses to those who can demonstrate that they know how to fly a drone safely and know some of the rules surrounding them—a written test will determine this.
  • Register your drone.
  • All drones that weigh more than 0.55 pounds (0.25kg) must be registered with the FAA before their first flight outdoors in the U.S., including drones flown for commercial purposes (the only exception is for certain law enforcement agencies). To register your drone, visit https://faadronezone.faa.gov
  • Make sure you keep your registration certificate with you when flying at all times—if you don’t have it on hand, you face fines and other possible penalties if caught by officials who might just be having a bad day!

Now that you’re legal, let’s get started!

8: Personalized Aerial Experience Provider

You’re an adventurous type, and you love showing your friends the world from new angles. You can take photos or videos of their family to make a personalized album, or record a special moment from above.

A personalized aerial experience provider provides someone with stunning views of their special occasion. This person will fly the drone over their head as they walk down the aisle or hike up a mountain together, capturing the moment from an entirely different perspective than what they’d normally see on video or in photos.

The cost of hiring this type of professional varies widely depending on how many hours are needed but typically ranges between $150-$300 per hour with editing services included if desired by clientele!

9: Cinematography


It shouldn’t be a surprise that drones have found their way into the film industry, where they can get cinematic footage that couldn’t be gotten with any other method. They can capture stunning aerial footage, thanks to their small size, and it’s much cheaper than using a helicopter or crane.

They can also maneuver into tight spaces or hover at low heights to get interesting point-of-view shots. And most importantly, they can help filmmakers capture the action from above or around corners without getting in the way of any actors.

10: Law Enforcement And Firefighting Drone Pilot

This might be the most straight-forward job when it comes to drone work. Lots of law enforcement agencies and fire departments have begun using drones for a variety of tasks, including searching for missing persons, conducting search and rescue operations, assisting with firefighting operations and fighting wildfires, crime scene analysis and hostage situations.

Obviously, working as a drone pilot in law enforcement or firefighting would require you to apply for jobs through these organizations. However, if you’re interested in helping out your community or even just enjoy watching crime shows like “Law & Order” or “Criminal Minds” then this could be an ideal career path for you.

11: News Reporting And Journalism Drone Pilot

This is a unique and potentially lucrative niche field, because the federal government has not yet fully regulated drone use. Once it does, though, you can expect to see many more drones helping reporters break stories.

You’ll need to be a good pilot and have an eye for interesting shots and angles, but your skills as an aerial journalist could earn you a pretty nice living if you’re able to garner enough attention from major news organizations.

12: Farming Drone Pilot

If you live in a rural area, there are lots of opportunities to make a good living as a farming drone operator. Drones are used for all kinds of things on farms and ranches, from monitoring crop health to surveying land. They’re also used to monitor livestock and deliver pesticides and fertilizers. You’ll need to provide your own training, but there’s plenty of money to be made if you’re willing to put in the effort.

13: Search & Rescue Drone Pilot

If you’ve got an adventurous spirit and a passion for saving lives, you might want to consider becoming a search & rescue drone pilot. This is one of the more unique ways to monetize your drone because it involves giving back to your community and directly helping others in need.

There are two different types of drones used for search & rescue missions: unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS). Generally speaking, UAVs are small drones with short flight times that rely on visual line-of-sight flight operations.

RPAS, meanwhile, are larger drones that use an onboard autopilot system to fly longer distances beyond the line of sight of the pilot. Many search & rescue pilots use both, depending on the situation at hand.

14: Private Or Commercial Taxi Service Provider

If you’re looking to make money with a drone, one way to do it is to use your drone as a private or commercial taxi service provider. This can be a great opportunity if you live in an area where most people either don’t have cars or public transportation isn’t efficient enough.

If this describes your location, you can use a drone to deliver packages, food, people, mail and anything else that needs delivering. You can also just drive people around town if they need a ride somewhere and are willing to pay for it.

15: Drone Aviation Salesperson Or Consultant

If you find yourself with a thorough understanding of drones, drone laws and regulations, and drone safety, consider becoming a salesperson or consultant for a drone aviation company.

As the demand for drones increases, so does the need for educated salespeople and consultants who can assist consumers in choosing the right model as well as informing them about important FAA regulations.

In order to become a successful salesperson or consultant, you’ll need to be passionate about your product. You should also make sure that you stay up-to-date on any new information regarding drones or FAA regulations.

In addition to being safety-conscious, this will make you stand out from other salespeople who may be less informed than you are.

16: Join A Drone Racing League

Joining a drone racing league is also a great way for you to make money with a drone. But here are some things you need to remember first:

  • Training and Specs. If you want to be a professional drone racer, it’s important that you know the basics when it comes to flying and building your own racing drones. Just like any other sports, training is crucial for your success.
  • Where to Find Drone Racing Leagues. Now that you already know the basics of drone racing, it’s time to join local or online drone racing leagues in your area.
  • How Much Can You Earn? A lot of people are joining this kind of sport because they can make money out of it as well. That’s right! Drone racers such as Luke Bannister can make more than $250,000 every year just by being part of the Drone Racing League (DRL).
  • The Basic Rules Of Drone Racing. And lastly, it’s important that you know the basic rules and regulations governing this sport so you don’t get disqualified on your first race!

17: Photograph Or Inspect Dangerous Areas Or Places That Are Hard To Get To

Drones can be used to fly into areas that are otherwise impossible to reach by humans. They can be used in construction and landscaping. This is a specialized business, not a hobby. It would allow you to make money on the side with your drone knowledge, but it won’t let you pay all of the bills with your drone photography. If you have access to a drone now, then this could be an interesting side project for you.

Making money by photographing or inspecting dangerous areas or places that are hard to get to is great work if it’s possible in your market.

You might consider contacting real estate agents and letting them know that they should hire you when they need photos of a property; construction companies might hire you as well when they need inspections done at high altitudes (roofs, tall trees).

18: Sell Stock Photos And Footage Of The Area You Live In

The explosion in the popularity of drones has increased the need for high-quality still photos and video footage, creating a new market for drone owners. Local landmarks and interesting events are in demand from companies that use stock photos for print or online ads. Here’s how to get started:

  • Research stock photo sites like Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, or Getty Images to see what kind of content is selling, and what kind of demand there is for your area.
  • Find out if any local landmarks have been shot from above before. If so, you’ll be competing with those images on a stock photo site—which means you can’t charge as much.
  • Look at the most popular shots on these sites to give you an idea of what sells best: aerial views of landmarks; people doing activities; eye-catching sunrises and sunsets; unique perspectives on ordinary things like roads or buildings.
  • Contact clients who are interested in buying your work via the site itself (or through their own connections), and arrange payment through PayPal or another money transfer service that protects both parties.

19: Become A Surveyor With Your Drone

Mechanical surveys are a great way to make money with drones. All you need is a drone capable of taking photos, and a computer hooked up to the camera to view images in real time.

The process can be as simple as flying your drone in circles above a construction site for 3 minutes taking high-resolution images, or just the type of survey necessary for conservation purposes. This technique can also be used for land management, property sales and even disaster relief imaging.

20: Blog About Drones

  • Choose a niche. The market for drones is massive and growing rapidly. To succeed you need to pick a niche that aligns with your interests, expertise and knowledge base.
  • Blog about the types of drones you like. To start off we would recommend blogging about the types of drones that interest you most. For example an avid photographer will probably be more interested in drones capable of taking beautiful photos than shopping mall security drones or delivery drones.
  • Create videos for your blog. Video content is becoming increasingly important to online audiences and drone blogs are no exception. You should make all efforts to create video content for your audience as it helps engage people and keep them on your site longer – which in turn helps boost your reach, authority and conversions!
  • If possible try creating 1-3 minute long videos which provide useful tips, techniques or advice related to whatever topic they are focused on in that specific post/page/video series (e.g., how-to guides). Be sure each video has its own custom thumbnail image which accurately represents what viewers can expect when they click play!

21: Start A Drone Maintenance Business

While it’s not necessarily everyone’s cup of tea, the emerging drone industry holds a lot of promise. In fact, drones are already being used by scientists across the world to search for lost people—and one drone company, called Parrot, is even making drones that can be piloted remotely, so that they can perform some dangerous jobs.

But beyond this fantastical future, it would seem that the real reason we should start a drone maintenance business is because of how these machines are going to change our lives.

For example: aerial photography is in high demand right now and will only get more popular as time goes on; one survey found that 78% of people want aerial video to be cheaper; and think about all those industries where they need to monitor their assets regularly—for instance farming equipment or oil rigs.

Drones will also significantly reduce the costs of many other services like inspections (to prevent problems before they happen), surveying (to aid building developments) and package delivery (to make getting stuff from one place to another faster).

22: Start A Drone-based Delivery Business

In order to be successful in this business, you have to make sure the drone you get can do the following:

  • It must be able to carry the item.
  • It must be able to safely deliver the item to its destination.
  • It must be able to follow the delivery route without getting lost.
  • It must be able to evade obstacles in its path.

Frequently Asked Question (how To Make Money With A Drone)

Can I Make A Living Flying My Drone?

Many drone pilots make a living flying their drones. But how much are you willing to work? The more hours you put in, the more money you will make. Also, if you are willing to travel for work as well, then there’s no limit on how much money you can make.

Do I Need To Be An Experienced Pilot To Make Money With A Drone?

No, you don’t need to be an experienced pilot to make money with a drone. You can learn how to fly by reading the manual and watching tutorials online, or by taking a course at a flight school or community college.

If you want to practice your flying skills before heading out on paid jobs, consider buying one of the many inexpensive toy drones available today (like the DJI Spark).

After some time practicing at home or in your local park, you’ll probably find yourself ready to take on more challenging jobs—including those that help other people manage wildlife populations!

This isn’t just good for the environment—it’s also good for business: As more people become interested in conservation efforts, they’re going to need more help from professional pilots like yourself.

What Kind Of Drone Should I Buy If I Want To Make Money?

If you are thinking about starting a drone business, the first thing to consider is what kind of drone will work best for your needs. Drones can range in price from $100 to well over $1000 for professional-grade models.

You will find that there are also drones available for less than $100 which can be used as practice or even toy drones for children.

If you are interested in learning how to fly a drone and don’t want to spend too much money, then it may be best to start with one of these cheaper options. The more expensive ones will require some skill and knowledge before they can be trusted to actually fly properly without crashing into something or someone!

Can I Take Amazing Landscape Photos With My Dji Drone And Sell Them For Money?

Yes, you can take amazing landscape photos with your DJI drone and sell them for money. Of course, to make money as a landscape photographer, you’ll need to be able to capture the perfect shot every time.

It’s not an easy skill to master—there are so many factors that go into taking a great photo! But if you’re looking for a way to make some extra cash from home or from your vacation destination at the beach or mountains, then it’s definitely worth trying out.

Most people who are serious about photography use professional-grade cameras like Canon or Nikon DSLRs (digital single-lens reflex). These cameras cost thousands of dollars each but offer superior image quality compared with consumer models like point-and-shoot cameras or smartphones.

However, one benefit of using drones is that they’re much less expensive than DSLRs; most drone models start around $500-$1,000 while professional SLRs can cost anywhere from $2k-$10k+ depending on features such as mirrorless technology vs traditional design (mirrorless = lighter weight but more expensive).

The downside: these drones don’t have interchangeable lenses so they won’t produce very high resolution images even though they could probably fly higher than any regular camera could reach without crashing into something important such as buildings or trees!

Can I Sell The Footage And Photos That I Took Myself Through Drones?

You can sell the footage and photos that you took yourself through drones to companies or individuals.

For example, if you take aerial photos of a company’s building and then sell them to them, that is a business transaction. On the other hand, if someone wants to buy your photos/videos as an individual for their personal use (i.e., for their wedding), that would be considered a personal transaction because it does not involve any business entity or corporation—it is simply an individual purchasing something from another person.


There are a few ways to make money with a drone. One is to use it for aerial photography, which can be done for advertising, real estate, or other business purposes. Another way is to use it for mapping, which is especially helpful in agriculture and construction.

This guide will provide you with the information that you need to know in order to make money with a drone. Together we will cover the various types of drones including their pros and cons, some practical training tips, and the best associated businesses.

If you aren’t already excited by the prospect of making money with a drone then you had better start reading because there are lots of opportunities out there and I want to help you tap into them right now!

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