Drone flying in Poland is on the rise, and now that we have a drone racing league, there are certainly more drone pilots and enthusiasts than ever. With that increased interest comes increased opportunity to break the law.

You can fly drones for recreational purposes without a license if you’re 16 years old, and you can use them for commercial purposes if you have a license. The only restriction on where you can fly your drone is that it cannot be flown over crowds or groups of people.

You need to follow drone laws in Poland as anywhere else in the world. There are some restrictions on where you can fly your drone and what you can do with it, but most of those restrictions are pretty standard.

So if you want to fly legally in Poland, here’s what you need to know:

Drone Laws Poland

Drone Laws Poland

Maximum Ground Altitude (agl)

The maximum ground altitude (AGL) is the maximum height of the drone in relation to the ground and is measured from the surface of the earth.

The AGL should not exceed 50 meters unless you have written consent from an air traffic controller, for example in case of a live TV coverage or filming.

The maximum height with respect to operator is 300 meters and this rule applies even if there are no air traffic controllers on site, but we recommend caution when flying above 100 meters as it may be perceived as a violation by police officers if they spot your drone.

Maximum Air Altitude (amsl)

As mentioned above, there is a legal limit on the height that you can fly your drone in Poland. The maximum air altitude (AMSL) is set at 120 metres.

If you want to fly your drone above this maximum air altitude of 120 metres then you will need written consent from the air traffic controller.

Otherwise, if you are flying in a remote area and flying below 120 metres then no additional permissions or authorisation is needed from an air traffic controller at all.

Maximum Horizontal Distance From Operator

Operators must maintain a horizontal distance of 120 m from the drone at all times. In addition, you must be able to take control of your drone at any time. This means that if there is a problem with the drone or radio connection, you are required to land it immediately and ensure it is safe for use before taking off again.

If there is no risk of other air traffic in the vicinity and flying conditions are good (no strong wind), then you may fly faster than 120 m/h (74 kph).

Daytime Flight Only

The rules for drone flight in Poland are fairly simple, but they do require you to be aware of your surroundings and follow a few precautions. First, you can only fly your drone during daylight hours (from sunrise to sundown). This makes sense because it’s easier for others to see your drone during the day – not just due to sunlight but also because there are fewer obstacles that could get in the way of its flight path.

Second, don’t fly beyond line of sight. You may think this rule applies only when you’re flying over populated areas or where people have claimed land rights; however, flying beyond visual range (BVR) is actually banned throughout Europe by law. The reason behind this rule is simple: if something goes wrong mid-flight and you lose control over the craft while still airborne, there needs be someone nearby who knows how best react so as not put anyone in danger on the ground below them – preferably before something terrible happens!

Visual Line-of-sight (vlos) Only

Before you can fly your drone, you need to make sure it’s legal for you to do so. If you’re in Poland, the only way to legally fly a drone is with visual line-of-sight (VLOS). This means that at all times, the pilot must be able to see and avoid other aircraft or people who could be harmed by the drone. It also means that FPV flying is illegal in Poland.

If your drone has an autopilot feature that allows it to follow a pre-programmed route without direct input from the pilot, always turn off this feature before taking off.

In order for your flight plan through Poland airspace to be cleared by air traffic controllers or aviation authorities (the same people who monitor aircraft), they will need proof that: 1) You have permission from landowners before taking off; 2) Your aircraft meets all safety regulations; 3) Any potential hazards have been minimized or eliminated; 4) Your flight plan includes permission callsigns (if relevant); 5) You are aware of any temporary restrictions on drones within your area of operation (like near airports).

Maximum Speed

Drone operators in Poland are required to keep their drones below a maximum speed of 20 m/s, which is approximately 72 km/h (45 mph). This is similar to drone laws in the UK and most parts of Europe.

If you’re from the United States, it might be difficult for you to relate. In the U.S., we have much more lenient drone regulations – for example, if your country’s maximum speed limit is 70 mph on open roadways, then your drone must stay under this threshold when flying over public spaces (with some exceptions).

No Flying Over Crowds Of People, Animals, Or Urban Areas

As with all drone flights, it is critical to be aware of the rules and regulations regarding drone flights in Poland. You should always check the local law before taking off as there may be restrictions or requirements such as:

  • No Flying Over Crowds Of People, Animals, Or Urban Areas.
  • Always keep your drone within sight at all times.

Step By Step Instructions To Register Drones

Step By Step Instructions To Register Drones

In Poland, drone users are required to register their unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) before flying. Registering a drone is easy, but requires some care when filling out the form. The following steps will help you make sure you have everything you need:

  • Make sure that your passport contains a photo of yourself, and that it’s valid for at least three months. If this isn’t possible, contact us so we can help figure out what to do next!
  • Attach copies of all documents proving that the person who registered owns the drone (for example: their driver’s license or credit card statement).

Open The Registration Site

The first thing you’ll want to do is visit the Polish drone registration site, which can be found here.

Once there, click on “Rejestracja do celow rekreacyjnych” at the top of the page and enter your email address and password.

Fill In Your Email Address And Password

Fill In Your Email Address And Password. Remember them!

In order to log into the site, you’ll need to enter your email address and password. This will not be used to register your drone; it simply allows you to access the registration process.

Fill In The Form With Your Personal Information

Fill In The Form With Your Personal Information.

  • Enter your name or nickname.
  • Select your gender (male or female).
  • Enter a valid email address that you want to use for this account, and make sure it’s one you can access from anywhere. Don’t use an old vacation address that you don’t check often! You’ll need to be able to access this email address when the drone registry sends updates about license fees or other forms of communication about progress towards regulation of drones in Poland.

Attach Your Drone Flight Proof Photo To The Form

You will need to attach a photo of your drone flight proof document. This must be an actual photo and not a screenshot, so keep that in mind when taking the picture. Make sure it is clear and in focus! If it does not meet the requirements, we will have to reject your application.

Finally, make sure you take a picture of your drone and not something else. You can use any camera on your phone or computer to take this photo – just make sure it’s not blurry!

Attach A Scan Of Your National Personal Identification Document

You need to attach a scan of your national personal identification document.

You can use:

  • a scanner (or at least, a webcam)
  • a scanner app on your smartphone or computer

Wait For Your Registration Confirmation Email

If you don’t receive a confirmation email in your spam folder after submitting your registration, it’s possible that the email was misrouted to another folder. To ensure that you receive confirmation emails from us and can access them immediately, please add our domain names directly to your address book or safe list.

Are Drones Allowed In Poland

Flying drones or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in Poland is possible, but you will need to get permission from the Civil Aviation Authority. There are also some restrictions on where and when you can fly drones in Poland.

You Can Fly Your Drone Or Uav In Poland

You can fly your drone in Poland. However, there are rules you must follow. If you want to fly a drone or UAV in Poland, it’s important that you understand the regulations before attempting to do so. You will need to register your drone with Polish authorities and pass an exam on safety practices if you want to use your drone commercially or for photography purposes.

Permission From The Civil Aviation Authority

You must get permission from the Civil Aviation Authority.

Please note that you need to get this permission before you fly. This can be done online, by phone or in person at a local office of the Civil Aviation Authority (you can find one near you on their website). You can also send them a fax if you prefer.

Insurance Before You Fly

Your drone should be covered by insurance. If you’re flying a commercial drone, the law requires that it is insured by your company and that the drone has public liability coverage of at least PLN 500,000 (Polish zlotys). Without this insurance, you can’t fly your drone in Poland.


You must first obtain permission from the Civil Aviation Authority to fly. This is a simple form, but you must fill it out and submit it before you can fly.

Second, you will need insurance in case of any accidents or injuries caused by your drone.

Third, you’ll need a pilot’s license and certification if flying outside of special use airspace (i.e., not over populated areas).

Fourth, drones cannot fly over people’s heads or near buildings or vehicles.

Fifth, they cannot interfere with livestock or other animals on farms within 1 kilometer of an airport without prior authorization from the airport manager

Frequently Asked Question (drone Laws Poland)

Where Can I Fly A Drone In Poland?

In Poland, you can fly your drone in a safe location. Safe locations are places where there is no risk of injury to people or property. The law requires that you only fly your drone in daylight hours and within your line of sight. You must also ensure that no people are present in the area when flying a drone.

Do I Need To Register My Drone In Poland?

Yes, you need to register your drone in Poland. You may be required to register it with the Polish civil aviation authority if it weighs over 250 grams and/or is used for commercial purposes.

To register your drone in Poland, you will need:

  • A valid email address
  • The serial number of the drone (must be clearly visible on its body)
  • Your name, address and contact details

Can I Fly Drones At Night In Poland?

Yes, you can fly drones at night in Poland. However, as per the law of the land, you must have the permission from the land owner before flying it. You also need to keep in mind that if you are flying a drone that weighs above 7kg or below 150m (492 feet) of altitude then you will require an airworthiness certificate. It is highly recommended that when flying your drone at night time, to ensure that its light is visible from 500 meters away so that people on ground can see it clearly and avoid any accidents.

What Is The Height Restriction For Drones In Poland?

  • The maximum altitude of a drone is 120 meters, which is about 394 feet.
  • The minimum altitude of a drone is 30 meters, which is about 98 feet.
  • The maximum distance of flight for a drone in Poland: 50 kilometers (about 31 miles).
  • The minimum distance of flight for a drone in Poland: 5 kilometers (about 3 miles).

Is Flight Insurance Mandatory For Drones In Poland?

Flight insurance for drones is not mandatory in Poland. You can get flight insurance for your drone from one of these companies:

  • A drone insurance company
  • The manufacturer of your drone (e.g., DJI, Parrot), or
  • A retailer that sells drones and/or accessories (e.g., Amazon).


The drone laws in Poland are much like those in the United States. You must stay away from airports, you must be careful about flying over people and property, you must be aware of other aircraft, and you must keep your drone under 400 feet.

It is important to understand drone laws Poland and make sure that you are flying in compliance with them. The rules may seem confusing at first, but they are actually quite simple with a little bit of research. The next time you go out to fly your drone, make sure that you know exactly what the rules are so that nothing goes wrong!

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