Drone Laws Missouri is intended to help you understand how these rules and regulations may affect you. It shows you where to find Federal regulations as well as links to additional information on this topic. It’s not intended to give legal advice, but to give you enough information about the laws affecting recreational drone flyers in Missouri so that you can make well-informed decisions. The State Legislature of Missouri recently decided to enforce a ban on using drones for commercial purposes. 

Drone Laws Missouri

Drone Laws Missouri

Missouri Is Not One Of The 9 States Which Have Comprehensive Regulations

Missouri Is Not One Of The 9 States Which Have Comprehensive Regulations.

  • The state does not have a ban on drone use, but there are only a few laws for drone use in Missouri.
  • The FAA has authority over airspace and will enforce its rules.

In Missouri, Drone Regulations Are Still Expanding And Changing

As a Missouri resident, you will want to stay up-to-date on the latest drone regulations. The laws are constantly being revised and updated, and there are always new legislation in flux.

As of late 2019, you will need to register your drone if it weighs more than 0.55 pounds (250 grams). You can do this by visiting the FAA’s website and filling out the required form.

These Laws Focus On 2 Main Areas: Privacy And Safety

The most important thing to know about drone laws Missouri is that they focus on two main areas: privacy and safety. Laws regulating drones in Missouri are not comprehensive and will likely change over time as technology advances, but the state’s rules and regulations do provide a good overview of what you can expect when flying a drone in Missouri.

The laws are state-specific and not all applicable to every situation. For example, if your drone is being used for commercial purposes or if it weighs over 55 pounds, you may need additional licenses or permissions for your operation.

In addition, there may be special rules governing how high above ground level (AGL) your aircraft must stay when it’s flying in certain areas such as airports or near power lines or other utilities that can cause interference with radio signals transmitted by drones during flight operations

The 4 Basic Privacy Principles For Missouri Drones Are:

  • Get permission before flying over private property.
  • Respect privacy laws at the state and federal level.
  • Be careful when flying in public places where people may expect to be alone.
  • In general, be aware of how you might be capturing a person’s face or identifying features in your video footage or photos.

1. Get Permission To Fly Over Private Property

  • You should ask for permission before flying over someone else’s property.
  • You should ask for permission before flying over a public space.
  • You should ask for permission before flying in a park or on the beach.
  • You should ask for permission before flying in a sports stadium.
  • You should ask for permission before flying in a parking lot

2. Respect Privacy Laws At The State And Federal Level

In addition to the laws of your state, there are federal laws that you should also be aware of. The Fourth Amendment protects people from unreasonable searches and seizures by the government. It allows law enforcement officers to seize items without a warrant if they have probable cause that those items are evidence of a crime.

Federal law requires drone operators to follow certain rules, such as:

  • Flying below 400 feet in uncontrolled airspace
  • Flying at night if you’re using lights (or during the day when visibility is poor)

3. Be Careful When Flying Your Drone In Public Places 

There are a number of places you should avoid flying your drone. If you’re flying in public spaces, be aware of your surroundings and don’t fly over crowds or large gatherings. Never fly within five miles of an airport, heliport, or other no-fly zone. Many state laws also restrict drone flights near prisons, jails, schools and universities—if you aren’t certain about the legality of a specific location in Missouri call ahead before attempting to fly your drone there.

4. Be Aware Of How You Might Be Capturing A Person’s Face Or Identifying Features 

Be aware of how you might be capturing a person’s face or identifying features in your video footage or photos, and don’t distribute them without consent (this also applies to videos or photos that you capture of other vehicles).

If you take photos of people, make sure they are not identifiable. For example, if you’re taking a picture of someone’s car and it has license plates on the back, take care not to show those in your photo.

It’s Important To Educate Yourself About Local Drone Laws Before Flying A Drone In Missouri

It’s important to educate yourself about local drone laws before flying a drone in Missouri. As with most laws, the regulations regarding drones can change over time, and they will vary based on the location where you plan on flying your drone. The rules may also be different depending on whether you’re flying recreationally or commercially. In some cases, it might even vary between cities within the same state!

The best way to ensure that you have all of your bases covered is by doing your research and checking with local authorities before taking flight. This includes reading up on federal regulations at https://www.faa.gov/uas/faqs/, which apply equally across state lines and within each state itself; contacting local police departments.

Checking online resources such as those provided by NOLA Drone Consultants (https://noladronesconsultants.com/); and reviewing any applicable municipal ordinances/codes via official websites or other public resources such as libraries or government offices.

How To Register Drone In Missouri

How To Register Drone In Missouri

Missouri Has A Very Specific Way Of Registering Drones 

If you’re in Missouri, the process is slightly different. First of all, you’ll need to get your FAA number. You can do this at https://faadronezone.faa.gov/#/ by providing your email address and then waiting for a confirmation email from the FAA with your assigned ID.

Once you have received your FAA number, create a Missouri account at https://uas.mo.gov/ by entering in the information that was sent to you in the confirmation email from above (including your name and address). In order for everything to work properly once logged into this site, please make sure there are no errors when entering this information into their system!

Once Your Missouri Account Is Created, You Can Register Your Drone

If you’ve already registered your drone in Missouri, simply log in to your account. If not, make sure you create an account before proceeding with the registration process below.

Once logged into your account, select “Register” under the “My Drone” tab at the top of the page and follow these steps:

  • Select “I am registering a new aircraft”
  • Enter the serial number and FAA registration number of your drone(s)
  • Choose up to 5 drones per account

This Is Not A Super Simple Process But It’s Worth It To Be Able To Fly Your Drone Legally In Missouri

To start, you’ll need to register your drone with the FAA. You can do this online at https://faadronezone.faa.gov/#/home/login

Then, if you live in Missouri and plan on flying it over 400 feet above ground level (AGL), then you will also have to register with the FAA as a commercial pilot. If you don’t plan on flying that high then you can stop here and skip the rest of this article!

If not, keep reading! In order for us to continue registering our drone we need three things:

  • Proof of identification; e.g., drivers license or passport
  • Proof that we’ve passed an aeronautical knowledge test; e.g., private pilot’s license or student pilot certificate

Are Drones Allowed In Missouri

Missouri Bill Of Rights

In the Bill of Rights, you will find that you have a right to privacy, as well as the right to hunt and work. You also have the right to use your property. This is important because drones can interfere with these rights, depending on where they are flown or how they are being used.

There Are Two Main Laws That Apply To Drones In Missouri

There Are Two Main Laws That Apply To Drones In Missouri. The first is the Missouri Bill Of Rights and the second is Section 302.300(2) of Title 43: Conservation, which states that “No person may fly or operate an unmanned aircraft over any state park, state historic site or state recreation area unless authorized by the director of parks and tourism”.

The Missouri drone laws for hunters are outlined in Section 532.053(1)9-10, which says: “A person commits an offense if he uses a drone to harass another person while on his own land or property without permission from the owner of such land or property”; however, this only applies when there is physical contact with someone else’s property (such as trespassing).

Privacy Laws For Drones

  • The Missouri Legislature passed a law in 2016 that prevents the government from using drones to conduct surveillance without a warrant.
  • There are exceptions for cases of suspected terrorism, where warrants may be issued by federal judges or magistrates.
  • Missouri’s law also allows public entities to use drones without a warrant, but only if they’re not looking into private property, and only if they’re using them for an official purpose (for example: land survey). Public entities must also make sure that their drone operators have completed training on how to operate safely and legally with drones in Missouri.

Drone Laws For Hunters

If you’re a hunter, be sure to check the rules before you fly. While drones can be useful for various aspects of hunting, they are not allowed when it comes to actually shooting your prey. According to Missouri’s Department of Conservation (MDC), “It is illegal to hunt with a drone or use one while scouting game.” Additionally, it is also illegal “to use drones in any way that interferes with hunting efforts.”

In addition to these rules about hunting drones with weapons, there are restrictions on how exactly drones can be used when it comes time for you or your friends and family members who are on a guided tour through some national parks or state parks around Missouri in order for them

Drone Laws For Commercial Photographers And Filmmakers

In Missouri, commercial filmmakers and photographers must have a business license and a permit to fly over private property.

You Can Do What You Want With Drones In Missouri, As Long As You Know The Regulations

The rules for drones vary by state, city, county and park. And those are just the basics. There are also age and gender restrictions to consider, as well as other stipulations like no-fly zones (usually around airports). Before taking flight with your drone in Missouri, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with all of these regulations.


 Drone laws in Missouri are complex and there are specific rules you have to follow when operating a UAV. Central to understanding drone laws in Missouri is the idea of a public airspace. The FAA classifies all airspace from the ground up as either a public space or a private space. The difference between these two spaces lies in the fact that a private space has reserved airspace that cannot be accessed by anyone including aircrafts.

A public space, however, can be navigated by an aircraft at any time as long as that aircraft has permission from the government and any other applicable private parties.There isn’t much to be said when it comes to drone laws Missouri, other than what’s listed above. It is our hope that regulation in this area becomes more lax as time goes on.

Frequently Asked Questions (drone Laws Missouri)

Is There A List Of Businesses Or Organizations That Fly Drones In Missouri?

No, there is no list of businesses or organizations that fly drones in Missouri. The FAA does not regulate drone use, nor does it maintain a list of businesses or organizations that fly drones. Some examples of these businesses include real estate agents and farmers, who use drones to take aerial photos and videos.

Are There Any Restrictions On Flying Drones In Missouri State Parks?

Flying drones in Missouri state parks is illegal. However, you can fly a drone in Missouri’s national parks without having to worry about violating any laws.

Who Regulates The Operation Of Drones In Missouri?

The Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) regulates all unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) in the state. MoDOT is responsible for ensuring that UAS operations do not violate any FAA regulations, which are established by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

MoDOT offers an online course that provides information on safety, licensing and registration requirements, flight restrictions and more.

The course takes approximately 30 minutes to complete and costs $10 per person to take it. Additionally, MoDOT coordinates with local law enforcement agencies regarding drone complaints or violations involving UASs operating over public roads or highways in Missouri.

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