In recent years, the use of drones has grown considerably in Malaysia as a result of its popularity in applications such as videography, photography, recreational and humanitarian purposes. Since then, drone laws Malaysia were formulated to regulate the usage of these unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and small unmanned aerial systems that are commonly called as drones.

To fly a drone in Malaysia, you need to get a license from the Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia. You must always fly your drone below 120 meters and at least 5 kilometers away from an aerodrome. If you have multiple drones, you need to register all of them.

Drone Laws Malaysia

Drone Laws Malaysia

There Are Many Places Where Flying A Drone Is Illegal

There are many places where flying a drone is illegal. These include:

  • Military bases
  • Prisons (including correctional facilities)
  • Airports and heliports, including those under construction or in planning stages
  • Nuclear power plants and other possible nuclear facilities, waste repositories, and storage sites
  • Crowds of people on public property or private property with permission from the owner. This includes crowds at celebrations such as sporting events, concerts, festivals and parades; protests; funerals; weddings; funerals/funerals with military honors for any reason; parades for any reason (including veterans’ organizations); political rallies or demonstrations; marches/walkouts intended to protest discrimination against individuals based on age race gender ethnicity religion sexual orientation etcetera

There Are Also Many Places Where Drone Use Is Restricted

There Are Also Many Places Where Drone Use Is Restricted.

  • You should not fly your drone in the vicinity of an airport or above 400 feet (121 m) within a 5-mile (8 km) radius of an airport. Doing so creates a hazard to manned aircraft, which could lead to serious injury or death.
  • Do not fly over groups of people, near sports events, near vehicles, or anywhere you might be endangering people on the ground.
  • Don’t fly within five miles of military installations without first contacting them for permission.
  • Do not fly over prisons and other sensitive facilities without first obtaining permission from local law enforcement agencies that oversee those facilities’ airspace. In addition, do not operate your UAS within 25 miles of correctional institutions without contacting officials for prior approval; if you wish to conduct UAS operations within this zone but cannot get permission from officials beforehand, notify them immediately upon entering the zone via air traffic control tower frequency if available (usually 121.9 MHz).

You May Be Required To Register With The Local Authorities

In some countries, you may be required to register your drone with the local authorities. In other countries, you’ll need an operating license or pilot’s license in order to fly it at all. You’ll also need a permit if you want to take photos of certain areas. If your drone is used commercially (for example: filming movies), then you’ll likely need a license from the government as well.

If You Fly A Drone Near Airports, You Have To Notify Them In Advance

If you fly a drone within the vicinity of an airport, you may need to notify them in advance. You can contact the airport by calling their helpline or sending them an email. If you prefer to send your notification by fax or letter, they have those options available for you as well.

Regulations About Taking Pictures Or Videos From Public Places

Some countries have regulations about taking pictures or videos from public places and you should check with local laws before trying to do so. You may also need permission from the owner of the property before taking photos. Some countries are more restrictive than others, so make sure to check with the local authorities first.

Seek Special Authorization Before Taking Photos By Drones

In some countries, you may need to register your drone with the local authorities before you fly it. The registration process usually involves paying a fee, providing your contact information and giving details about how long you plan on flying your drone in that country.

If you plan to use your drone for commercial purposes (e.g., aerial photography) or if there are safety concerns about flying over certain areas (such as airports), some countries will require that you seek special authorization before taking photos by drones.

Even If There Are No Specific Rules Against Flying Drones, It’s Best Not To Do So

Even If There Are No Specific Rules Against Flying Drones, It’s Best Not To Do So. If you want to fly a drone over an area that has been declared off limits to aircraft, you will need prior permission from the relevant authority.

The Civil Aviation Department (CAD) is responsible for controlling airspace in Malaysia. It also manages air traffic control services and issues licences and permits for private sector operators who wish to operate unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). You can find more information about this at

If you’re a professional or commercial operator who needs clearance from CAD before operating UAS in Malaysia, get in touch with them directly at [email protected] or call +603 2336 3800.

Some Drones Can Only Be Flown During Daylight Hours

Some Drones Can Only Be Flown During Daylight Hours.

  • In some areas, you cannot fly your drone between sunrise and sunset. For example, most of Malaysia is in the UTC+8 time zone and its standard time is eight hours ahead of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). This means that in Malaysia, sunrise is at 6:30 AM and sunset is at 7:30 PM.
  • Remember that there are limited exceptions for certain people depending on their license or permit requirements; for example, photographers may be permitted to fly their drones at night if they’re licensed by the Malaysian Civil Aviation Department (CAAS).

Know The Rules In Your Area Before Flying A Drone

You need to know the rules in your area before flying a drone. The rules are different in each country, state, city, town and village. The rules are also different for flying a drone compared with driving a car or riding a bike.

If you break the rules then you could face fines and maybe even jail time!

How To Register Drone In Malaysia

How To Register Drone In Malaysia

You can use this process to have a new drone registered in Malaysia, or you can use it to register a drone that you already own. If you’ve recently purchased a drone and want to register it with the Department of Civil Aviation, then this is the right guide for you.

1. Visit Registration Website

To register your drone, you need to go to the official registration website of Malaysia. The link is On this page, click on the button ‘Register your drone’ and fill in the form as requested by CAAM (Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia). Once you have filled in all information required, click on Next button to proceed with next step of registration process

2. Register As A User

To register as a user, click on the ‘Register’ button at the top right corner of the screen. You will then be presented with the following options:

  • Agree to the terms and conditions: Click on this link to agree to the terms and conditions of using UAV-SG’s website. This will take you to another webpage where you can read through all of our rules and regulations before submitting your registration form. Please note that if you do not agree with these rules and regulations, there is no need for you to continue filling out our online registration form as we may not be able to approve your application in due course anyway!
  • Choose username & password: Type in your preferred username into this box (this cannot exceed 10 characters). If you want us or other people who may look at your profile later on down the road (such as when they are trying to contact/find out more information about who exactly flies drones in Singapore) know what type of drone enthusiast has registered here today then perhaps it would be best if we knew who was behind these initials too…That way we could either congratulate them personally or let them know how proud we are whenever they fly something new! Type in another word here too because everyone has secrets 🙂

3. Register Your Drone After Logging In

Now that you have registered as a drone owner, it’s time to complete the registration process.

  • Log into your account and click on “Register Your Drone”
  • Enter your personal details and those of your drone in the relevant fields
  • Submit a photo of yourself with your drone

4. Your Application Will Be Reviewed By Caam Within 3 Days 

You will receive an email confirmation of the approval, rejection or for further information within 3 days (CAAM working day) after your application is submitted. If your application is rejected, you will receive an email with the reasons for rejection.

If your drone is approved, you will be informed by CAAM and they will issue a registration number to you.

5. Print Certificate Of Registration Of Unmanned Aircraft 

You must keep your CORUA in a safe place, as it contains all the information required for air traffic controllers to identify and communicate with you. Your CORUA is valid for one year from its issue date, after which you must get a new one before operating your drone again. You will also need to renew your registration every year if you intend on continuing to fly in Malaysia. If you move or change addresses during this period, let CAAM know so that they can update their records accordingly.

Are Drones Allowed In Malaysia

Many People Travelling To Malaysia

Malaysia is a popular tourist destination, and its tropical climate makes it an ideal place to fly drones. In fact, Malaysia is one of the most popular places in Southeast Asia to buy drones or take them out for a spin. Many national parks allow you to fly your drone if you follow the rules and regulations set forth by the park rangers. And if you’re looking to take advantage of some of Malaysia’s amazing beaches while flying your drone, there are plenty of times when this is allowed as well!

Drone Rules And Regulations In Malaysia

  • Register your drone.
  • If you lose your drone, report it to the police and then contact the Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia (CAAM). You will be given a reference number that can be used as proof of ownership if you need to claim compensation for damage or loss.
  • Report any injuries caused by drones immediately. Do not leave the scene until an investigation has been carried out.
  • If your property is damaged by someone’s drone, you can use their registration number as proof if necessary but only if they are flying legally; otherwise there is no guarantee that this will hold up in court.

Regulations For Commercial And Hobby Drone Users

The rules for drone hobbyists are more relaxed than those of commercial users.

As a hobbyist, you can fly at night as long as you have permission from your local government office and the airport authority.

The regulations for flying a drone in Malaysia are quite strict and can be confusing, so if you’re planning on purchasing one, make sure you do your research beforehand.

Always Fly According To The Rules

It is your responsibility to fly your drone safely and responsibly. There are many rules in place to help you do so, including:

  • Always fly your drone below 400 feet (120 m).
  • Never fly within 5 kilometers of an airport or heliport without permission from the operator.
  • Always respect the privacy of others and avoid flying above private property without permission from the owner or occupant.

Be Sure To Follow The Regulations Of Malaysia

You can fly your drone in Malaysia if you follow their regulations. If you want to fly a drone in Malaysia, be sure to follow their regulations:

  • Register your drone with the Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) before flying it.
  • Fly only at approved locations and use an Area Clearance Certificate when necessary.
  • Follow the Rules for Flying Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), which are published on the DCA website.
  • Fly only during daylight hours unless otherwise authorized by the DCA or local authorities, who may require night-flying permits for certain areas and activities such as filming or surveying construction sites or power lines at night.
  • You must carry a copy of your UAS flight operation approval with you while flying UASs within Malaysian airspace at all times; failure to comply can result in fines of up to 2 million ringgit ($300k) or imprisonment up to three years under Section 6(1) of the Malaysian Aviation Commission Act 2016 (MAC).
  • A person found guilty under Section 6(1) may also have his or her aircraft seized by authorities until fines imposed are paid off or released upon payment of such fines and costs respectively.”

Frequently Asked Question (drone Laws Malaysia)

Do I Need Permission To Fly A Drone?

  • You are required to register your drone as a hobby aircraft.
  • You can only fly your drone in Malaysia if you have the permission from the government of Malaysia.
  • You need to follow the rules for flying a drone in Malaysia and wherever else you are flying your drone (country, etc).

Can I Fly My Drone Anywhere In Malaysia?

You need to be aware of the flight restriction, drone laws, drone weight and battery as well as the camera.

  • Flight Restrictions: If you are not an experienced pilot or you do not have the right license to fly then it is recommended that you avoid flying your drone near airports and military bases (specifically Johor in Malaysia).
  • Drone Laws: In case if there is a law enforcement officer, they will always ask for your licence or certificate before taking any action against you. You can also get your license from respective authorities by paying a fee and then register yourself on their website.
  • This will save time when you are flying in future as every registered person has his/her personal identification number which is used whenever any information related to him/her comes up in any database of Customs Department or other departments like Civil Aviation Authority Malaysia (CAAM), Malaysia Fire & Rescue Department etc.,

Can I Fly My Drone Near An Airport Or Military Base?

No, you cannot fly a drone near an airport. This is because of safety concerns: there may be other aircraft in the area and a collision could cause serious damage.

Drone Laws Malaysia allow you to fly your drone near military bases, but you must always get permission from them first. You will also need to keep a distance of at least 5km away from any military installation while flying your drone in Malaysia.

What Are The Rules For Flying A Drone In Malaysia?

Here are the rules for flying a drone in Malaysia:

  • You must be at least 16 years old.
  • You must register your drone with the Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia (CAAM).
  • You must get a drone license from CAAM if you want to use it commercially or as part of an organization that charges people money for services or goods, such as filming movies and taking pictures of buildings or events like weddings and birthdays
  • if you want to film land across state borders, which requires permission from all governments involved; or if you have more than one pilot on board your drone at any time, which again requires permission from all governments involved
  • if your company is based outside Malaysia but wants to have operations here (for example because there’s easier access to certain locations), in which case there will still be some paperwork required even though it will be easier than normal because we know each other very well by now so don’t worry about filling out forms anymore!! Yay!!

Does It Matter Where I Buy My Drone?

It is important to know that it doesn’t matter where you buy your drone in Malaysia, as long as it is registered with the Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia (CAAM). If you are planning to buy one then it would be wise to check the laws from various countries before buying.


To fly a drone, you need a pilot licence. You must keep the drone within sight at all times and can only fly during daylight and in good weather conditions. You cannot fly over or near any public events or gatherings, or anywhere where there are people or planes.

Although many people have heard of drones, few probably know of their laws, particularly those pertaining to use in Malaysia. Drones have been built for military purpose and unmanned aerial vehicle, and can be used for small tasks all the way to large, complex operations. The wide and varying nature of this technology makes it difficult to have a hard set of laws for drone use.

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