If you’re looking to sell your DJI drone, there are a few steps you’ll want to follow in order to make sure that you get the most money out of it. This post will walk through some tips and tricks I’ve found useful when selling my own DJI Mavic Pro drone on Craigslist.

You can sell your DJI Drone by visiting the “Sell Your Item” page on eBay. You’ll need to enter in a few details about your drone, including its condition and any accessories you might have. Then, simply click “Sell It Now” to get started.

In this article we will show all the steps that answers the question “How to sell DJI drone?”.

Clear Memory Card And Batteries

Clear Memory Card And Batteries

Before you sell your DJI drone, it’s important to make sure that the memory card and batteries are clear.

  • Remove the memory card from its slot
  • Remove the batteries from their slots
  • Put them both in a battery charging bag so they don’t accidentally stick to each other or become damaged by other objects during storage

Clean The Body

You can clean the body of your drone using a soft cloth and mild soap and water solution. Do not use alcohol or solvents to clean the body, since these will damage the surface of your drone. Abrasive materials can also damage the surface, so try to avoid those as well.

Send It By Mail

You can also send your DJI drone by mail. Tracking is available and you will be able to keep an eye on its progress. Insuring your item is a good idea, as well as getting a receipt from the postal service so you can verify the date and time of arrival at its destination.

Write Your Ad

Write Your Ad

Now that you’ve done your research, it’s time to write the ad. Write a catchy headline that explains exactly what you’re selling. If you have multiple drones for sale, include the model and condition of each drone in a sentence or two.

Put up some pictures too! They don’t have to be professional photos—you can take them yourself as long as they show off the drone well enough so people can see what they’re getting into. You should also include your contact information and make sure your ad is running all over social media sites, not just on Craigslist or eBay (which are great places to start).

Put Your Ad Up For Sale

Selling your drone is a lot like selling any other used or new product. You’ll need to place an ad in the paper, on the internet and in a few other places as well.

Once you’ve determined what type of advertising you want to use, place your ads where they will get the most exposure and generate interest from potential buyers. These places include:

  • Local newspapers
  • Online classifieds sites (Craigslist)
  • Online marketplaces (eBay)

Step By Step Instructions

Selling your drone is easy. You just need to make sure you have all the right information, accessories and price.

  • 1. Make sure you have all the right information, including serial number and proof of purchase date.
  • 2. Make sure that your drone is in good condition and all accessories are included (charger, battery).
  • 3. Be sure to set the right price for your drone based on its condition, make/model and popularity (eBay has a great guide).
  • 4. If you’re selling online through an ad site like Craigslist or eBay it’s important to write a well-written ad so people will want to buy from you!


If you want to sell your DJI drone, the first step is to make sure it’s in good condition. If there are any scratches or cracks in the body, or if there are any missing parts, you’ll want to take care of that before you can sell it.

Now you know how to sell your DJI drone easily. The main thing to remember is to be careful with any personal information that you may have stored on the device, like photos or videos. If you have any questions about selling your drone, don’t hesitate to reach out!

Frequently Asked Questions (how To Sell Dji Drone)

What Makes Drone Buyers Want To Buy Your Product?

To sell your drone, you need to make sure that it’s unique and well-designed. You also want to ensure that it’s easy to use and affordable for the average consumer.

Let’s take a look at what makes people want to buy your product:

  • Unique Design – Your drone should stand out from the competition in both appearance and function. If it looks like every other drone on the market, there’s no reason for anyone to choose yours over theirs.
  • Well-Designed – Think about how this product will be used by consumers before designing anything. Make sure that everything works together seamlessly when flying or taking pictures with a camera attached (if applicable). This includes battery life, flight time, charging times etc., so be sure these elements are taken care of during development!

How Do I Make My Drone Stand Out From The Competition?

To make your drone stand out, you need to be unique. What makes your product different from the competition? Is it more affordable, easier to use and more durable?

Maybe you have a more powerful motor or a unique design that makes it fun to fly. Maybe there’s an app that allows you to control your drone with an iPhone. Whatever it is, make sure that people know what makes your drone special when they come across it online or in person.

How Do You Promote Drone Sales?

To get the most out of your drone sales, you should:

  • Use social media. Social media is an incredibly powerful tool for promoting your drone business and generating leads. If you have a large following on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram (or any other platform), then use it to share information about your company—including links to your website pages that are relevant to the topic at hand—and encourage people to engage with them. You can also use these platforms to promote product launches and special sales events in order to build hype around new products/services or upcoming deals.
  • Create awesome content. Another great way to generate interest in what you’re selling is by creating valuable content that addresses common concerns or questions related specifically toward what type of service/product customers are looking for right now so they can find answers right away rather than having them go through different channels which could take longer time than necessary resulting not only cost-efficient but more importantly convenience factor as well which will help increase conversion rate!

What Type Of Buyer Is Interested In My Drone?

You can sell drones to a variety of buyers. This includes children, adults, professionals and beginners. The buyer will depend on the type of drone you are selling.

If you are selling professional drones then the buyer will be a professional who uses these types of drones on the job. If you are selling toys or beginner drones then your buyer is likely an individual who wants to have fun flying their new toy and experiencing what it’s like to fly a drone for the first time.

How Do I Know If My Drone Is Worth Buying?

Drones are expensive, and you want to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth. Fortunately, there are a few things that can help you decide if a drone is worth its price tag.

  • First, consider what you’re planning on using the drone for. If it’s just for fun or recreation (like taking pictures of your friends), then chances are that a cheaper model will suffice. However, if you plan on using your drone in an industrial capacity (think inspecting roofs or bridges) then expect to pay more for added durability and reliability from the device.
  • Also keep in mind how portable the model is; larger drones may be able to carry heavier payloads but their bulkier size makes them less easily transportable than smaller devices. On the other hand, smaller models may not be able to haul as much weight but they’ll also be easier to transport around town without getting stuck between two parked cars like those big boys do all too often!

What’s The Best Way To Market A Drone?

Marketing your drone is all about making it stand out from the competition and telling your customers why they should buy yours.

To do that, you have to know what makes yours different from the other drones on the market. You can use marketing to tell people that you have a better drone than the one they’re looking at right now, but if it’s not true, it won’t work.

If you want people to trust what you say when marketing your product or service, then make sure they’re getting something worth their money by presenting facts that support those claims and backing them up with credible sources.

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