When you’re looking for a drone, you want to be sure that it has the features that you need. One of the most important is Active Track, which allows your drone to follow a pre-programmed subject automatically.

Active Track is a feature that allows you to track a subject and keep it in the frame. It’s available on many drones, including the DJI Mavic Air, Phantom 4 Pro V2.0, Phantom 4 Advanced, Mavic 2 Pro and Inspire 2.

We’ll tell you about some of our favorite drones with this feature so that you can decide which one is right for your needs! Moreover, will also answer the question “Which drones have Active Track?”.

List Of Drones With Active Track

Having an active track drone is the key to getting great shots. Here are the best drones with active track.

DJI Phantom 3 Standard

The Phantom 3 Standard is the first drone to have active track. This means that when you’re flying it and press a button on your remote, the drone will automatically follow a subject.

While this is an amazing feature for any beginner, it has its limitations. The camera does not have obstacle avoidance sensors and so if there are obstacles in your way, such as trees or buildings, the drone will crash into them.

If you’re just taking pictures and don’t want to worry about crashing your drone then this might be a good choice for you!

DJI Phantom 3 Professional

The DJI Phantom 3 Professional is a very fast, highly durable drone. It has a maximum flight time of 25 minutes and can reach speeds up to 45 mph. Its range is also impressive at 3,000 meters (1.86 miles).

DJI Phantom 4

The Phantom 4 has Active Track, which allows you to track a subject while the drone holds altitude and distance. The Phantom 4 Pro, on the other hand, features Advanced Active Track that lets you set a subject in frame before taking off, rather than having to select them manually once airborne. The Phantom 4 Advanced also supports this feature but with a few limitations: it can only track people at close range (less than 15 meters) and it lacks object tracking capabilities when flying indoors.

DJI Phantom 4 Pro

The DJI Phantom 4 Pro is one of the most popular drones on the market, and for good reason. This drone is packed with features that make it easy to fly and capture amazing footage from above. One of those features is Active Track, which lets you track moving objects as they move around in real time. You can also create virtual barriers around your subject so you don’t lose track of them while they move through space. This feature allows you to follow a person or object at a certain distance and height, so if the person changes direction or moves behind something else, it won’t be an issue!

DJI Phantom 4 Advanced

The DJI Phantom 4 Advanced is a great option for hobbyists. It has an advanced video camera that can shoot in 4K at 30 frames per second, or in 1080p at 60fps. The drone also has a 12-megapixel stills camera and a seven-element lens with a 94° field of view. The drone can fly for up to 30 minutes on one charge, depending on what settings you use.

If you’re interested in purchasing this model, make sure you check out our review of the Dji Phantom 4 Advanced!

DJI Mavic Pro

One of the most popular drones on the market, this drone is the perfect combination of portability and power. The DJI Mavic Pro has a range of up to 7 km/h, which means it can navigate through tight spaces without any issue. It also comes with an impressive 27 minutes of flight time per charge as well as a 4900 m altitude rating, making it perfect for shooting videos from high in the sky. The camera on this drone is also excellent; it features 4k video recording capabilities and 12 megapixel still images.

DJI Mavic Air

Dji Mavic Air

Active Track is a feature that enables the DJI Mavic Air to automatically follow the subject without you having to control it. Active Track allows you to track a moving subject and capture photos or video of it as it moves.

The drone creates a sort of virtual fence around the subject, which increases in size as you gain altitude. You can choose from five different modes: Trace, Profile, Spotlight, Dronie (for getting a selfie), and Circle (which just orbits around your subject).

DJI Spark

The DJI Spark is a small drone with an active track feature, making it great for beginners. It comes with a 2-axis gimbal and has a 12MP camera that can shoot 1080p videos at 30fps. The flight time of the DJI Spark is up to 16 minutes!

DJI Mavic 2 Zoom

The Mavic 2 Zoom has many features like active track, obstacle avoidance, follow me, draw mode, waypoints and speed mode. It even has return to home if you fly out of range. The Mavic 2 Zoom is a foldable drone that can fit into your backpack.

DJI Mavic 2 Pro

The DJI Mavic 2 Pro is one of the few drones that have an active track function. This enables you to track a specific subject and film it in action while you control the drone from a distance. The drone has a mechanical shutter, which means that it can shoot 4K video at 60 fps, stills at 20 megapixels, 6K photos and panoramas with 12 megapixel resolution.

The 1 inch CMOS sensor takes care of capturing every detail of your footage so you get crisp images every time.

DJI Mavic Air 2

The DJI Mavic Air 2 is the only drone with Active Track that can fly backwards.

The DJI Mavic Air 1 has a newer version of Active Track that allows you to track moving subjects better than the original. This was added in version v1.0.10, which was released in February 2019 but not available on drones purchased before that time (you can find your version number in the app’s settings).

This means that it’s not available on either models of Mavic Pro (1 or 2), or any other drone made by DJI except for the Mavic Air 2 and Spark series (Mavic Pro Platinum, Zoom, etc.).

DJI Gopro Karma

DJI’s Phantom 4 Pro and Inspire 2 both have Active Track, but you’ll need to buy the separate DJI goggles ($649) to use it.

The GoPro Karma is an excellent drone for beginners or people who want a portable drone that can be used with a GoPro camera. The Karma folds up into a small package and can fit in most backpacks for easy transportability, making it great for traveling. Its detachable gimbal allows you to attach your GoPro to other drones as well, including DJI Phantoms and Mavic Pros with the proper adapter (not included).

DJI Spark 2

DJI Spark 2 is a mini drone with a 4K camera. The drone has active track, obstacle avoidance and gesture control. There is also a 15 minute flight time when the drone is fully charged.

What Is Drone Active Track?

Drone Active Track is an intelligent flight mode that allows a drone to track and follow a moving subject automatically. With Active Track, you can identify yourself as the subject and configure your drone to follow you. This feature is not limited to basic tracking and can be used to track a moving subject without a separate GPS tracker. The upgraded flight modes on some drones can track subjects really well no matter what you are filming.

Lock On

For video, you could use it to keep the drone centered on your subject. If they walk, run or if they are in constant motion, the drone will follow them and keep the camera centered on them.

For still images, you can use lock on to capture a sequence of photos from a single position and angle. You can also choose to get just one image as well.

When using lock on with images or video footage, make sure that there is enough light for good quality footage (you don’t want blurry shots).

Track In Motion

In addition to tracking subjects that are in a straight line, Active Track can track subjects that are moving in different directions. For example, if you want to follow a person who is walking at an angle or even changing direction, Active Track will keep the subject centered on your screen.

When using Active Track with a GoPro HERO7 Black camera and Karma drone you can also adjust how fast or slow the subject moves. For example: If someone is running across your field of view then slow down their motion so they appear more like they’re walking instead of running; and if they’re walking across your field of view then speed up their motion so they appear more like they’re jogging instead of just ambling along at a leisurely pace.


Spotlight is useful for tracking a subject that is moving away from the drone.

When your flying subject is moving towards you, you have the option of using Active Track to lock on with Spotlight. This will result in faster tracking than if you are simply flying alongside your subject, but it may not catch up to your moving target before they reach their destination.

When using Active Track with Spotlight, it’s best to keep the drone within 25 feet of its target so as not to lose them in its viewfinder or cause any other problems with tracking accuracy.

How Does Active Track Work?

Active Track is a drone feature that allows your drone to follow a subject, whether it’s moving or not. The drone will keep your subject in the frame as it moves and can even track it from a distance. This is ideal if you want to capture something that’s unpredictable or fast-moving—like kids playing in the park, or cyclists racing down the road—but don’t want to risk losing sight of them.

How Does Follow Me/active Track In Drones Work?

Follow me is an advanced technology that allows a drone to track its owner. The drone will follow the owner’s movements, helping them get better shots of themselves or their friends. It uses GPS, Vision Recognition Tech, Obstacle avoidance, and gimbal control for this.


GPS, or Global Positioning System, is a navigation system that uses satellites to provide location data. It works by calculating the distance between the drone and four or more satellites. This information can be used to determine your position, velocity and time – in other words: where you are, how fast you’re going and when you’ll get there!

Although GPS has many applications in drones (and elsewhere), Follow Me relies on it for two main reasons:

  • Safety – When flying outdoors there can be many obstacles that could cause harm if flown into at high speeds. By using GPS for movement control instead of manual control inside the controller, your drone will automatically avoid anything it might hit no matter where it’s headed.
  • Ease of use – Using Follow Me mode means anyone can push a button on their controller and have their drone follow them around without having to worry about setting up complex flight paths beforehand.

Vision Recognition Tech

Vision recognition is a technology that allows devices to identify and track certain objects. It works by using an algorithm that identifies a certain shape or color, in this case, you.

The drone can follow you from behind using vision recognition because it has been programmed to recognize your outline as a human being. This way, the drone can avoid obstacles and keep up with you without crashing into anything.

Obstacle Avoidance

Obstacle Avoidance is one of the most important features in a drone. A smart drone doesn’t crash into objects or people, and it can fly over uneven terrain without needing to be manually controlled by the pilot.

How does this work? Well, obstacle avoidance algorithms use sensors such as a camera or laser rangefinder to detect objects ahead of a drone and make adjustments so that it avoids these obstacles on its own. It’s kind of like having an autopilot feature for your airplane! But how does it compare to other obstacle avoidance methods?

Gimbal Control

Gimbal control is the ability to move the camera in a specific direction. This is either controlled by you, or by your drone itself.

The latter is called Follow Me and it means that your drone will be following you as you move around. The advantage of this is that you don’t have to keep changing directions manually every time someone wants to get into view—your drone will do it for you!

Frequently Asked Questions (which Drones Have Active Track)

What Are The Different Activetrack Modes?

The Active Track modes include:

  • Tracking
  • Follow
  • Profile
  • Cable Cam

Which Active Track Mode Should I Use?

In general, we recommend using Active Track in open areas with good contrast between your subject and the background. You should also know that Active Track works best in daylight.

If you’re trying to track a fast-moving object or person, pay attention to the speed at which they are moving and avoid tracking them as they enter an area with poor contrast or low light. If your drone is unable to keep up with them, it will lose sight of them and switch back into Follow mode automatically without warning.

Can I Have More Than One Subject Tracked Using Active Track?

Yes, you can track multiple subjects at the same time. The drone will track the subject closest to it and then keep that subject in frame even when it leaves the center of the frame, follow it if it moves out of sight or through obstacles and keep tracking as long as there’s enough light for Active Track to work.

Also when Active Track is active you can still fly manually with sticks or use your mobile device to control your drone remotely from a distance. You can also turn on Follow Me mode (aka “Waypoints”) so that the Phantom 4 Pro keeps flying wherever you go on its own!

How Does The Orientation Of My Mobile Device Affect Active Track’s Performance?

The orientation of your mobile device can also affect Active Track’s performance.

If you are using the DJI GO app, then Active Track will be able to track your mobile device in its horizontal orientation. If you want to change the direction that the drone is facing, move your mobile device accordingly.

If you are using the DJI GO app, then Active Track will be able to track and follow your mobile device even when it is tilted approximately 45 degrees from level (from either side). If you want to change the speed of your drone during this time period, tilt or rotate your mobile device accordingly.

How Do I Control My Flying Speed While Using Active Track?

You can control your flying speed in Active Track mode by using the slider on your controller. If you are using a DJI drone, you can also use the speed control button on the remote controller or the app to fly at different speeds.

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