This article will help you understand how to charge a drone battery with a usb cable. As we all know, the battery is very important for every drone user. To have a long time flying time, you need to charge the battery correctly.

If you want to charge your drone battery with a USB cable, make sure the drone is turned off. Then, plug the USB cable into the drone and connect the other end of the cable to a power outlet. The battery should begin charging immediately.

step By Step Instructions

How to charge a drone battery with a usb cable

If you are a newbie to the drone world, you may be wondering how to charge a drone battery with a USB cable. The process is not as straightforward as it seems, but once you get the hang of it, it will be simple and straightforward. You will need these materials:

preparation Of The Necessary Materials

To begin charging your drone battery with a USB cable, you will need to gather the following materials:

  • A drone battery (obviously)
  • A USB cable (this is what will provide the electricity to charge the battery)
  • A power source (examples include wall outlets, car cigarette lighters or even solar panels if you’re outdoorsy)

step 1- Open The Drone Case

You can find the zip tie on the back of your drone’s battery pack. To remove it, simply cut it with a sharp pair of scissors or a knife. Once you have freed your battery pack from its constraint, open it up and take out its contents: your batteries! You will see two battery terminals at either end of each battery cell; these are where you will connect your USB charger cable to charge the drone’s batteries.

step 2- Take Off The Battery From The Drone Itself

Next, you’ll need to remove the battery from your drone. This step can vary depending on the make and model of your drone, so it’s best to refer to your user manual for instructions. It’s important that you do this once before removing the battery in case there is any damage to it.

step 3- Plug Your Usb Cable In The Power Source And In The Battery

Now, you need to plug your USB cable into the power source and in the battery. You can plug your cable into a computer or a power bank, or even into a wall outlet. Just remember that you should always be cautious when charging batteries in this way because it can cause damage if done incorrectly.

other Ways Of Charging Drone Battery

Other ways of charging drone battery

buy A Spare Battery

The second option is to buy a spare battery for your drone. This can be a good idea if you intend to fly for longer durations or more often, as it allows you to swap batteries when they run out of power and continue flying.

While buying a spare battery may sound like an expensive investment when compared with just buying a new drone, it’s actually cheaper than purchasing another device because the parts are relatively inexpensive and easy to replace.

buy A Fast-charging Power Bank

A power bank is basically like a battery, but for your phone and other devices. You can plug in your drone battery and charge it quickly with a power bank. If you don’t have one, you could also use the USB port on your laptop or another device (like an iPad) to charge the drone’s battery.

buy A Charging Station

If you have multiple drones, a charging station is a good investment. Charging stations can charge different battery sizes and shapes at once. This allows you to keep your batteries organized and free up space in your drone bag. A charging station also makes it easy to manage your battery life—you won’t need to worry about making sure each battery has enough charge left before taking off on an adventure!

carry A Solar Panel Charger With You

Carry a solar panel charger with you

Carrying a solar panel charger with you is one of the best ways to keep your drone battery charged. Solar panels are compact and lightweight, so they’re easy to carry with you wherever you go. If your drone needs charging in the field or wilderness, there’s no better option than carrying a solar panel along with it.

A great thing about using a solar panel for charging purposes is that it’s completely silent—no whirring or buzzing sounds like those made by portable batteries or wall chargers!

use A Laptop Or Another Device’s Usb Port

If you don’t have a dedicated charger, but do have access to a laptop or other device with a USB port, then this is a good option. Simply plug your battery into the computer’s USB port and let it charge up! If you’re traveling, this can be especially useful since it allows you to charge without bringing along bulky charging equipment.

Frequently Asked Question (how To Charge A Drone Battery With A Usb Cable)

Can You Charge A Drone Battery With A Usb Cable?

Yes, you can charge a drone battery with a USB cable.

In fact, there are several ways to do it:

  • You could buy an official charger for your specific model of drone and then connect it to a USB port on your computer or power supply. This is the most common way for people who own drones that use Lithium Polymer batteries (like our featured model), but it’s not exactly cheap if you don’t already have one lying around.
  • If you only need to charge up once in awhile and are intimidated by buying another expensive piece of equipment (or don’t want to spend the money), consider using any old phone charger that has at least 2 amps of power output per channel (and ideally 2.1 amps).
  • This method isn’t recommended if you’re planning on charging multiple batteries at once as well—but if all you want is one quick top-off before heading out again, then this can be worth considering!

When Will The Drone Battery Be Charged?

This is a great question! The answer depends on how long it will take to charge your drone battery.

Drones use Lithium Polymer batteries, which come in all shapes and sizes. Some are small, some are big and some are very powerful. To determine how long it will take for your specific drone battery to be fully charged, you need to know the capacity of the battery (in minutes), as well as its capacity in milliamp hours (mAh).

The formula for calculating charging time is: Charging Time = Capacity/Output Voltage x Charge Rate*1000

For example: A 5400mAh 25C 4S battery with a maximum output voltage of 14.8V would take approximately  6 hours and 20 minutes at a current rating of 1A (1 amp) with an average charge rate of 1C (1C = 2 amps).

How To Charge A Drone Battery Without The Charger?

Charging a drone battery without a charger is possible, but it’s not efficient. The most popular way to do this is with a power bank. You’ll need to connect the power bank to your drone via USB cable and then charge it as you would any other device (by plugging the power bank into an outlet).

Car chargers can also be used to charge batteries in some drones. These are typically less effective than using a wall charger or power bank, but they’re still worth trying if you want an alternative method of charging your battery that doesn’t require buying or borrowing another device.

How Long To Charge A Drone Battery?

How long it takes to charge a drone battery depends on the type of battery, the charger and its current.

The charging time of your drone battery will depend on several factors, including the capacity of your high-capacity charger (mAh) and voltage converter (V). These two things combined determine how much power can be supplied at any given time to your device.

For example, if you have a 3S 11.1V 5200mAh LiPo battery that needs charging in order for you to get back into the air as soon as possible after landing safely at base camp then there’s no need for anything fancy – just connect up an appropriate power supply such as this one by [here]

How Do You Know When A Drone Battery Is Fully Charged?

When charging a drone battery with a USB cable, there are several methods to know when it’s fully charged. The first method is to use the charger indicator light. When the drone battery is fully charged, the charger indicator light will turn green or blue depending on the brand of your charger.

The second method is to use your drone battery LED. If you have a DJI Phantom 4 Pro and higher, there are LEDs at both ends of the quadcopter body that will blink green when fully charged or red when charging and flashing red when overcharging.

How Many Ways To Charge A Drone Battery With A Usb Cable?

There are 3 main ways you can charge a drone battery with a USB cable.

The first method is to connect the drone battery directly to an AC wall outlet. If your drone has a charger that uses 2 or more ports, you may use this method as well.

The second way is through the computer’s USB port using a USB cable and power adapter if needed (power banks don’t usually have power adapters). This option works best if your computer is near an outlet so that you don’t have to carry around extra cabling for charging the drone battery while traveling or camping outdoors.

The third option involves plugging your drone into another device such as mobile phone chargers, portable solar panels, car adapters and others that may not be able to provide enough juice to fully recharge its batteries but will still give some back up charge after some time spent connected together


If you don’t have access to an AC adapter, or if you do but it’s not working. Just plug the other end of the USB cable into a computer or similar device, and then plug the other end into your drone’s charging port.

Well, that’s it! You now know how to charge a drone battery with a usb cable. It’s not a difficult process and it doesn’t take too long. The most important thing to remember is that you need to be careful with your drone batteries, because they can be expensive and hard to replace if they get damaged. So make sure you protect them by using the appropriate charging method.

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