As you might already know drones are used in the past years not only for the military, but also by ordinary civilians. And as people see them being increasingly useful, they try to benefit from a lot of opportunities that can offer them. That’s why it is important to learn about drone laws Houston before flying one.

Drone Laws Houston

Drone Laws Houston

Most Public Parks Require That You Register Your Drone With The Park

Before you can fly in any public park in Houston, you will need to register your drone with the Houston Parks and Recreation Department. A $250 fee is required to register your drone.

The park manager will ask for your government issued ID and proof of insurance (minimum of $1,000,000), as well as FAA registration for the drone. You must submit an aerial release form prior to flight.

You need permission from the City Manager or designee if you are flying over a city-owned facility, land, or waterway.

You Cannot Fly A Drone In A National Park

The National Parks are federally protected. They are considered critical infrastructure, and as such, there are many drone laws in place to protect the wildlife within it.

The drone laws were created to protect not only the animals that inhabit these parks, but also to protect the people who visit them. Flying drones in national parks is dangerous on many levels and those who do so will find that they will be fined heavily if they break any of these rules.

It is important to note that while you can fly your drone in some parts of the park, you cannot fly it over bodies of water or other sensitive areas within a park (like designated wilderness areas). These drone laws have been put into place for your safety and for the welfare of others as well.

Flying A Drone Is Prohibited Over Military Bases, Power Plants And Correctional Facilities

If you are planning to fly a drone in Houston, be sure to avoid military bases, power plants and correctional facilities. It is illegal to fly a drone over any of these areas, and the consequences can be severe if you are caught.

You need to stay at least 25 miles away from military bases when flying your drone. If you’re excited about flying at one of these locations but aren’t sure where that is exactly, check out this list of military bases in Texas.

Similarly, keep your drone away from power plants if you don’t want it confiscated by the government. If you happen to live near a power plant or simply enjoy flying at one regularly, make sure that your drone stays more than 15 miles away from it. The same goes for correctional facilities—to avoid some serious jail time and fines, don’t attempt to fly within 15 miles of one!

Drones Are Not Allowed In Most City Parks And Recreational Areas

While it is legal to fly a drone in most parts of Houston, it is illegal to fly a drone in most city parks and other recreational areas. The only exceptions are the parks that have been approved by the FAA for drone flight. These include:

  • Memorial Park
  • Hermann Park
  • MacGregor Park
  • Mason Park

If you are caught flying a drone in an unauthorized park, you may be fined or charged with a misdemeanor.

Private Property Owners May Ban Drones From Their Property

Private property owners may ban drones from their property.

A private property owner has the right to control what happens on his/her land. The private property owner can ask you to leave their land, stop flying your drone, remove it from their land and/or prohibit your drone from entering the airspace above the land.

The homeowner can also call the police and have you arrested for trespassing if you refuse to comply with his/her requests.

Houston Is Strict About Their Drone Laws

Houston’s drone laws are some of the most restrictive in the country. It is important to understand these laws before you fly your drone in Houston or any of its surrounding areas.

The FAA’s mission is to make sure that all drones are flown safely and responsibly, and it has enacted several regulations to control how and where drones can be used. However, state and local regulations may also apply.

If a state or local law directly conflicts with an FAA regulation, the more restrictive law applies. No matter where you fly your drone, always follow all relevant safety regulations as well as state and local drone laws. State and local governments may pass their own rules about:

  • when you can fly
  • where you can fly
  • what types of activities are allowed

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How To Register Drone In Houston

How To Register Drone In Houston

You can register your drone in Houston through the FAA’s website. When you do this, you will receive a certificate and a registration number to put on your drone. You need to include the certificate with your drone when you fly it.

You must register any of your drones that weigh more than 0.55 pounds.

Step 1. Visit The Faa Registration Website

The first step to registering your drone is visiting the FAA registration website. This site allows you to register your drone and keep track of all of your drones in one place through a portal management system.

Step 2. Read The Information Provided

To be eligible, you must be at least 13 years of age and the owner of a drone. If you are younger than that, your parent or guardian will need to register on your behalf. Provide your name, address, and email under “Part 1. Owner Information” and proceed to “Part 2. Drone Information” to enter the details of your drone(s).

Step 3. Complete The Registration Application On The Website

To complete the registration application, you will need to provide the drone’s make, model, and serial number. You will be asked to provide your name, address, and email address. Payment information is required and will include a credit or debit card number (Visa or MasterCard only) as well as a valid expiration date.

You will also be asked to provide a password at this time (you should use something memorable but not easy for others to guess). Finally, you’ll need to agree to the terms and conditions before submitting the application.

Step 4. Pay The $5 Registration Fee With A Credit Card

  • First, ensure that your credit card is valid. This means that it has a valid name and expiration date. If it has a valid name but an expiration date that has passed, or if its name does not match the name of the owner of this account, you will have to try again with another credit card.
  • If you are using a debit card, make sure you have sufficient funds in your account to pay the $5 registration fee and any transaction fees (if applicable) for using your debit card.
  • If you are using a prepaid card, make sure it has sufficient funds.

Step 5. Wait For Your Registration Certificate 

Once you’ve completed the previous steps, your application will be submitted and you’ll need to wait 3 business days. Within 72 hours after submitting your application, the FAA will email you a registration certificate. Please print out this certificate and carry it with you each time you fly.

Are Drones Allowed In Houston

Drones Are Banned From Flying Within Five Miles Of Airports

  • Drones are prohibited from flying within five miles of an airport, as they could pose a danger to low-flying aircraft.
  • You can fly your drone in Houston parks, but you should check with the park management before doing so.
  • It’s Illegal To Fly Drones Near People for any reason, unless that person is directly involved in the operation of the drone. As well, it’s illegal to fly drones over groups of people who are assembled for reasons such as concerts, athletic events and so on.
  • That said, Houston has many parks where you can fly drones safely—just make sure there aren’t any joggers or dog walkers nearby!
  • There Are No Height Limits For Drones in Houston. However, the Federal Aviation Administration has a limit of 400 feet set by law; exceeding this limit without permission is a federal crime.

Drones Are Allowed To Fly In Houston Parks 

It is perfectly legal to fly a drone in Houston city parks provided you abide by the rules and guidelines set forth by the Federal Aviation Administration. The city of Houston doesn’t have any laws governing drone usage within its jurisdiction, but you will likely need to check with any park authorities before flying your drone within their boundaries.

For example, Sam Houston Park has banned drones from being flown within its grounds. Hermann Park requires that permission be granted before flying a drone on their property.

Memorial Park has banned drones; however, they are allowed at Discovery Green with proper permission. Buffalo Bayou Park bans drones entirely except for those used for search and rescue and law enforcement activities (with prior authorization).

Levy Park does not allow drones during events or when there are many people present or in areas where park staff is actively working, but otherwise permits them as long as the operator follows FAA regulations and doesn’t interfere with park operations or other guests’ enjoyment of their visit.

Glenwood Cemetery prohibits all drone use on our property without exception due to safety concerns about landing on top of old gravesites or tombstones from height differences caused by slopes/hillsides located throughout our cemetery grounds which would damage these structures irreparably causing them even more damage than what has already been done over time with natural weathering conditions.

It’s Illegal To Fly Drones Near People

  • Drones can’t fly over people.
  • Drones must be within the operator’s line of sight at all times.
  • You can’t fly drones in a careless or reckless manner.
  • Don’t fly drones in restricted or prohibited areas

There Are No Height Limits For Drones

There are no regulations restricting the height at which you can fly your drone in Houston. In most cities, drones are not allowed to fly higher than 400 feet above a structure or ground level, but this is not the case for Houston.

It’s also important to note that drones flown for recreational purposes cannot be flown from a moving vehicle—such as a car, bus, train, or boat—even if that vehicle is stationary on the ground.

You Can’t Fly Drones Over The Gulf Of Mexico

You may not fly drones over the Gulf of Mexico because it is a maritime zone.

You must fly your drone at least five miles away from airports and heliports. You also can’t operate drones near people or over moving vehicles.

There are no laws that dictate how high you can fly your drone, but you should be careful to not hit things with it. It’s also illegal to fly drones over Buffalo Bayou Park without permission if you’re west of Shepherd Drive or south of Sabine Street.

You Need Permission To Fly Over Buffalo Bayou Park

Though you may feel like you have more privacy when flying a drone over Buffalo Bayou Park in Houston, it’s important to remember that this land is still owned by the public. In fact, there are several rules and regulations specific to drone flight in this park.

First of all, if you’re west of Shepherd Drive or south of Sabine Street (otherwise known as “The Cistern”), then you need permission from Buffalo Bayou Partnership (BBP) to fly your drone. The park’s west side is BBP’s main operating area and serves many visitors year-round; therefore the organization needs to ensure that drones won’t interfere with the activities of their guests.

In order to receive permission from BBP, send an email at least three business days before your intended flight date to [email protected] with the following information included:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Date and time you want to fly your drone
  • Reason for wanting to fly your drone in the park on that date

Drones Can Be Fun, As Long As You Obey A Few Laws And Common Sense Rules

If you are interested in flying drones, whether for recreational or commercial purposes, it’s vital to research your local laws. Flying a drone in Houston, TX is different than flying a drone in Los Angeles, CA or New York City. The following laws and regulations apply to recreational and private flights that do not require FAA authorization.

It is legal to fly a drone in Houston. You may not be aware of this fact because most people assume that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) creates all the rules for flying drones.

While the FAA does create many of the more serious rules about how drones can operate near airports and other sensitive areas, there are plenty of local regulations as well. In many cases, local governments are making their own decisions about how drones will operate within their region.

In Houston and throughout Texas, state lawmakers have decided that they know best when it comes to regulating unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). As long as you follow what these lawmakers have said, you should be fine while flying your drone over Houston.


The laws surrounding the use of consumer drones in Houston is a constantly evolving and developing realm of regulation. The rules may be difficult to keep up with so it’s recommended that you always do your own research to ensure that you are not breaking any rules or laws.

Frequently Asked Questions (drone Laws Houston)

Can You Fly A Drone Over Houston?

Yes, you can fly a drone over Houston. If you’re flying a drone over Houston, you’ll need to follow both the FAA rules and regulations and the city of Houston’s rules and regulations. You will also have to follow all applicable state laws as well. The main thing is that before you fly over any area, make sure that it’s allowed!

Does Houston Have A No Drone Zone?

You may have heard the term “no drone zone” in reference to a place where drones are not permitted. This is not the case in Houston, Texas. The city does not restrict the use or flight path of drones within its borders. The only restrictions on flying drones are those set forth by federal law and applicable insurance requirements.

Is It Legal To Fly Drones At Night In Houston?

Yes, it is legal to fly drones at night in Houston. However, you must follow the rules.

As with all drones and their flights, you must have valid drone licenses and follow the rules that come with them. This includes not flying your drone under the influence of alcohol or drugs (which would be illegal anyway), staying away from restricted airspace, and following all local laws. In addition to these requirements for all drone pilots.

Do I Need Insurance To Fly A Drone In Houston?

You will need to have drone insurance if you want to fly a drone in Houston. You can get this insurance from the following sources:

  • The manufacturer of your drone
  • An insurance company
  • A drone pilot training school

Can Drones Be Used For Illegal Activities In Houston?

These rules apply to any property you do not own or have permission to use. If you are a landowner and allow someone else to fly their drone on your property, the rules still apply. If you are caught flying a drone in violation of these laws in Houston, penalties may include fines up to $1,000 with each individual offense.

Drones under 2 lbs can be flown for recreational purposes without a permit in Texas if:

  • The operator is at least 13 years old;
  • The flight occurs within visual line-of-sight (VLOS) of the operator or remote pilot in command; and
  • The drone does not interfere with manned aircraft operations

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