Drones are a growing trend in the world of technology. If you’re planning on flying one while visiting Panama, it’s important to know about drone laws in the country.

Drone laws in Panama are not very restrictive, but it’s important to know what you can and cannot do with a drone. You must register your drone with the Civil Aviation Authority of Panama. You cannot fly drones over certain areas, such as military facilities, prisons, or some beaches.

Drone Rules In Panama

Drone Rules In Panama

Flying A Drone As A Non-panamanian Tourist In Panama

As a tourist, you’re not allowed to fly your drone unless you have obtained authorization from the Panamanian government. You must register and obtain a drone license before flying a drone in Panama.

Registering Your Drone With The Panamanian Government

You must register your drone with the Panamanian government before the flight. In most countries, drone pilots are required to have a license or certificate; however, in Panama only drones below three kilograms need to be registered.

Drone Fly In National Parks Or Cities

Laws for flying drones in Panama City vary from a few kilometers to the airport and other restricted areas. Violators will face fines from $200 to $500 USD, depending on the severity of their offense.

Violations include flying over private homes and residences, flying above 5 feet off the ground (with exception to sports fields), entering national parks or other protected areas without authorization, or filming military installations or ships with drones.

All drone operators must obtain permission before entering any national park in Panama City or any parts of La Amistad International Park located on both sides of the Panamanian-Costa Rican border zone.

Learn More About Drone Laws In Panama?

Panama’s drone laws are in place to protect people, property, and the environment. If you plan on flying a drone in Panama as a non-Panamanian tourist, you’ll need to register your device before flying for any reason. Also be sure to check out our drone safety tips before taking off!

If you want to learn more about drone laws in Panama or how they might affect your vacation plans, contact us today!

You Must Register And Obtain Authorization From The Panamanian Government

If you’re flying a drone in Panama, you must register your drone with the Panamanian government. You’ll need to do this before entering the country. The process can be completed quickly and easily online—just make sure that you have all of the required documents in order!

Once registered, you can then obtain authorization from the Panamanian government to fly a drone in Panama.

How To Register Drone In Panama

How To Register Drone In Panama

Drones are a great way to capture unique photos, videos and other media. However, in order for you to legally fly your drone in Panama, it must be registered with the National Civil Aviation Authority of Panama (ANAC). This article explains how to register your drone so that you can begin capturing all manner of images from above.

Visit The National Civil Aviation Authority Of Panama Website

Once you’ve determined that drone registration is required in Panama, the next step is to visit the National Civil Aviation Authority of Panama’s website. From here, you can find a list of documents needed for registration and complete an application form to register your drone.

Fill Out The Registration Form For Drones Available On The Website

The next step is to fill out the form with your personal information, including a copy of your ID or passport. You will also need to provide copies of the drone’s invoice, receipt and manual.

Pay The Registration Fee As Indicated

The drone registration fee is $130 USD, payable in cash, transfer between accounts or on credit card. You can pay this fee at any time before flying your drone for commercial purposes. However, it must be paid before you can fly your drone for commercial purposes.

The best places to pay are:

  • At one of the airports in Panama where the National Civil Aviation Authority of Panama has an office; or
  • At one of the offices of the National Civil Aviation Authority of Panama

Submit Your Drone Registration Form

To register your drone in Panama, you’ll need to submit the following:

  • The Application for Registration of a Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPA), which can be uploaded through an online application. The form must be signed by both the owner and witness, and a copy of the owner’s ID must accompany it.
  • A copy of proof of ownership, such as a bill of sale or receipt from purchase (if applicable).

Once You Have Registered Your Drone

  • Ensure that you have your drone registration certificate with you while using your drone.
  • Keep the certificate in a safe place, as it is required when flying or selling your drone..
  • If you are selling your drone, the buyer will be required to purchase the registration certificate for additional fees outlined above.

All Drones Must Be Registered Before They Can Be Flown In Panama

All Drones Must Be Registered Before They Can Be Flown In Panama. The law applies to all drones, including those that are flown for commercial purposes and those that are flown for private purposes.

So, there you have it: the steps to register a drone in Panama. It is not an overly complicated process and should only take you a few minutes if you follow our guide correctly. All that’s left for us now is for you to go out there and explore the skies with your new toy!

Are Drones Allowed In Panama

Drones are a great way to capture unique aerial shots, but there are restrictions on where you can fly them in Panama. If you want to know about drone regulations in this country, read our guide below.

The Use Of Drones In Panama Is Regulated By The Dirección General De Aviación Civil

The Dirección General de Aviación Civil, which is part of the Ministerio de Obras Públicas (MOP), is responsible for regulating drone usage in Panama. The Directorate controls all airspace in Panama, so if you plan to use a drone while traveling there you should check with them first.

Mandatory Registration Of Your Drone

The Ministry of Public Works requires that you register your drone with them. This can be done online and only requires the following information:

  • Name of the drone
  • Name of the owner
  • Serial number
  • Make, model and colour

You Must Be Able To Show Proof Of Insurance

In addition to the above, you must be able to show proof of insurance. This can be accomplished by providing a copy of your drone insurance policy or policy number.

You will need to provide this information to the Ministry of Public Works, local air traffic control authority, and local police before they will allow you to operate your drone legally in Panama.

Depending On Where You Fly Your Drone

Depending On Where You Fly Your Drone, you might need a permit from the local air traffic control authority. You will also have to get permission from all of the following:

  • The local police
  • The local fire department
  • The local military
  • The local government

The Maximum Altitude Is 400 Feet Above Ground Level

As with most countries, flying a drone over 400 feet in Panama is illegal. The Maximum Altitude Is 400 Feet Above Ground Level. This means that if you’re flying at an elevation of 500 feet, your drone will still only be allowed to ascend to 400 feet.

The same rule applies for the United States, where federal law states that all drones must remain below 400 feet unless they have specific permission from the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration). You may also see this referred to as “Class G airspace.”

You Are Not Allowed To Fly Over People, Animals And Vehicles

  • You must not fly over private property without the owner’s permission.
  • You must not fly over roadways.
  • You must not fly over buildings.
  • You must not fly over airports or hospital helipads without authorization from air traffic control tower or hospital administration respectively; similarly, you cannot enter restricted airspace around these locations without permission from local authorities as well.

Drones Are Restricted In Panama

Panama is not a great place to fly drones. You need to be aware of the current laws, and most importantly, you must always follow them. If you get caught flying your drone without following these rules, it could lead to serious consequences including fines or jail time.

If you are planning on flying your drone in Panama and want to legally do so, here are the steps:

  • Register your drone with the Ministry of Public Works
  • Get insurance for your drone
  • Have proof of registration available when flying

There are some limitations to flying drones in Panama, but with the right information you can fly legally and safely.


You can fly drone safely in Panama if you follow these guidelines. You must have a drone license to fly drones in Panama. You can only fly drones during daylight hours, and you must have permission from the owner of any property you intend to fly over with your drone.

This is a very important topic, and we hope that you have learned quite a lot from this article. We have provided all the information that you need to know about drones in Panama and how it affects you, but if there are still any questions left unanswered, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions (drone Laws Panama)

Do I Need To Register My Drone In Panama?

No. As of 2019, there is no requirement to register your drone in Panama. However, if you plan on flying your drone over the canal and entering the United States, you will need to register it before doing so.

You also don’t need a license or permit from the government to fly drones in Panama. You can use them as long as they weigh less than 25 kilograms (55 pounds) and are used for recreational purposes only.

Panama’s lax laws on drones have encouraged development within its borders—the country has become known as one of Central America’s leading drone research centers due to its ideal conditions for flying drones: no high winds or extreme weather patterns like hurricanes or tornadoes that plague other regions of the world (although heavy rains can still cause problems).

Can I Travel With A Drone To Panama?

You can travel with a drone to Panama. You will need to make sure that the drone you are travelling with is approved for use in Panama. You will also need the correct documentation for your drone.

What Do I Need To Know While Flying In Panama?

If you are flying your drone in Panama, there are some important things that you need to know. Here’s a list of things to keep in mind:

  • Keep away from people. You must stay at least 30 meters or 100 feet away from people while flying your drone.
  • Keep away from animals. You must also stay at least 30 meters or 100 feet away from animals while flying your drone.
  • Stay away from airports and airfields. Don’t fly within 5 kilometers (3 miles) of an airport or airfield unless you have permission to do so or are operating under special FAA regulations (which apply only if the aircraft weighs 55 pounds or less). This will include most airports found throughout Panama City and other major metropolitan areas such as David City and Colon City!

Are There Any Places I Can’t Fly It In Panama?

  • You definitely don’t want to fly it near airports; they have a lot of aircrafts coming in and out, and it might be bad if you crashed into one.
  • If you are flying over crowds of people, make sure that your drone is at least 50 meters (164 feet) away from them. Keep in mind that drones can fall from the sky when they crash or lose connection with the controller, so keeping your drone at least 50 meters away from others will prevent any injuries or damage on their property.
  • Don’t fly over private property—this includes houses or businesses whose owners don’t want a drone flying around their home/businesses. You could get into trouble if someone catches you flying overhead without permission!
  • And finally: don’t fly in the rain! The raindrops won’t necessarily cause damage to your drone but they might impact its performance and give you less control over where it goes!

Is There Anything Else I Should Know About Drones And The Law In Panama?

If you are not sure about a particular law, it is always better to check with the local authorities. In Panama, there are many laws that relate to drones, and it is highly recommended that you keep yourself informed of any updates or changes in the law.

Obviously, as technology advances so do our legal systems. This can make things confusing for those who want to fly drones but don’t know how to navigate their way through all the different rules and regulations that may come into play when using a drone in their country. It should be noted however that these regulations are constantly changing due to new technologies emerging each year which means those interested in buying one should keep themselves updated on any changes before doing so!

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