The drone laws Barcelona have been set in place to promote a safe flight and keep the city as safe as possible. There are all kinds of interesting advantages to getting a drone and flying, things like photography and home videos. But if you do get one, make sure you know the drone laws in Barcelona before you fly and know that can you fly a drone in Barcelona?

Summary of The Drone Laws in Barcelona

  • Barcelona has special rules for flying drones in urban areas, including not flying over residential areas, respecting others’ privacy, and getting authorization from local authorities.
  • Drones can be flown almost anywhere in Barcelona, but it is important to be aware of airspace rules and potential obstacles, including aggressive local wildlife.
  • To fly a drone in Spain, drones must be registered with the Spanish Civil Aviation Authority (AESA), and a valid pilot license is required for drones over 2kg.
  • Travelers planning to bring a drone to Barcelona should check current rules and regulations before their trip to avoid fines or legal issues.
  • Although drones are technically illegal in Barcelona, many travelers still bring them to take aerial photos and videos, and it is important to be careful and follow all laws and regulations.
  • Tips for traveling with a drone include buying travel insurance, backing up files, and not telling airport security about the drone.

Local Laws Can Be Complicated To Understand

Every location has its own drone laws. It’s up to you to research the rules before you fly. We’ve put together a few resources that can help, but ultimately it’s your responsibility to know and understand the laws in your area.

You’ll also want to look into local rules for whether or not you need a special permit to use an unmanned aircraft system (UAS) or whether you need special permits for flying in certain areas—for example, national parks.

The US National Park Service requires permits for both recreational and non-recreational drone use, while Barcelona is fine as long as no one in the park was paid to take photos with a drone.

The Regulations Apply To Both Recreational And Commercial Pilots

As a drone pilot, you must abide by the same regulations whether you’re flying for fun or profit. If you’re operating a commercial drone in Barcelona (or anywhere else in Europe), you must comply with all European Union guidelines.

This is true even if your project is based outside of Spain but still involves piloting your drone within its borders.

Barcelona Has Special Rules For Flying Within Urban Areas

Drone Laws Barcelona

That being said, Barcelona has special rules for flying within urban and populated areas. These rules apply to all drones under 25kg and are as follows:

  • Do not fly in areas with a lot of people around—this includes following the news of any large events or holidays that will draw crowds.
  • Do not fly over residential areas.
  • Respect the privacy of others by avoiding flying over other people’s houses.
  • All drone flights must be authorized by local authorities.

Where Can I Fly My Drone Recreationally?

You can fly your drone almost anywhere in Barcelona, except for a few exceptions. While you do have to keep an eye out to make sure you aren’t violating any of the airspace rules that we went over earlier, you shouldn’t have any problems finding a suitable flight location.

There are plenty of wide open spaces in Barcelona and the surrounding cities where you can fly without running into many obstacles. However, be aware that the local wildlife (specifically birds) may become aggressive if they feel threatened by your drone’s presence.

It is important to always be respectful when flying around other animals, which means not disturbing their habitat or trying to get too close for photos or videos. If there’s one thing I’ve learned about wildlife conservation over my years as a nature enthusiast…

Before Flying Your Drone In Barcelona, Check Local Laws

Before flying your drone in Barcelona, check local laws to make sure you’re flying safely and legally.

In Spain, drones must be registered with the Spanish Civil Aviation Authority (AESA). A valid pilot license is also required for drones above 2kg. The Aeronautical Regulation of Drones does not specify a minimum age for pilots. The maximum flight altitude allowed is 120m.

To fly a drone in Spain, you will need:

  • ID or passport (Note: some regions may require both)
  • Certificate of registration from ESAE

If You’re Planning To Bring A Drone With You, Check The Current Rules

If You're Planning To Bring A Drone With You, Check The Current Rules

If you’re planning to bring a drone with you, check the current rules and regulations before your trip so that you can avoid being fined or worse. Some cities have banned drones outright, while others require permits or only allow flights in certain areas.

Barcelona has very specific rules about when and where flying a drone is permitted. For example, flying a drone near a police station, hospital, or airport is strictly prohibited.

As long as you follow the rules and stay safe by keeping away from private property and people’s homes, nothing should stop you from flying high above Barcelona’s beautiful sights.

Keep in mind that skies above La Rambla are crowded enough at ground level—1 million visitors walk down this bustling boulevard every day—so it’s a good idea to seek out quieter spots for your drone.

Although Drones Are Illegal In Barcelona

Although drones are illegal in Barcelona, more people than ever before are traveling with them so that they can take amazing aerial photos and videos. A few traveler tips:

  • Buy travel insurance for your drone before you leave for your trip.
  • Back up your files before and during your trip.
  • Do not tell airport security about your drone.
  • Be careful not to break the law.

1) Don’t Tell Airport Security

  • Don’t tell airport security that you’ve packed a drone in your luggage or carry-on bag – it could cause you big problems.
  • Many airports have specific rules about carrying drones on planes, and some airports prohibit them entirely. Even if the airport you’re traveling to doesn’t have a strict no-drones policy, any issues with airport security can cause unexpected delays or even get you kicked off your flight.

2) Buy Travel Insurance Before You Go On Your Trip

  • Buy travel insurance before you go on your trip. If your gear is lost or stolen, having insurance will make sure that you’re covered and won’t have to pay out of pocket to replace your equipment.
  • Check the terms and conditions of your policy carefully to make sure that high-value items like a camera drone will be covered so that if anything goes wrong on your trip, you can get back up and running as quickly as possible.
  • Choose the right level of cover for you: for example, a basic policy may cover a stolen or damaged camera but not include coverage for the contents inside it (like lenses). A pro policy may offer higher limits and more coverage options, so you can get exactly what you need from your insurance.

3) Backup All Of Your Files Before You Leave Home

  • Backup all of your files before you leave home, then backup them again on a hard drive when you arrive at your destination. We use Seagate because they’re reliable and affordable.
  • Buy up to $1,000,000 in travel insurance in case anything goes wrong while you’re abroad. There’s nothing worse than having to cancel a trip last minute or needing medical attention while traveling without being insured.
  • Get a VPN (virtual private network). Accessing the internet overseas can be expensive if you don’t buy an international data plan from your cell phone provider, so save the money and access it for free by using a VPN! With this software installed on your computer or mobile device, you’ll always be able to connect online for free wherever you go (as long as there’s wifi available).

Drones Are Illegal In Barcelona But If You Want To Fly, Be Careful!

If you’re going to the country that is home to the Eiffel Tower and the Sagrada Família, it might be worth purchasing a drone. These small flying machines can be great fun and can provide capital-U unique experiences. We decided to buy one before we left on our trip even though it was illegal in Barcelona’s airport.

Like many other countries, Spain has a zero-tolerance policy for drones and flying them within its boundaries. Technically, it’s illegal to fly anything remotely similar within its airport borders—this includes drones, remote controlled model aircraft (motorized or not), or any device with a camera attached.

If you attempt to take your drone through the main terminal at Barcelona Airport without first buying an airside transit pass, security guards will stop you and confiscate your device immediately (or ask for proof of purchase for an additional fee).


If you are looking to use a drone in Barcelona, you need to make sure you follow the rules, or face hefty fines.

You should apply for special authorization from the authorities if you want to do something that falls under a special category of permitted or banned activity (depending on whether it’s economic or not). In Barcelona, the Catalan Aviation Safety agents control and monitor all drone flights.

We hope you enjoyed the insight into drone laws in Barcelona. If you ever plan on using a drone in this area, this article should give you some good information to consider.

Frequently Asked Questions (drone Laws Barcelona)

Can You Fly A Drone In Barcelona?

Yes, you can fly a drone in Barcelona, but there are some rules and regulations that must be followed. According to Spain’s national aviation authority, the State Agency of Air Security (AESA), flying a drone is legal in Spain.

However, it is important to be aware of and follow all applicable laws and regulations. For example, drones must not be flown over people or large crowds and must remain within visual line-of-sight at all times. Additionally, drones should not be flown near airports or other restricted areas.

Where Can I Fly My Drone In Barcelona?

In Barcelona, you can fly your drone in the city center. Here are some of the areas that are open to drones:

  • Paseo de Gracia and Rambla de Catalunya
  • Parc Güell and Montjuïc

When Can I Fly In Barcelona?

In Barcelona, you can fly your drone during the day but not at night. There are no restrictions on the height at which you can fly your drone in Barcelona as long as it’s within visual line of sight (VLOS). This means that you must be able to see your quadcopter or multirotor at all times and it must never go higher than 400 feet (122 meters).

Can I Fly Near An Airport In Barcelona?

It is illegal to fly within a 5km radius of an airport, military base or tall building. If you wish to fly near people or animals (within 50m), then you must ask permission of the owner first.

What Rules Apply To Commercial Drone Users In Barcelona?

So what rules apply to commercial drone users in Barcelona?

  • You must have a drone license.
  • You must have a drone insurance policy.
  • You must have a pilot’s license (or “certificate,” if you prefer).
  • You must have a pilot’s logbook and/or manual, though the latter is recommended only for those who feel they need it because of personal preference or it being required by their employer’s policies.

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