Many people do not understand the laws surrounding drones in Gatlinburg Tennessee. They don’t realize that they can get into serious trouble if they aren’t aware that they’re breaking the law. The following article will help you understand how you can safely and legally fly your drone throughout the area.

Drone Laws in Gatlinburg, TN There’s been a lot of buzz about drones recently in Gatlinburg. Are they legal? Where can you fly them? These are the most frequently asked questions since the first drone laws were introduced to Gatlinburg.

In the US, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is responsible for setting and enforcing regulations regarding the private and commercial use of drones. The local authorities should follow these guidelines as well. Commercial users need to be especially aware of all rules and legislation as they can often face penalties.

Gatlinburg, Tennessee’s Drone Laws Gatlinburg and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park allows unmanned aircraft (drone) use. However, please note that you cannot be any closer than to a person or moving vehicle.

Drone Ordinance Compliance is an important topic for Gatlinburg, Tennessee and the greater Great Smoky Mountains region. As you read on, you’ll discover a variety of facts and resources about this growing issue.

Drone May Not Be Operated Over Fireworks

Gatlinburg Drone Laws

As a drone pilot, you are prohibited from flying your aircraft over or within a fireworks display. In fact, if you do so, you can be fined and have your drone confiscated. Even if the display is in an area that’s designated as legal for flying, don’t risk it!

Fireworks displays are subject to heavy wind conditions that could send an errant projectile into your drone and cause the fireworks to ignite in the air. While this may seem like a rare occurrence, it’s happened often enough that most cities have rules against operating drones near them at all.

A Drone Must Remain In The Line Of Sight

A drone must remain in the line of sight of the operator at all times. This is a crucial requirement that you should keep in mind if you’ve just purchased a drone and are planning to fly it in Gatlinburg.

A visual line of sight is required for all drone flights, which means that the operator must be able to see the drone without using any optical devices such as binoculars or a camera’s zoom function. However, an exception to this rule can be made for operators using first-person view monitors, provided they have a visual observer to help maintain line of sight.

Drone Must Not Take Pictures

If you are flying your drone over Gatlinburg and you want to take pictures of people, you must get permission from all the people who are in the camera’s view.

If you want to film a person without their permission, that is against the law in Tennessee. The punishment for taking a picture of someone without permission is up to one year in jail or paying a $2500 fine.

A Drone May Not Be Flown Above 400 Feet.

A drone may not be flown above 400 feet. You should keep your drone below 400 feet for several reasons. Drones are noisy and annoying (they sound like angry bees), and people don’t want them near their houses.

It can be dangerous to fly drones towards people who are exercising in the park, on hiking trails, or on the beach. And it’s unsafe to fly a drone in the vicinity of passing aircraft, particularly helicopters that land at the hospital.

It’s hard to imagine how high 400 feet actually is—after all, it’s not like you have a yardstick attached to your drone! Here are some things that are about 400 feet high:

  • A 40-story building
  • The Washington Monument (555 ft) minus 155 ft
  • Four redwood trees stacked up on top of each other

What do you do if you see someone violating this rule? Shout “Hey, get that thing out of here!” If they refuse, call 911 and explain what happened.

The Operator Is Liable For All Damage Caused By The Drone.

The operator of the drone is liable for any damage it causes while in operation. If the drone causes damage, the operator is liable. If the drone is lost or stolen, the operator is still liable.

If the drone itself becomes damaged, such as due to a crash or other mishap, guess what: you’re still liable! What this means for you as an operator is that you’re responsible for how your equipment functions and for how it affects others.

Because of this, it’s important to know how your drone works and be cautious when using it.

It Is Important To Know The Laws About Drone

You might be wondering what the Gatlinburg drone laws are for flying a drone.

In order to maintain safety, you’ll need to follow certain Gatlinburg Drone Laws.

You can fly your drone in many places in Gatlinburg, but there may be restrictions on where and when you can operate it.

For example, you must have a pilot’s license if you want to fly your drone.

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Are Drones Allowed In Gatlinburg?

Are Drones Allowed in Gatlinburg

Great Smoky Mountain National Park Is A Popular Stop For Travelers

The Great Smoky Mountain National Park is a popular stop for travelers who want to see its breathtaking views. If you’re thinking of bringing your drone with you, however, there are a few things to keep in mind before you go.

The park service treats unmanned aircraft as they would any other aircraft and considers them incompatible with the mission of the national parks, which is to preserve natural resources.

This means that the park service prohibits launching or landing drones within the boundaries of the national park. You are allowed to launch drones from spots outside of these borders, though, provided that your actions don’t violate FAA regulations.

Park Does Not Allow

However, the park does not allow drones to be used inside its borders. This applies to any kind of unmanned aircraft that is not part of a sanctioned National Park Service search and rescue operation.

Those who do fly their drones in the Great Smoky Mountains can face penalties including fines, confiscation of property, and even imprisonment. Drones are not allowed anywhere in the United States’ national parks; the same rules apply at Yellowstone, Yosemite, and any other national park across the country.

The ban on drones extends to Canada’s national parks as well as every other national park around the world. In fact, it also extends to all other public lands managed by federal agencies since November 2014, when President Barack Obama signed an executive order prohibiting drone use on land managed by agencies such as the Bureau of Land Management and U.S. Forest Service (just imagine what would happen if you crashed your $1,000 drone into someone while they were driving through Zion Canyon).

It Is Illegal To Use Drones Anywhere Within National Parks.

As a rule, the national park service prohibits drones and other unmanned aircraft across its many parks. The ban applies to all visitors, including photographers. The reasons for the ban are clear: drones pose a threat not only to visitors but also to wildlife in the park.

  • Drones distract people from their surroundings. People using drones are so fixated on the image displayed on their drone camera that they often fail to notice other things happening around them; this can create dangerous situations for both the person controlling the drone and nearby visitors.
  • Drones can startle wild animals and cause them distress or harm. When a drone is flying overhead, animals may behave as if they are being hunted or threatened by a predator; in some cases this kind of stress can cause young animals to become separated from their mothers or even be killed by herd members who feel threatened by their behavior when they panic.

Park rangers have been trained to enforce these laws, and violators face fines of up to five thousand dollars (5k) per offense plus jail time if convicted under federal law enforcement statutes 18 U-S Code Section 4119(a)(b)(c)(d)(e) which states that “Whoever willfully operates an unmanned aircraft within proximity”

National Park Service Has Called Drone Use “incompatible”

The National Park Service has called drone use “incompatible” with the mission of national parks, citing wildlife harassment and heightened fire risk as major concerns.

They’ve also created noise pollution in heavily visited areas, which interferes with hikers on trails. The Federal Aviation Administration requires that all drones be kept under 400 feet and within sight of the operator, making them difficult to spot if they are suddenly out of control or malfunctioning.

In April 2016, the FAA announced a law requiring any recreational drone pilot to register their aircraft before they take it outside—the fine for failing to do so can reach $27,500. As technology advances and drone capabilities evolve, it’s likely that more areas will require registration or ban them altogether.

A Drone Can Interfere With Hiking Trails And Wildlife In The Area.

For the safety of wildlife and hikers, it’s best not to take your drone into the Smoky Mountain National Park. Drones are generally loud buzzing machines that can scare away wildlife and make them more vulnerable to predators; they also have bright lights that can interfere with mating habits.

The people who enjoy hiking in Gatlinburg want peace, quiet and a chance to observe nature up close—not other hikers flying drones overhead.

If you still want to fly your drone while on vacation in Gatlinburg, there are some places outside the park where you can legally do so. You must keep your drone within sight at all times, follow FAA rules for drones (no flying higher than 400 feet), operate during daylight hours only and always keep the drone at least 5 miles away from an airport

Drone Interference Can Impact The Visitor Experience

Drone interference can impact the visitor experience in general by creating noise pollution and safety concerns. This is why it is important to follow all Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) rules and regulations.

Gatlinburg is a popular family vacation destination, so drones can easily interfere with guests’ enjoyment of the park.

Drones can be loud and create a visual distraction for other visitors. They may also cause the loss of privacy for other visitors when filming or photographing them without their knowledge or consent.

Flying drones near wildlife can distress animals or disturb their natural behaviors. This could cause them to flee, abandon their young, or worse—in certain circumstances they may attack people who are nearby.

Park visitors who see drone activity occurring on trails or campsites may feel unsafe, especially if they don’t know how to react around these unmanned aircraft systems (UAS).

We want all guests to feel comfortable during their visit; this includes not being concerned about unexpected drone activity occurring while they are out on the trail enjoying nature!

There is also a chance that drones could cause accidents if they fail while in flight and fall from the sky. If you have ever seen videos online of drones crashing into people, walls, waterfalls, trees—you name it—then you know exactly what we mean!

Drones are expensive equipment items that are not easy to replace if you happen upon any mishaps along your journey through Gatlinburg.

If A Drone Operator Violates Ban On Drones In National Parks

  • Violating the ban on drones can result in a fine of up to $5,000. Fines are issued by the courts.
  • Jail time
  • A violation of the ban can result in jail time of up to six months. If a drone was used in an illegal or dangerous manner, such as flying near or above people, or flying over other aircraft, these consequences will likely be more severe.

Visitors Are Allowed To Launch Drones Outside The Park’s Borders.

It’s important to make sure you’re aware of Gatlinburg’s specific drone laws before flying your aircraft in the city.

If you’re visiting Gatlinburg, we want to make sure this is a smooth and enjoyable experience, so it’s important that you take the time to understand what is and isn’t allowed when it comes to operating a drone.

How To Register Drone In Gatlinburg

How To Register Drone In Gatlinburg

How Do You Register Your Drone In Gatlinburg?

  • Go to the Gatlinburg City Hall, where you’ll find the registration form.
  • Fill out the form with your name and contact information, then send it directly to the city’s drone registration department.
  • Pay whatever fee they ask for (if any). That’s it!

It can be a long process waiting for your license to arrive in the mail, but there are ways to speed up this part of the process. One way is to call them on their hotline number and have them walk you through how to register drone in Gatlinburg.

Another way that doesn’t require much effort is by going online and finding a reputable website that offers an easy-to-use calculator for estimating how much your license will cost based on several factors (drone weight, distance from airport, etc.). Just make sure that wherever you go has good reviews from other customers!

How Much Does It Cost To Get It Registered?

The cost of registration depends on whether you are a commercial or recreational drone operator:

If you plan to fly your drone as a hobby (recreational), then the good news is that registration costs just $5.00, and it covers all of your recreational drones.

This fee is good for three years and doesn’t have to be renewed until that time has passed. You may register online or follow the instructions sent with your new drone.

Commercial operators must pay for both the FAA registration ($5) as well as take a test to become certified. The exam will test your knowledge in airspace, weather, regulations and other factors that impact safe flight operations.

Additionally, commercial pilots need an operational approval from their local airport/airspace if they plan on operating within five miles of an airport at any point during their mission.

Small UAS operators can take this exam online for $150 if they choose NOT to get certified by attending classes from an accredited institution such as Unmanned Vehicle University (UVU) The test takes roughly 3 hours to complete and requires a score of 70% or higher in order to pass.

How Can You Register Your Drone With The Faa?

  • Acquire a valid ID.
  • Decide whether you’d like to register online or in person. If you choose online registration, navigate to the FAA’s website and prepare yourself for an arduous process of filling out forms and answering numerous questions.
  • If you choose in-person registration, find the nearest FAA office using an online map or by going to which provides locations and contact information for each FAA office.
  • Apply for your registration according to your preferred method (online or in person).

What Is The Process Of Registering A Drone In Gatlinburg?

Registering your drone with the FAA is a relatively straightforward process. In order to register, you will need to provide your name and street address in addition to an email address. Once you’ve registered for an account, you’ll be able to register up to three drones under your account.

When registering a drone with the FAA, it’s important that you provide accurate information. Doing so will ensure that the registration certificate is properly mailed to you once issued.

The registration usually only takes a couple of minutes and costs $5 USD to complete via this portal:

How Do You Get A Drone License In Gatlinburg?

If you think that drones are just a passing fad, you’d be wrong. This is because you could see them everywhere in Gatlinburg. The FAA predicts that hobbyist and commercial drone sales will triple in the next three years. In fact, by 2021, it’s predicted that there will be 600,000 drones registered.

But if you want to fly a drone in Gatlinburg and shoot some drone photos as well as videos for fun or for business reasons, it’s important to understand how to register your drone first before you take flight. So keep on reading because we’ll show you how to register your drone in Gatlinburg so that you can fly with confidence and with less worries!

It’s Important To Have The Right Information

It’s important to have the right information before you drive your drone. You must be 16 years of age or older and a U.S. citizen or legal permanent resident in order to register a drone.

Additionally, you must be able to pass a background check and provide proof of identity when registering a drone on

If you are less than 13 years of age, then you cannot register your drone yourself, though someone else may do so for you if they meet the aforementioned requirements.

Frequently Asked Question (gatlinburg Drone Laws)

Is It Legal To Fly A Drone In Gatlinburg?

Yes. It is legal to fly a drone in Gatlinburg.

You should be aware that drone laws vary by state, and Gatlinburg is under the jurisdiction of Tennessee. As of now, Tennessee does not have any specific laws about drones that are different from its other laws governing unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

However, drone regulations are constantly changing and you should check for updates before flying your UAV in Gatlinburg or anywhere else.

Can You Fly A Drone Over Gatlinburg At Night?

No, you can’t fly a drone over Gatlinburg at night. The FAA prohibits flying at night because it’s harder to see and avoid other aircraft, so they’re working on rules that will allow you to fly your drone at night by 2020.

The FAA also prohibits flying near airports—because of the noise factor (and the fact that drones could be sucked into an airplane engine), it’s best to stay away from any airport with commercial flights or private airstrips when operating your drone within five miles of their airspace. You can still go up and take photos of airplanes, but don’t get too close or you’ll have some explaining to do with local law enforcement officials!

Where Are Some Of The Best Spots To Fly Your Drone In Gatlinburg?

Gatlinburg is one of the best places to fly a drone. There are many scenic locations in Gatlinburg and surrounding areas that are excellent for capturing high quality photos with your drone.

We recommend visiting Pigeon Forge and Great Smoky Mountains National Park, which are two popular spots for drone enthusiasts. The Cliffside Inn is also a great place to fly your drone if you don’t want to travel far from your hotel room.


BEFORE YOU FLY Drones can be used to capture some of the most impressive footage, and many Gatlinburg drone laws aim to preserve that beauty for everyone.

However, anyone flying a drone in Gatlinburg should make sure they know what’s legal and what isn’t before hitting the skies. The more you know about the laws, the more you’ll be able to take advantage of this amazing opportunity to capture an aerial view of Gatlinburg.

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